11/06/2000 Dixie Tells Tad She Kissed David

"Hayley and Arlene continued arguing. Hayley was about to hit her when Mateo stopped her. Hayley told her mother that if she ever touches Mateo again, she would not be held responsible for her actions. Arlene told Hayley that she sounded tough, but laughed off Hayley's death threat. Adam walked in and asked Arlene if she thought he was capable of killing her. Adam said that he could wrap his hands around her "scrawny neck" and strangle her and not give it a second thought. He asked her what possessed her about humiliating her daughter on local television and Arlene replied that it was probably the vodka and then asked Adam if he wanted some. Adam took the flask away from her and then she asked him what he was doing there. Adam said that he came to stop her. Arlene said that the show was over; he missed it. Hayley told her dad that he missed the best part --- that when Mateo pulled Arlene off the set, she rewarded him by giving him a big fat kiss on the lips. Adam told Arlene that her days of ruining Hayley's life were over. Adam claimed that Arlene that was jealous of her daughter and everything she does eats away at her. Mateo said that he was taking Hayley away from the station and her squabbling parents. Mateo told Adam that this would not have happened if he wasn't "such a jackass." Security came to escort Adam and Arlene out of the building and Adam asked them to wait a minute while he talked to her. Arlene told him that she would leave him alone if he would just give her the money he owed her. Adam said that she was joking, she blamed Liza for her miscarriage, she lied to Hayley, she ran Stuart down with her car and left him for dead. Adam told her that she would be lucky to get out of town with her hair and fingernails. Adam also reminded her about fraud and conspiracy. He would not give her the original divorce settlement. Arlene said that she would fight him on this because he could not leave her with nothing. She said that if he did this to her, she would sue him. Adam then walked out and left Arlene with the security guard.

Bianca and Leo were at SOS talking. Bianca asked Leo if it was weird to ask him to make love to her. Leo told her that they were friends. Leo said that he had two rules...one was not having sex with a minor and the other was no sex with women who were attracted to women. He told her that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Bianca said that her first time was with a girl and that is all she knows. She told Leo that maybe if she made love to a guy she might like it. Leo told her that she might not like it either. She told Leo that he needs to help her. Leo, however, said that he couldn't. Without any kind of warning, Bianca grabbed Leo and kissed him. Bianca begged Leo to make love to her and Leo said that she was not ready. Leo told her that being normal was not everything it was cracked up to be. Leo told Bianca that he could not tell her what to do, she had to try to work things out herself. Leo told Bianca that if she was 18, he would make love to her in a "Pine Valley second." Bianca said that if he doesn't care, she would not bother him anymore and then left. Greenlee walked in as Bianca was walking out and asked Leo if that was the "lez bee" buzzing off. She grabbed his arm and he tried to walk away and he told her that he had to go after Bianca. Leo asked Greenlee how she could be so clueless. After musing that she was born that way, Greenlee asked Leo what was troubling Bianca. Leo told her that Bianca was confused about her being "gay." Greenlee asked Leo if he was supposed to set her straight --- no pun intended. Leo told Greenlee that he didn't know what to say to Bianca and that everything he said came out wrong. Leo decided that he had to go find Bianca before she did something stupid. Greenlee asked Leo what kind of crisis could a girl who liked girls get into. Leo left SOS and Greenlee was right behind him.

Dixie and David were passionately kissing in her home. David told Dixie that he wants her but "not like this." He said that he could not ignore his feelings for her. David claimed that he has never felt this way toward anyone else and then he asked her to forgive him. Just then, Dixie heard Tad's car drive up and told David that Tad was home. Dixie told David to leave. David informed Dixie that he had no intention of breaking up her marriage. Tad walked into the house talking on the phone to Liza and Dixie just stood there in her negligee almost in shock.

David went back to his office and had Gordon take another blood sample from him. Gordon asked David if he "got lucky" as a result of Libidozone. David told him that it was none of his business. Gordon reminded him that they were partners and then David countered that Gordon was an employee and could be replaced. Gordon told David that he would like to try a dose or two himself, he could use some help with the ladies. David told him that this was not what he needed for his love life; This was a legitimate medical trial. David told Gordon to get back to the lab and get the test results ASAP. David started recording his progress into his tape recorder. He said that it had been 18 hours since he ingested the double dose of the drug. The symptoms he was feeling were rapid breathing, rapid pulse, dizziness, and continuing to struggle to maintain control. He then said that he "blew" it and then hit his hand on the table. He said that if the Libidozone would have been at full effect, heaven knows what would have happened to Dixie. His mother, Vanessa, walked in and announced to David that she knew what he was doing. He told her to get out and she refused. She told him that she knew what he was doing to Dixie. She also said that she knew he was bringing Jake up on charges before the hospital board. and that Palmer oversees the hospital board and was not happy because Dixie is his favorite niece and Jake is related to her. Vanessa told him that it would be in his best interest not to hurt Dixie because he would never recover from Palmer's revenge. David told his mother that this he had no plans to hurt Dixie, this is just about the Martins. Vanessa said that attacking the Martin men was all wrong. Vanessa cracked, "imagine, puppy love at your age." She told him that she knew that this foolishness would destroy his job at Pine Valley Hospital. She said that his strategy for going after Dixie couldn't be more misguided. David wanted to know what he was doing wrong. Vanessa said that she sometimes wonders what David uses for a brain. After she left, David sat back in his chair and thought about the kiss from Dixie and how she responded back to him. David thought that maybe Vanessa was on to something.

