10/26/2000 Hayley Watches The Video of Arlene & Vanessa

"Seated in the bar at The Valley Inn having a bite to eat with Leo and Bianca, Erica was unable to understand why Bianca was so opposed to appearing in Enchantment advertisements. When Bianca stepped away for a few moments, Erica immediately attempted to enlist Leo's help in "spying" on her daughter. Leo flatly refused, saying that Bianca was the only true friend he's ever had --- and that he's not going to do anything to jeopardize that friendship. Bianca returned to the table and hoped that Leo had convinced her mother not to force her into doing the Enchantment campaign. Leo smiled broadly at the young woman and told her to be prepared to smile a lot. Bianca frowned over Leo's failure, but she uttered no complaints. Oscar, a staff photographer, arrived tableside a few minutes later hoping to snap a few candid shots of the new Young Couple of Enchantment. Greenlee entered the bar and spotted Leo with his arms around Bianca. She stomped over to the table and told Erica that she needed to speak to her. Leo jumped out of his chair and ushered Greenlee into the lobby. There, Greenlee told Leo that Erica has a right to know that he had stolen money from her grandfather. Leo rolled his eyes. Greenlee continued her rant, blasting Leo for "playing footsy" with Bianca. Leo blasted Greenlee for being "out of line." Greenlee asked Leo if Erica and Bianca were giving him a sendoff before he took Woodruff's money and left the country. Unable to listen to Greenlee badmouth him any more, Leo finally revealed that he'd turned down Woodruff's offer. Greenlee stood silent and motionless. Leo plucked a towel from a passing waiter and tossed it at Greenlee, telling her that she could use the towel to wipe the egg off of her face. Greenlee's tone softened and she asked Leo why he hadn't told her about rejection her grandfather's deal. Leo replied that Greenlee had been too busy throwing a temper tantrum to get a word in edgewise. Greenlee tried to get Leo to stick around, but Leo was too ticked off and told her that he had to get back to his table. Erica quickly admonished Leo for Greenlee's "drama" and told him that those types of problems would not be tolerated once the campaign started. Leo apologized for Greenlee's actions and pledged that she would not foul things up in the future. The familiar trio of cheerleaders wandered into the room and took up residence next to Bianca and Leo. They explained that they were set to play a game of tennis, but that one of their doubles partners canceled at the last minute. They looked to Bianca to join them, but Bianca explained that she was rusty and didn't really feel up to playing. Erica cleared her throat and asked to be introduced to Bianca's friends. Bianca sighed and introduced the three girls to her mother. One of the girls mentioned that it was a shame that Bianca was not able to attend the school's Halloween party. Another complained that she was going to be going with Marcus, but that Marcus had only invited her after Bianca turned him down. The trio headed on their way and Erica immediately asked her daughter why she'd chosen to skip the party. Bianca reminded her mother that she was grounded. Erica nodded, but said that she could be un-grounded for the party. Bianca tried her best to convince her mother to keep her punishment in place, but Erica was determined to send her daughter to the party. When Bianca muttered that she didn't have a date, Erica smiled broadly and said that Leo would take her to the party. Across the room at the bar, Greenlee scolded her grandfather for not having told her that Leo turned down his bribe. Woodruff, in turn, blamed Greenlee for her current predicament, saying that if she'd had faith in Leo she wouldn't be in the spot she's in. Woodruff surprised his granddaughter by admitting that he likes Leo. "He doesn't put up with your nonsense," he smirked. Greenlee noticed that Leo was on his way out of the room and quickly scurried after him. She tried to make nice to Leo by asking him to spend some time with her. Leo, however, flatly turned her down. He informed Greenlee that he had plans to take Bianca to her high school Halloween party. After Leo walked away, Greenlee stormed back to her grandfather's side. Woodruff tried to put a positive spin on Leo's rejection; he said that perhaps the time apart would make Greenlee and Leo realize their true feelings for one another. Greenlee flashed a devilish smile at her grandfather and told him that she had a plan. "I'm going back to high school."

Brooke looked through a box of Halloween costumes sent to the community center. Becca approached her and asked if she had any idea where the fuse box was located. Overnight, Becca explained, a fuse had blown and now all of the food in the refrigerator was starting to spoil. Brooke became extremely uneasy when Becca mentioned that she'd tried locating Eliot to no avail. Almost of cue, Eliot strolled into the room and announced that he'd help Becca replace the blown fuse. At about the same time, Ryan, Adrian and Tina rolled a brand new ping-pong table into the room. Ryan proudly proclaimed that the table was a gift from incredibledreams.com. Apparently, one of the youngsters at the center had said that his "incredible dream" would be to get a new ping-pong table. Ryan kindly obliged --- with, perhaps, a little hope that Tempo might provide some favorable coverage of his company in an upcoming issue. Brooke remained skeptical throughout the entire presentation process, but did agree to look into covering Ryan's company for a future issue of her magazine. Adrian scrapped plans for a romantic night with Tina. He sadly informed her that he'd be unavailable until after Incredible Dream's stock market debut. Later, after Adrian left, two young girls raced into the center breathing heavily. The stumbled for their words, telling Tina that they'd heard screams coming from an old house in the woods that "everybody knows is haunted." At first Tina thought that girls might be playing a prank, but she agreed to check it out anyway. Becca and Brooke returned to the room with a bowl of candy and proceeded to make little baggies of candy for trick-or-treaters. Brooke asked Becca if one of the center's younger residents still collected stamps; she'd received a letter from Laura with Chinese postage affixed to the envelope. Becca commented that it was sort of odd that Brooke's adopted daughter and biological daughter had the same first name. She sent Brooke into a rage by commenting that Laura Kirk had "replaced" her deceased daughter. Brooke blasted Becca, saying that she had no idea what it was like to lose a child. Becca's voice cracked while she tried to explain that she knew the pain of losing a brother. Brooke apologized for snapping. Becca made things worse by stating that the kids at the shelter really miss Eliot. Brooke snarled that Eliot has no place at the shelter, especially since he killed her daughter while driving drunk. Becca decided that it would be best if she left the room, though she did so promising never to mention Eliot again. Eliot entered the room unobserved. He stood silent for a few moments observing what was going on. Then, he turned and left the room. A short time later, Becca wheeled Phoebe into the room. Brooke hadn't expected her aunt to drop by, causing Phoebe to chirp merrily that she was in for another surprise. Under her breath, Brooke asked if Phoebe was going to give her more dating advice. The doors to the room swung open and Brooke gasped. A tall, young woman with short blonde hair stood there with a smile. "Laura!" Brooke shouted as she raced to embrace her daughter.

