11/22/2000 Greenlee Warns Bianca Not To Say Anything

"On board the yacht, David Hayward asked a waiter if he'd gotten rid of the punch yet. The waiter told him no, he hadn't because the head chef said it was the last of the punch. David told the waiter again that he was a physician and that something was wrong with the drink. The waiter said he'd convey David's concerns to Ryan.

Jack and Erica discussed Bianca and her "black out". Jack tried to reassure Erica that Bianca was fine, but Erica had her doubts. She said Bianca hadn't been herself since she'd sent her to that "reputable" clinic. She asked Jack "Was it the biggest mistake I ever made?". Meanwhile Bianca and Greenlee were arguing over the events surrounding Laura's fall into the water. Greenlee told Bianca that she passed out because maybe she was seasick. Or maybe because Laura fell overboard and Bianca "freaked out". Erica joined the girls and Bianca said she was ready to leave. She asked Leo to go with her and Greenlee volunteered to go along to make sure Bianca was ok. The whole group (Erica, Jack, Leo, Bianca and Greenlee) arrived back at Erica's place and Erica tried to get Bianca to eat something. Bianca turned down the food and Jack took Erica outside for some air. Outside Erica told Jack she's afraid Bianca is slipping back into her old ways. She wondered why Bianca would ask for Sara in a crisis. "Maybe there's more to this than a simple love triangle?" asked Jack. Erica couldn't accept that, saying Sara hurt her daughter, why would Bianca want anything to do with her? Erica went on to say that Bianca was apparently very close to Sara until Sara betrayed her in the worst way. "It devastated her! She's a young 16 and naive." Jack and Erica wondered aloud why Bianca hadn't asked for the boyfriend instead and then realized they didn't even know the boy's name. Jack asked Erica if Bianca had actually said Sara had stolen her boyfriend and Erica admitted that no she hadn't. "So you jumped to this conclusion then?" Jack said. Erica got huffy and told Jack to go ahead and tell her where she went wrong again.

With her mother and Uncle Jack out of the house, Bianca headed for a telephone and Greenlee asked if she was calling a friend from the gay bar. Bianca said she was calling the hospital to check on Laura but Leo took the phone and did it for her. He found out that Laura would be fine and Bianca told Greenlee and Leo that Laura had just told her that evening that she couldn't swim, and that she could've died that night. Leo tried to come up with a reason that Laura ended up in the water and finally decided it might be because he had told her that he and Greenlee were exclusive and that he'd hurt Laura's feelings. Bianca yelled at Leo "Your ego went to far, here's the truth!!!". Greenlee just stared daggers at Bianca. Bianca began telling Leo what really happened to Laura when Erica and Jack came back into the house. Erica told Bianca it was time to get some rest. Bianca protested saying she had something she needed to tell Leo. But Erica insisted that it could wait until morning and that Bianca needed to go upstairs. Bianca agreed reluctantly and Erica walked Jack outside. Greenlee snarled at Bianca "If you tell anyone I pushed Laura I'll make sure everyone knows you're gay". Bianca backed down, and begged Greenlee not to say anything.

Vanessa was still running around yelling at the police to find her necklace and the thief that stole it. There were no leads.

Liza asked Adam why they couldn't get married tonight. "What new hell has Arlene sprung us into now?" she asked. Adam told her that he didn't find Arlene, he must've mistaken someone else for Arlene. Joe Martin interrupted their discussion and told Adam that Hayley needed him on deck. Adam rushed off and left Joe to ask Liza if she'd seen either Tad or Jake. He also asked her if she'd noticed anything unusual tonight, that people were behaving strangely. She said she hadn't noticed anything, but Joe looked at her eyes and noted that her pupils were dilated. Joe left to look for his sons.

