03/05/2001 Tad & Dixie Search Leslie's Office

"Opal, while volunteering at the hospital, ran into Erica and started complaining to her about David. She called him a homewrecker and told Erica that if she saw him, she would use the magazine cart that she was pushing to leave skidmarks across his face. Erica told Opal that she and David are a "thing of the past". Opal told Erica that David had destroyed Tad and Dixie's marriage. Opal said that David and Dixie were giving the "Doctor Patient" relationship new meaning. Erica couldn't believe it and told Opal that there must be some mistake. Opal said that she wished it was a mistake. Erica told Opal that David must have really been devastated when she broke up with him. Erica wanted to know how David could turn to Dixie? One of the nurses came up to Opal telling her that the woman in the cubicle was looking for a magazine from her cart. Opal asked her if it was the one in the first cubicle and the nurse told her that Miss Smythe was also asking for something to read. Erica asked her if that was Greenlee Smythe and she replied "Yes". The nurse asked Erica if she was a friend of hers. Erica replied that she definitely was not a friend. Erica told Opal to stay away from Greenlee.

Tad convinced Dixie to go to Leslie's office and find out what the key would open. As they were entering the room, David who already was in the room and found the incriminating paper's, heard them and took off. Dixie asked Tad if he really trusted Leslie. Dixie reminded Tad that this was the woman who kidnapped his son and almost threw his wife off the Chandler Building. Tad told Dixie that when David's plan didn't work, and he couldn't trust Leslie, his partner, he tried to get rid of her. Dixie asked Tad what was he looking for in Leslie's office. Tad told her that he was looking for proof that he was right. Tad told Dixie that he was sure the key went to her desk. He went to unlock the drawer and found out that the drawer was already opened. The lock had been jimmied. While Tad was looking through the drawer, he asked Dixie to go through Leslie's suitcase. Dixie found a picture that Leslie had doctored up. It was the wedding picture of Tad and Dixie and Leslie had pasted her face over Dixie's. Tad told Dixie that whatever they were looking for, was in that office. Tad then realized that David had already been there. Tad called Jake at the hospital and asked him where David was. Jake told him that he left the hospital with Dixie and she was going to take him home with her. Tad confronted Dixie about David coming to their house. Tad told Dixie that David must have heard them talking about going to Leslie's office and he got there before they did. Dixie told Tad that David was weak and couldn't have left. Tad told Dixie that David would kill himself rather that let him (Tad) get his hands on whatever was in the desk.

Greenlee, Roger and Jake were in the emergency room. Jake told Roger that they keep all patients who have had concussions in the hospital overnight. Roger told Greenlee that staying overnight wouldn't be that bad. Greenlee told her dad that she didn't like hospital and they were not her favorite place in the world. Jake told Roger that the best solution was for Roger to take Greenlee home with him. Roger said that his motel room was hardly a home. Greenlee then suggested he come to her loft and stay with her. He tried to pawn her off with her grandparents but Greenlee reminded him that they were still in the Bahamas. Jake said "that settles it". He would sign the discharge papers and put her into his care.

Just as Erica and Opal were starting to talk about Greenlee, Roger came out of the cubicle where Greenlee was and heard what they were saying about his daughter. Opal said that she still couldn't get over the fact that Greenlee could have killed Laura English by throwing her over the side of the yacht. Erica then said that Greenlee blackmailed Bianca about her private life and she looked forward to getting even with Greenlee. Opal excused herself because she had to go and delivery some magazines. After Opal left, Roger came up to Erica and started to carry on a conversation. Erica asked him if he was sick and he replied that he was there to give blood. He didn't want Erica to know that his daughter Greenlee was there so he made up the excuse for being at the hospital. He asked her if she would join him for a drink. Erica had to check her schedule.

Edmund, Dimitri, Bart, Anna, and Alex were all together in the cottage. Dimitri told Alex that he needed to get her out of there. He said that the jet was fueled up and waiting for them. Edmund started to make the phone call to the plane but Alex stopped him. She didn't want him to use the phone because she was afraid it might be traced and they were trying to protect Anna. Alex told Dimitri that whoever tried to kill Anna in the boating accident years ago was still trying to finish the job. Edmund asked Alex how Anna survived the accident and she told him that Bart found her. He noticed that they were being followed so he couldn't take Anna to a hospital so he took matters into his own hands. He brought her to the cottage and has not let her out of his sight. The explosion damaged part of her brain and long term memory loss had been affected. Alex told Edmund and Dimitri that Anna had seizures and they were getting worse and more frequent. Edmund asked Alex if she thought Charlotte might be behind this. Alex told Edmund that she didn't think so because Charlotte programmed her to know everything about Anna. Dimitri told Alex that he had lost her twice and wasn't going to loose her again. Alex hugged Dimitri and told him that nothing was going to stop her from coming back to him. She told Dimitri that the night she disappeared, she left at her own free will. She said that when she was on the yacht, she went out on the dock to see Joe Martin about something else and Bart came around a corner and stopped her. He showed her a recent picture of Anna and described her condition. Alex said that she didn't know whether to believe him or not but there was something about his eyes that told her that he was OK. Bart didn't want Alex to go back into the party and tell them where she was going. She thought she would be able to call him once the launch got to the dock but Bart stopped her from making the call. He was so afraid for Anna. Alex asked Dimitri if he thought she was dead. Edmund told her that Dimitri had divers looking for her body. Edmund told Alex that Dimitri lost his mind while she was gone. Dimitri told Alex how he accused Edmund of being responsible for her disappearance. Dimitri said that they had to leave and Alex told him that she was not leaving without Anna. Edmund said that they would take Anna to a hospital. Edmund said that he would go outside for a while and let Dimitri and Alex got reacquainted. Dimitri told Alex that he prayed the day they dragged the river for her body. He told her that the only hope he had was that she was not in the water. Dimitri gave her the pin that they found in the water. Alex told Dimitri that she dropped it in hopes they would take it as a sign. Dimitri told Alex that they thought David was behind her disappearance because he was the last one to see her. Alex told Dimitri that David had nothing to do with her leaving but he was far from innocent. Alex said that she saw David near the punch bowl with a flask in his hand and she knew that he had Libidozone on him.

