11/02/2000 David Wakes Up After Taking Libidozone

"Dimitri and Alex were at Wildwind the morning after Alex's talk with Edmund. Alexandra was cheerful and Dimitri subtly tried to get her to spill the beans about her conversation with Edmund. She was very vague, so finally Dimitri just asked her, "What is going on between you and my brother?" Alex claimed she and Edmund were just catching up but Dimitri sensed she was hiding something. She told him she couldn't tell him anything about what Edmund told her as it would be breaking a confidence. Dimitri told Alex that he's unsure of Edmund and that he seems more and more "lost." Dimitri said that he "saw pure hatred" in Edmund's eyes when he'd revealed that he'd bought Wildwind. Dimitri told Alex, "Edmund is angry and bitter" and noted that he felt worried about Alex's safety. Alex agreed with Dimitri's assertion that Edmund needs to seek a shrink. She stated she is going to help Edmund whether Dimitri likes it or not. Dimitri worried aloud that Edmund might prey on Alex's sympathy and try to win her back. Alex said she was confident that Edmund has moved on and that Dimitri has nothing to worry about. She asked Dimitri to go horseback riding, to which he agreed. She said she'd meet him at the stable and after he left she called Edmund to ask if he'd called the therapist yet. He told her not yet, and asked that Alex not tell his brother that he's seeing the ghost of his stepfather. She agreed.

Edmund, Brooke and Laura were having breakfast at the Valley Inn. Edmund excused himself from the table to take a phone call and Brooke brought up again her offer to help get Laura an internship at Tempo. Laura again turned her down, saying she wanted to get a photojournalist job on her own merits. Brooke explained that one has to take advantage of "who you know" to get a foot in the door, but Laura felt that she'd taken enough from Brooke. She told her mother about the conversation she'd overheard at the Pine Valley High dance regarding Bianca and how she didn't want anyone to say those things about her. Brooke asked Laura if she was sure she wanted to get into photography after what she went through with Jim. Edmund returned in time to hear Laura's answer, which was that she was ready to move past that part of her life. Edmund was impressed and asked Laura to go on a trial assignment for Tempo. Laura flashed her mother a glare and accused her and Edmund of being in cahoots. When Brooke swore that she hadn't put Edmund up to the job offer. Laura gleefully accepted the challenge, but excused herself to make a phone call to a friend in China.. Brooke thanked Edmund for giving Laura a chance. He said he was glad to have Laura around because it made Brooke so happy. The conversation turned to Eliot and Brooke told Edmund that Eliot is staying in Pine Valley because he feels he can help Brooke heal. Edmund asked Brooke if she believed what Eliot was saying. Brooke told Edmund about the conversation she had with Eliot about the accident and Laura's final moments. She explained that Eliot was with Laura when she died and that at least Laura didn't die alone. She also said Eliot was truly remorseful, but when Edmund asked if Brooke was ready to forgive him she immediately let it be known that she hadn't. "Eliot has to find peace with his maker," she replied. Brooke turned the conversation to Edmund and asked how he was doing. Edmund confessed that he's scared.

Leslie Coulson and Ryan were having a power breakfast across the room. Ryan wanted to talk nothing but business, but Leslie was trying to get Ryan interested in some "R and R" at Hilton Head Island. He turned her down, much to her dismay. She put her hand on his arm just as Jake and Gillian strolled in. Leslie was in the process of telling Ryan that he should star in all of his company's commercials because he "sizzles." Tad approached the table and rolled his eyes and Leslie's statement. Ryan excused himself to make a call and Leslie and Tad immediately caught up on some old business. Tad called Leslie on her less than professional interest in Ryan and she claimed to just be "flattering a client." She ripped into Tad about his past, saying she can flirt with Ryan because she has no ring on her finger. Tad told Leslie that he's completely monogamous now. She responded by saying how much she enjoys the hunt and plans to have Ryan's head adorning the headboard of her bed. Tad looked over Leslie's shoulder and spotted Ryan making out with Rosette. After the breakfast meeting was over Leslie followed this other woman into the restroom, where they both said they are going after Ryan.

Jake and Gillian sat down for breakfast at the Valley Inn and enjoyed a talk about their future. All the while Gillian kept glancing at Ryan, which caused Jake to ask if she'd like to go somewhere else. She refused and tried to keep focused on Jake. Later he got paged to the ER and she said she was getting used to being a doctor's wife.

David woke up on his office desk, groggy and confused. Nurse Amy strolled in, purring about "Hurricane David" hitting last night and complimented David on his "command of anatomy." David finally remembered the evening's events, but had thought he was with Dixie --- not Amy. Nurse Amy wanted a command performance and David declined. Amy got very upset and said she would turn David in for sexual harassment. David fought back, saying she'd never work as a nurse in any hospital again if she opened her mouth about their affair. He bribed her with a promise of a superior performance rating on her next review and that she'd be able to pick her shifts. She agreed then threw a sweater at him saying, "Here's the sweater you made me wear, that got you so hot and bothered" before storming out. Dixie walked in and caught David rubbing the sweater over his face and asked what was he doing with her sweater. He tried to apologize, but Dixie wasn't interested. She announced that she was there to retrieve her personal belongings and her medical records. She told him she wants a new doctor to cover her case, that she's no longer comfortable with him being her doctor. David took full responsibility for what happened and begged her not to find another cardiologist. She refused and started to leave when David had an "attack" from the drug he'd taken. He doubled over his desk and Dixie rushed to him. He grabbed her by the wrist and stared strangely at her, which caused her to ask, "David what do you think you're doing? Stop it!." He said he didn't mean to scare her and to take her files and leave. He could barely control himself. As Dixie left Jake walked in and yelled at David for his poor treatment of Nurse Amy. David told Jake that he filed charges with the hospital board. They exchanged heated words until a lab tech came in with test results for David and Jake left. David claimed to not have ordered any tests, but the lab tech Gordon reminded him that he had come down to the lab at 4am and demanded a blood draw and full workup. David remembered and tore open the results. Gordon the tech began asking questions about the unusual results of the tests. David admitted that he'd taken Libidozone and to silence him, David offered him a cut of any profits this drug might have. Gordon agreed and as he left he reminded David that Libidozone has an unusually high half-life, staying in the blood stream a long time. After Gordon left David grabbed his coat and ran out of his office.

After Tad left Leslie and Ryan, he ran home to Dixie, who was standing lost in thought in the living room holding her sweater that she had just retrieved from David. Tad snuck up on her, startling her. They kissed and things were getting passionate when Tad received a phone call from the office. He had to leave but suggested that Dixie go put on something more comfortable because he'd be right back. Dixie sang her way upstairs, while at her back door David silently let himself in."

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