10/27/2000 Bianca Leaves The Party With Rain

"Laura circled back and forth at the center while her mother tended to a few other matters. Brooke returned from her duties and finally got a chance to sit down with the young woman she hadn't seen in quite some time. Brooke referred to Laura's return as a "wonderful, unexpected surprise." Laura explained that she'd returned home earlier than expected because of the woman she was staying with had taken on a new job; Laura was originally slated to return at the end of the year. During her time abroad, Laura developed an s affinity for photography. She hinted that after she receives her high school diploma, she might want to explore photography as a career. Brooke smiled proudly and offered to get her some pointers from Tempo's staff photographers. Laura also claimed that she was suffering from a bit of homesickness. Brooke looked her daughter in the eyes and called her a "liar." Brooke pursed her lips together and mumbled that Phoebe had probably played a role in Laura's sudden return. Laura made no further attempts to mislead her mom. She admitted that Phoebe had told her all about Reverend Freeman. Why, she asked, had Eliot decided to stick around Pine Valley? Brooke bowed her head and almost shamefully admitted that it was her challenge to Eliot that had made him reconsider leaving Pine Valley. The conversation took a decidedly happier turn when Jamie and Junior showed up in costume at the center. Jamie and Laura embraced. Ricky, who had accompanied the boys, offered to take Jamie to Tad's house for a Halloween party so that Brooke and Laura could have more time together. Junior, dressed as a mummy, appeared down because he was supposed to go to his school's Halloween dance --- but he had no date. Laura stepped in and agreed to go with Junior even though she didn't have a costume. Brooke was left alone at the center and decided to close up for the night. Eliot wandered into the room, unaware that Brooke was there. He apologized for disturbing Brooke and turned to walk away. Brooke mentioned that Eliot had just missed meeting Laura. Eliot stated that he would have liked to meet Brooke's daughter. Brooke, though, sharply replied that she wasn't so sure that Laura would want to meet him. "What the hell are you trying to prove" by staying in town, Brooke snapped. Eliot claimed that sticking around wasn't an attempt to be "noble." He encouraged Brooke to vent her anger at him; Eliot said that he wanted to do whatever he could to help her heal. Brooke labeled Eliot an "arrogant hypocrite." She vowed that she would not forgive Eliot for what'd he done just because he's become a good person. She also said that seeing Eliot every day would not cause her pain or anger towards him to lessen. As Eliot was leaving, he asked Brooke if there was anything that he could do for her. Perhaps he offered his remark to be polite, but Brooke surprised him by taking him up on his offer. Brooke told Eliot that she'd been told that her daughter had been killed at impact; she wanted to know if that was true. Eliot recounted the events leading up to Laura's death. He said that he hadn't thought that he was speeding, but that the police report stated that he was driving 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. When he saw a blue streak in front of his car, Eliot said that he'd told himself that it was "just a bag." He tried to apply his brakes, but the alcohol had impaired his reflexes. He hadn't hit the brakes in time. Brooke fondly remembered the blue wool coat that Laura had been wearing. Laura, she said, had never liked the coat. Eliot said that when he'd gotten out of his car, he found Laura lying "peacefully" on the ground --- almost as if she were sleeping. Brooke softly asked if Laura had still been alive. "I prayed that she was," Eliot replied, his voice cracking. And she was. When Eliot touched the young girl to check for her pulse, Laura's eyes opened. "Did she say anything?" Brooke asked, tears now flowing freely from her eyes. "She said, 'Mommy,'" Eliot sobbed.

Led by Tina, Jake and Gillian arrived at the so-called "haunted cabin" in the woods. The source of the eerie screams turned out to be very much of this world. Leila sat on a cot and screamed in pain as she was hit by yet another contraction. Jake started to help the woman towards the door so that they could take her to the hospital, but the contractions were too close together. Jake decided that they would have to deliver the baby first and then seek out medical attention at the hospital. Jake sent Gillian to his car to retrieve his medical bag and the day's newspaper. Tina was asked to gather any towels that might be scattered about the cabin. Tina tried to use Jake's cellular phone to call the paramedics, but she was unable to get a signal. She asked Jake for his car keys and headed out to find a pay phone. Gillian tried to help Leila remain calm by asking her to focus her attention to the flickering flame of a nearby candle. Jake moved into position to help deliver the baby. A short time later, the baby's head was in view. Eventually, Leila gave birth to a baby boy. The new mother was overcome with joy and asked Jake if she could name her baby after him. Jake proudly nodded his head. The medics finally arrived on the scene and mother and son were taken to Pine Valley Hospital. Gillian was excited about what had just taken place, but more importantly she was proud of her husband. Soon, the two engaged in a passionate kiss.