"I'm watching it, I'm hearing it and I still don't believe it," Hayley said as she watched the videotape of her mother plotting with Vanessa. A frantic Winfred raced into the parlor and screeched that, "Mrs. Chandler just drove through the rose bushes." Liza assured the housekeeper that everything would be okay. Adam, meanwhile, was busy on the phone asking Barry to draw up new divorce papers in which Arlene wouldn't get a penny of his money. Hayley continued to beat herself up over the fact that she believed that her mother had really been hurt. Liza tried to comfort Hayley, telling her that it was not her fault for wanting to believe the best about her mother. Adam and Mateo both agreed that Hayley shouldn't stick around the mansion. After Mateo and Hayley left, Adam told Liza that they were now able to move ahead with moving in together. "Are you insane?" Liza squawked. Adam summoned Winifred to the room and told her to get Liza and Colby's old rooms ready --- they were moving back in. Winifred was overjoyed by the news, but Liza dowsed her enthusiasm by announcing that she wasn't moving back into the house. Winifred hovered in the background as Adam and Liza bickered back and forth over whether or not Liza would be moving into Chandler Mansion. "I won't be bullied into doing what you want me to do," Liza grumbled. Adam noticed that Winfred was still there and quickly dismissed her. Liza told Adam that they needed to take things slowly and hinted that she would not return to the mansion until after his divorce was finalized. On her way out, Liza bumped into Ryan. Ryan asked Liza if she was coming or going. Liza lamely shrugged and replied that she doesn't really know any more. When a knock sounded on his door, Adam hoped that Liza had reconsidered and returned to say that she was moving in. Needless to say, Adam wasn't exactly thrilled when he saw Ryan standing on his doorstep. Ryan surprised Adam by announcing that he was there to make him a deal. Adam invited Ryan into his house, though he didn't seem interested in anything Ryan had to say. Adam noted that Ryan's company had been built thanks to a sizeable investment from Chandler Enterprises. He followed that up by asking Ryan about the embezzlement charges against him. Ryan stated calmly that the charges against him had been dropped. He smiled slightly as he asked Adam if he'd be brought up on charges for destroying the ColMar Tower. Adam smiled broadly, but he remained uninterested in what Ryan had to say. Ryan pitched an idea in which Adam would endorse his company to all of his bigwig friends. Adam refused to be a part of it. "I don't need the money and I don't have the time," he replied curtly. Ryan decided that the only way to win over Adam was to offer Adam something that his money couldn't buy him --- his own incredible dream. Adam told Adam that his dream would be to go back to a time when he and Liza were happy --- a time before their lives turned upside-down. Ryan asked Adam if he would jump on board if he could grant him his dream. Adam didn't offer a definitive answer, instead telling Ryan that it was up to him to make his dream come true first.

David chased after Dixie and convinced her to at least return to his office and hear him out. David insisted that Jake had thrown the first blow and that Tad had jumped in later. In his account of what happened, David claimed that he had only acted in self-defense. He did, however, admit that he was wrong to throw Jake's impotence in his face. "You manipulated me," Dixie growled. "Tad warned me about you [but] I defended you." David tried to take advantage of Dixie's soft spot for him, but it didn't work. Dixie was about to make her way towards the door when Gillian walked into the office. Gillian's icy glare was only a prelude to the rage she was about to unleash. Gillian rattled some sort of insult in Hungarian, but it meant nothing to David who demanded an English translation. She yelled and screamed and even hit David. David reacted by threatening to call hospital security. Dixie escorted Gillian out of the room before she could do any more damage. The two women headed to the lounge. Once there, Dixie told Gillian that she regrets having "gotten involved with [David] in any way." Gillian thought Dixie's choice of words were a little curious, but she said nothing. Dixie wrapped her arms around the princess and assured her that Jake would get better soon. Dixie returned to David's office to clear out her things. David wasn't there, which allowed Dixie a chance to grab a file folder from David's desk. As she was about to leave, David returned to the office and pleaded with Dixie to stay. Dixie refused and when David tried to grab on to her arm to prevent her from leaving, Dixie angrily ordered David never to touch her again. Meanwhile, back in the lounge, Jake arrived and asked Gillian why she was still at the hospital after her shift had ended. Gillian told Jake that she was hoping that could have a chance to talk. Before they could say anything, Tina burst into the room and told Jake that "something terrible has happened." "

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