Tad arrived at his home and when he entered, he called out David's name and told him to get his "slimy butt" down there NOW. Tad told Dixie that the only people that knew about the key were him, Dixie and Pam, Leslie's sister. Dixie told Tad that he didn't know that and besides, David had been upstairs all this time asleep in the guest room. David came downstairs and asked what was going on. Tad asked him if helped himself to the fridge. David said "no" because he had been upstairs sleeping. Tad asked him if that was before or after he broke into Leslie's office and asked him what he stole from Leslie's desk. Tad told David that somehow he heard them talking about going to Leslie's office and he beat them there. David tried to get Tad to understand that he had no reason to go to her office and that he had been upstairs all this time but Tad wasn't buying his story. David was all sweaty and Tad asked him if that was because he made a mad dash across town and back. David told Dixie that he thought he better leave and Tad told him to not let the door hit him on the way out. Dixie tried to console David and apologized for Tad. Tad told David that he can't continue to bat 1000 and when he does mess up..... After David left the house, Dixie told Tad that she has had it. Tad asked her where her common sense was. Tad asked Dixie when was she going to tell him that David was at their home. Dixie said that if she told him, he would go ballistic. Tad said that he had a right to. Tad said that David was tearing up their lives and wanted to know what he could do. Dixie told Tad that there was nothing he could do. She suggested that they spend some time apart and legally separate. Tad asked her if she wanted out of the marriage. Dixie said that she wanted time. Tad asked her if she wanted to spend the time with David. Tad asked Dixie where this was coming from. Dixie asked Tad to think about what was happening to them and to their kids. Tad said that they could turn it around. Dixie told Tad that she didn't have the first clue of how to put the marriage back together. She said that she didn't believe in them being together. Dixie said that she could leave and Tad told her to stay. He would find someplace else to live. Tad told Dixie to do whatever she wanted to do but he knew the truth. Tad told Dixie that he loved her and he knew that she loved him. She agreed with that but she said that she could not be with him right now. Tad said that when he walks out the door, she would probably be relieved but he said that he would always remember that she was his wife and he would never give up on that. He walked toward the door, opened it and walked out.

Jake told Greenlee that the scans looked good and the x-rays showed no bone damage. Greenlee started to get out of the bed but felt dizzy. Jake told Greenlee to spend a quiet time with her dad. Roger came back into the room and Greenlee told him that she was glad to see him because David was letting her loose. Roger told her that he could not stay with her tonight and take care of her. He said that some business plans came up and he had to take care of them. Greenlee told him that she doesn't like to stay in hospitals and Roger told her to get over it. Roger said that he would check in on her tomorrow and as he left the cubicle, he told Jake to take care of her. Jake commented to Roger that someone has to. Roger left and went back to Erica to see if she was able to clear her schedule. He told her that since he had to give blood, he was required to drink a lot and invited her to join him. As he and Erica were walking out, Jake came out of the cubicle and just shook his head. Jake went back into the cubicle and told Greenlee that she was coming home with him. He told her that there were two doctors and a nurse at his home and she couldn't ask for anything better than that.

David was in the Valley Inn reading the paper that he took from Leslie's desk. The letter had an attached sworn statement from Gordon stating that David was behind all the criminal use of Libidozone. After reading the letter, David tore it into little pieces.

Erica entered the Valley Inn dining room with Roger. She saw David sitting at the bar and had to go up to him and tell him that she heard some disturbing news today. She told him that she heard about him and Dixie. She said that she didn't know all the details but she didn't realize how desperate he was after they broke up. David reminded her that she was the one who broke up the relationship and his personal life was none of her business. He told her that he would be fine. Erica told David that he was not fine, he was lost. After they sat down at their table, Erica told Roger that she was sorry she didn't introduce them but she didn't even know his last name. Roger told her that it was Smith. Roger asked Erica if she and David were involved. He told Erica that any man who let her slip through his fingers was a fool. David set fire to the torn up papers in the ashtray and said "burn Leslie, burn"."

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