Mateo and Hayley were on deck looking for Arlene's body. Hayley said she knew she killed her mother, she had checked for a pulse and it wasn't there. Hayley asked Mat about making love to Arlene and he denied it, saying he saw Hayley come into the room and it was Hayley he was making love with. Hayley told Mateo that it was definitely not her, it was Arlene that was all over him in bed. Mateo leaned over the side rail and threw up. He told Hayley he didn't sleep with her mother "Maybe you're hallucinating, someone spiked your drink. Maybe you're having flashbacks from earlier today at WRCW when she kissed me". "I'm not hallucinating" Hayley said. She said she choked her mother and left her lying right here. She told Mat to call the police and Derek Frye came over. Hayley sobbed that she was sorry Derek wanted to know what Hayley was sorry about and Mat said it was because she'd been sober for so long and someone had spiked the punch that Hayley had been drinking. Hayley meanwhile broke down and kept saying she didn't mean to do it. Derek left them when Adam showed up. Adam stared at Hayley who was telling Mateo "Don't you wish I was dreaming? This is the second time my mother has slept with my husband. Remember Alec?" Then she said again that she choked Arlene and she had no pulse. Adam demanded to know where Mat was this whole time. Mat said he was passed out. Adam told Hayley that Arlene was not on the boat, no one else had seen her so "Whatever you think you did didn't happen". Liza overheard this conversation. Adam told Mat to take Hayley home and that he'd take care of everything. After Mateo led Hayley away, Liza came out of hiding and asked Adam what Hayley thought she did. Adam said she thought she got ahold of some booze. Liza told Adam she heard Hayley mention Arlene's name but Marion interrupted, asking for a ride home. She went on ahead of Adam and Liza. Liza asked Adam why he keeps saying Arlene's not on the boat when earlier he said she was. He told her that strange things have happened that have no explanation. "But we have to find her to sign the divorce papers!" said Liza. Adam replied that "she doesn't matter anymore".

Jake and Gillian had finished making love in Ryan's stateroom. Jake thanked God for her, saying she had given him his life back. He promised to make Gillian as happy and complete as she had made him. Ryan burst into the room screaming "What's going on with you Gillian? What are you doing to us?". Jake ordered Ryan out but Ryan wouldn't leave. Ryan told Jake that this had been going on for weeks. He said to Gillian "I'm your soul! All night people have been asking me what my incredible dream is and I've told them I don't have one. But Gillian is my dream!". Jake told Ryan that Gillian had made her choice and Ryan retorted that it was out of pity. He begged Gillian to tell Jake the truth. Ryan told Gillian he'd love her since the beginning and that she didn't give up on him and she knows that they aren't over. "You're my wife, you're my life!" Ryan vowed to Gillian. Ryan went on to tell Jake that he knows Jake is a good man but that she doesn't love him the way she loves Ryan. He told Jake that Gillian didn't want to abandon him, she wanted to honor her vows. "Did you stay with me because you love me or feel sorry for me Gillian?" cried Jake, devastated. He begged her to tell him the truth for once. Gillian told Jake that she never wanted to hurt him. He was so brave in Chechnya and she does love him for many reasons. But Jake said they weren't the right ones, not like she loves Ryan. Finally Gillian admitted that she'd never love anyone the way she loves Ryan. Ryan tried to apologize to Jake, saying he knew this was the worst pain in the world. Ryan left the two of them alone. Jake looked at Gillian and said their lovemaking that night hadn't been real. Gillian denied that, saying it was real, they touched each other's lives. Jake said "Now that I've got my manhood back I've lost you". Gillian told him how hard she tried to resist her feelings for Ryan and that if he hadn't been in her life she'd want Jake. Jake told her that while he was away he knew in his heart that she and Ryan were still connected. But that he also knew he'd come back and fight for her. But he said he couldn't fight both of them and that he'd always love her. Jake left Gillian and she melted onto the bed sobbing uncontrollably.

At home safe in their bed Mateo told Hayley "No body, no murder". She insisted that she didn't imagine this whole ordeal. Hayley said she knows she killed her mother. Mat said he'd look under every rock tomorrow and find Arlene to prove that Hayley didn't harm her. Later in the night Hayley had a horrible nightmare of standing on the side of the yacht searching the water for her mother, and Arlene reaches up and grabbed her arm. Hayley woke up screaming and Mateo comforted her.

Jake found his father and told Joe that he'd lost Gillian. Let's go home he told Joe. Joe asked where Gillian was and Jake said she was with Ryan. Before they left Joe asked Derek if they'd found Vanessa's necklace yet. They hadn't and Joe told Derek that something was wrong here tonight.

All night David had been lurking around the punch bowl, trying to get rid of the evidence. Finally he got his chance and grabbed the bowl and threw it overboard.

Ryan was alone in the ballroom of the yacht when Gillian came down the steps wearing nothing but a white robe. They gazed at each other then fell into each other's arms. Ryan looked completely content while Gillian looked broken-hearted and on the verge of tears. "

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