11/23/2000 Thanksgiving At The Martin's

"The morning following the party, Ryan and Gillian remained on board the yacht. As they nuzzled in Ryan's stateroom, a knock sounded on the door. Gillian covered herself up and Ryan went to see who was still on the vessel. A woman, who apologized for interrupting, handed Ryan the bill for the evening. She explained that there was one additional charge on the bill --- a charge for a lost punch bowl. Ryan was sure that the bowl would turn up, but the woman told him that she and her crew had searched everywhere for it. Ryan was still in a bit of a daze and asked if he could send over payment later in the day. After the woman went on her way, Gillian decided that it was time for her to go to the Martin home and gather her belongings. Ryan wanted to tag along, but Gillian thought it best that she go alone. She was also fairly certain that no one would be home because the Martins would all be at work. Ryan remained behind, taking a business call from an associate. Ryan put his hand to his head and told the person on the other end of the line that he had forgotten the date and needed an extra say to send over some paperwork.

At the hospital, David and Gordon clashed when David learned that a shipload of people had showed up at the hospital after getting sick at Ryan's party. Since Gordon worked in the laboratory, he had to analyze all (or at least some) of the blood samples. He knew that all of the patients would test positive for Libidozone and warned David that he was going to get into big trouble. As they talked, Joe Martin walked up on them and asked what they were talking about. Before Gordon could open his mouth, David chattered off a lie about having asked Gordon to run some tests for him. These tests, he said, were put on priority and the blood analyses from the partygoers were put on hold. Joe scolded David for once again putting his needs ahead of others. David walked Gordon towards his office. When they entered, they found the place in shambles. Standing against the wall behind them, Dimitri stood motionless with an angry frown planted firmly on his face. Within seconds of David realizing that Dimitri was there, Dimitri was already in the process of accusing him of having done something sinister to Alex. David professes his innocence and reminded Dimitri that he and Alex were no longer bitter enemies. The cardiologist thought hard for a moment and realized that the last time he'd seen Alex she was on the deck of the yacht speaking to a man. David explained that he couldn't tell who the man was because of his vantage point. Perhaps, David sneered, the man was one of Charlotte's cronies. Dimitri bought the explanation and headed on his way. Soon after he left, Gordon demanded to know what David had done to Dr. Marick. David became furious and again insisted that he hadn't done anything to harm Alex. Gordon once again reiterated a threat that he would expose David's Libidozone debacle to the hospital head. In turn, David reminded Gordon that he'd be taken down as well. To make sure that Gordon kept quiet, David hinted that after they both got out of jail the only job Gordon would be able to hold down would be working at a fast food restaurant. Gordon agreed to honor David's request to omit the Libidozone references from his medical report. As David left his office, he fantasized that Dixie was sobbing hysterically at her old desk. She then rushed into David's arms and told him that she'd thrown Tad out of the house because she'd found out that he had cheated on her.

Edmund found Eugenia reading a Thanksgiving story to Sam and Maddie. Eugenia, who was having some difficulty with the story, gleefully left the room to allow the children some time with their dad. Edmund crouched down on the floor and told his kids that the "four" of them would be going away on a little vacation. Dimitri entered the room from behind Edmund and asked him to redo his math --- there were only three people in the room. Naturally, Dimitri sensed that Edmund might be including Alex in his total. Dimitri called to Eugenia and asked her to take the children to the dining room to get started on dinner. Alone, Dimitri told Edmund that Alex was missing. Edmund wasn't the least concerned and suggested many different places that his brother could look for his wife. Dimitri quickly replied that he had checked all those places --- and more. In addition, Dimitri had phoned Scotland Yard to make sure that Charlotte was still safely locked up. In fact, she was and her association of criminal masterminds had disbanded. As for the local authorities, they couldn't do anything until Alex was missing for at least 24 hours. Edmund reached for his keys and told Dimitri that they could split up and start looking. Before Edmund could leave the office, Dimitri asked him where he had been all evening. Edmund stopped dead in his tracks as he realized that his brother was implying that he might be involved in Alex's disappearance.

Ruth busily cooked like a woman possessed in her kitchen. Tad and Dixie showed up at the house to offer a hand, but Tad was a bit fearful of actually trying to cook anything. Joe returned home from the hospital and joined the fray in the kitchen. Tad chirped merrily as he snapped off some photos of his family members, but Dixie warned him not to even think about trying to catch her with turkey in her mouth. Tad still felt ill from the night before and he was also troubled because he'd lost his wallet. Jake straggled down the steps wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans. Tad mused that he hoped Gillian looked better than Jake does when she rolls out of bed. Jake snapped that Gillian wasn't with him, though he refused to offer any details. When Jake misused the word "they" instead of "she," Tad knew that it was not Gillian's decision to split up with Jake --- Ryan had to have been involved. Joe stepped in and silenced Tad before the situation exploded. Jake returned upstairs to wash up for dinner. Junior and Dixie found some alone time in which the young boy asked his mother if everything was going okay between her and Tad. Opal, Petey, Becca and Tina were the next to arrive and soon it was time to eat. Joe went around the table and asked everyone to list at least one thing that they were thankful for this year. Gillian sneaked in the back door and froze in horror when she realized that not only were the Martins home, but they were having a dinner party. She slowly turned to leave, but Jake was behind her blocking her path. Out in the dining room, it was time for pie to be served, but a knock on the front door put those plans on temporary hold. Ruth answered the door and returned to the table to tell Tad that someone was on the front porch for him. Tad rolled his heads and grumbled that it must be some sort of business. When he stepped outside, he found Leslie standing before him with a broad smile. She handed over Tad's wallet and told him that she'd found it on the yacht. Tad thanked her for returning the wallet and readied to go back inside. Before he could do so, Leslie stated that she felt she was entitled to a "thank you" for returning the wallet. She reached up and grabbed Tad by the back of the head and pulled him in for a kiss. "

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