Bianca and Leo dressed as aliens for the Halloween dance. Both grumbled about their masks because they prevented them from breathing normally. The trio of girls flocked around them and praised their costumes. They also gushed endless admiration at Leo and Bianca for being chosen the new Young Couple of Enchantment. The girls were noticeably more interested in Leo than they were in Bianca. Marcus hovered in the background, grumbling about all the attention the girls were giving Leo. Greenlee sneaked into the party dressed as a genie. Upon seeing Leo, she quickly pulled a scarf over all but a small portion of her face. Greenlee waited until Leo was alone at the punchbowl before moving in. Remaining in disguise to keep her anonymity, Greenlee asked Leo to pour her a glass of punch. Leo appeared uninterested, looking around the room at everything but Greenlee. Finally, he walked away and rejoined Bianca on the other side of the room. Bianca looked at the genie and commented that she looked awfully familiar. Leo nodded and told Bianca that it was Greenlee. Coming to the party, said Leo, was Greenlee's way of apologizing to him. Greenlee remained at the punchbowl until another eligible young man happened upon her. When Marcus showed, Greenlee asked him for a glass of punch. He was more than willing to oblige. When he whispered something naughty in her ear, Greenlee stormed off. Leo quickly hurried over to Marcus and told him that Greenlee was playing hard to get. He then urged Marcus to call upon his soccer skills to figure out how to "score" with Greenlee. Marcus walked over to Greenlee and pulled her close. The pair started dancing, but things turned sour when Marcus pinched Greenlee's derriere. Marcus' date for the evening returned and angrily told Greenlee to back off. She also flailed a few other insults at Greenlee. Laura and Junior arrived at the party. Bianca and Laura shared a happy reunion, but poor Junior was brushed off yet again when he asked Bianca for a dance. Bianca wandered off for a few moments and Laura and Junior hit the dance floor. Greenlee, meanwhile, stomped over to Leo and lashed out at him for taking joy in the way Marcus' date had badmouthed her. As Bianca wandered around the dance, she happened upon the three cheerleaders having a private discussion. All three girls took turns raking Bianca over the coals; they had no idea that Bianca was just a few steps behind them. They muttered that the only reason anyone liked her was because she was Erica's daughter. Another of the girls claimed that Bianca's costume was perfect because she was "downright alien." Said another, "I can't believe she thinks we like her." Bianca was crushed. She started to race towards the exit when she came upon a friendly face --- Rain. Bianca was surprised to see Rain at the dance. Rain explained that she had a feeling that the dance wasn't going to be Bianca's cup of tea and decided to stop by and help her ditch the event. By the time Leo noticed that Bianca was leaving the party, it was too late to stop her. He panicked that Erica would eat him alive for letting Bianca out of his sight. Greenlee, on the other hand, complained that she'd be left alone if Leo went after Bianca.

Rain took Bianca to a club. When they approached the door, a woman approached them and asked for their IDs. Bianca knew that she wasn't old enough to enter and told Rain that they should leave. Rain, however, produced two picture identification cards and both she and Bianca were granted access to the bar. Inside, Bianca chirped giddily about the fake ID and said that her mother would probably strangle her if she found out what she was doing. Rain replied that Erica would probably never hear about their night on the town. As Bianca and Rain sat down to drink some cola at the bar, Bianca noticed that there were no men in the bar. Some women in the background called out to Rain and she politely excused herself. Before leaving, however, Rain offered a pseudo-explanation to the one-sidedness of the gender in the bar. "You're sharp," she smiled. "Figure it out." Shortly after Rain left, a woman approached Bianca and asked her if the seat next to her was taken. Outside, Greenlee and Leo questioned why Bianca would have ditched the party for a bar. Leo knew that Bianca couldn't be inside because she wasn't yet of age. Greenlee rolled her eyes and muttered that she could have used a fake ID. As they passed through the door, Leo claimed that "Bianca is different" and that forged ID wasn't Bianca's style. Maybe, offered Greenlee, Bianca is more different than he knew. "This is a gay bar," Greenlee informed Leo. Greenlee looked around and noticed that Bianca was clinking glasses with the woman who'd sat beside her. Bianca looked on at the woman with puppy dog eyes, obviously infatuated with the woman. "Well, well, well," said Greenlee as Leo's jaw hit the floor. "Erica Kane's daughter is gay." "

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