Hayley was on the phone talking to Tina. Tina was really upset about Adrian's dad and she told Hayley to thank Mateo for letting her leave early. Mateo asked Hayley if she wanted him to bounce her mother out of town. Hayley said that her mother doesn't bounce. He then suggested getting a bodyguard, a restraining order or pit bulls. Hayley said that there was nothing to keep her mother from slithering in to their lives whenever she pleased. Hayley told Mateo that the thing that really gets to her the most was how Arlene kept telling her how much alike they are. Mateo said that she was messing with her head. Hayley decided to go to an AA meeting. Mateo told Hayley the worst was over and Hayley told him to not make promises that Arlene can't keep.

Bianca went into BJ's and saw some of her friends from school. Marcus, captain of the soccer team, called her over to the table to join them. She started to "come on to him" by flirting. Marcus asked her if she wanted to go to the jukebox and play some songs. While they were over there, the other girls wanted to know what was going on. They said that she was all over him and wondered if she "put out." When they came back to the table, he asked her how her drink was. She said it was OK. Marcus wanted to add some rum to it and Bianca said that she never tried it. One of the girls asked her if she was afraid her mommy would be upset. Bianca said no and Marcus put some rum into her drink. Leo and Greenlee came in and noticed Bianca right away. Leo said that she seems to be holding her own. Greenlee saw her flirting and she commented that Bianca was trying to find out how the other half lived. Leo told Greenlee that if she thought this was funny, then she should leave. Greenlee said that this is exactly what Bianca needs... trying to seduce the high school makeout king. Leo wanted to go over to Bianca and talk to her and Greenlee told him to let her work it out her own way. Bianca told Marcus that she thought she saw his SUV outside and wanted to know if he had a navigation system on it. He started to explain about his SUV and one of the girls at the table said that the best part was the back seat and there was plenty of legroom. Bianca said that she would like to see it sometime. Marcus said that it could be arranged. He offered to give her a tour and Bianca said that it was getting crowded in there anyway. As they walked past Leo, he tried to stop her so he could talk to her. Bianca told Leo that she knew what she was doing and walked out of the building with Marcus.

Tad finally got off of the phone and he could tell how much Dixie was upset with him because he had to leave her earlier. He said that he would make it up to her and he tried to kiss her. She pulled herself away and told him that she was upset because the picture frame was broken. Tad said that he would replace it tomorrow and buy her five more. The phone rang and it was Liza again. Tad told Dixie that if she would just give him 5 minutes, it would be him, her and the negligee for the rest of the afternoon. Dixie left to get 2 glasses of water and when she came back with them in her hands, Tad grabbed her and she dropped and broke the glasses. She started to cry and Tad wanted to know what was wrong because when he left earlier, she was OK and now she wasn't. Dixie tried to tell him through her tears. She finally said that David came over and what happened didn't mean anything. Tad asked her if he kissed her. She replied, "Yes."

Arlene called Vanessa and told her it was an emergency. When Vanessa showed up, Arlene told her that she could not drive home and Vanessa told her that's what taxicabs are for. Arlene told Vanessa that Adam cut her off completely because she lied about the miscarriage. Vanessa said that Arlene's financial woes really didn't concern her. Vanessa said that she "got sloppy" and didn't even remember there were surveillance cameras in every room of her house. Arlene reminded Vanessa that she had given her money when she was broke. Vanessa told her that "it was not charity, it was blackmail." Arlene told Vanessa that she wanted the money she had given her back. Vanessa said that Palmer would be home soon and then she left.

Adam went to SOS looking for Hayley. Mateo told him that she went to an AA meeting. Mateo told Adam that if he hadn't married Arlene, she would have left town months ago and everything would be fine. Mateo told Adam that apparently Hayley had not been on the top of his priority list this year. Adam said that he had no idea things would turn out as they did. Adam promised that he would protect Hayley any way he could. Mateo said that if he was worried about Hayley's happiness, he needs to keep Arlene away from Hayley. Mateo also told Adam that if Arlene comes within sniffing distance of Hayley, he would come after him.

David called Joe Martin and said that he needed to talk to him and Jake right away. He had a confession to make.

Tad started to bolt out of the house and Dixie asked him where he was going. He said he would give her a hint and the hint was for her to call 911. Dixie pleaded with Tad to stop, but Tad said that David deserves whatever he gets because he had "forced" himself on Dixie. Dixie told Tad that David hadn't forced himself on her --- she kissed him back. Tad just stood there... stunned."

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