12/24/1999 Adam Attends The Martins Celebration As Stuart

""I didn't mean to hurt you," Janet blubbered upon seeing Sophie facedown in the makeup table. Not knowing what to do, Janet dragged the escaped prisoner to the alley behind the mall. Janet bent down and slapped Sophie's face to try to rouse her, but it did nothing. She leaned closer and realized that Sophie wasn't moving---or breathing. "Oh my God, I've killed you," she panicked. Janet knew that she'd be sent back to prisoner if anyone were to find out about her dirty deed. She hurriedly hoisted Sophie into the air and plunked her down inside a dumpster. Just to be sure that no one saw the body, Janet carefully covered Sophie with cardboard. "Fingerprints," Janet gasped. She looked nervously at the oversized plastic candy cane that she'd bludgeoned Sophie with and knew that she had to dispose of it. Janet placed the decoration in a metal barrel that was still smoldering from a trash fire started by a homeless person.

Junior waited for his father to reply. "I'm not your dad, Junior. It's Uncle Stuart!" Adam said deceptively. He turned his back to the carolers, knowing that Junior, more so than anyone else, could see through his act. Tad assured Junior that he'd made an "honest mistake" in mixing up the Chandler twins. Jake arrived on the scene and quickly plucked Colby from Adam's arms. This was the most difficult part for Adam --- having to pretend that he likes Jake. As the entire Martin Clan headed back to Joe and Ruth's house, Junior asked his Uncle Stuart to join them. Adam tried to talk his way out of it, but in the end he had to agree to maintain his charade.

Eugenia told Joe that she was glad that Jake was a part of her granddaughter's life. Ryan dropped by the Martin house after learning that Gillian had been released from the hospital. Gillian was happy to see Ryan and the same could be said of Ryan. Gillian's recuperation, said Ryan, "makes a guy believe in Christmas." As a gift, Ryan gave Gillian several stuff beanbag puppies --- a reference to the way she confused the words "bagel" and "beagle." Scott dropped by to pick up Becca, who had been helping Ruth in the kitchen. The pair was headed for the Wildwind chapel and Ryan opted to tag along with them. The caroling Martins plus "Stuart," showed up and were warmly received by everyone. Joe greeted "Stuart" by the door. AS they talked, Opal, Adrian, and Tina arrived and Opal whapped Stuart on the bottom with the door --- accidentally, of course. Since she didn't know that Stuart was actually Adam, Opal even gave him a kiss on the cheek. Opal looked at Colby and proudly announced that she "looks more like [Jake] every day." Again, Adam was forced to stand in the background and say nothing. Opal pulled Adrian aside and praised his choice of escort to the party. Adrian claimed that Tina was just an employee. "Whatever you call her," Opal grinned, "she's very attractive." As the evening drew later, the Martins speculated about what Colby might choose as an occupation in later life. Joe was certain that she'd be a doctor, but Tad thought she might be an artist like Stuart. When pressed for his thoughts, "Stuart" lamely replied that it was too soon to tell what she'd be. Liza breezed into the house to drop off Colby's stocking. She informed everyone that she would not be sticking around. It was clear to everyone that she was upset. After Liza left, Tad grumbled that Adam has ruined the lives of everyone woman that he's married. "If there's any justice, Adam Chandler is going to die a miserable, lonely, old man," Tad snapped. From the background, Adam looked on with a frown. Joe urged everyone not to judge Adam. "Christmas is probably the only time Adam can add up all that he has and feel like he's a poor man," Joe said philosophically. Again, Adam's face fell. Dixie jumped into to concur with her father-in-law. "Joe's right. We're with family... [Adam's] alone," she noted. "I hope someday he gets to feel a little love and family." Adam was no longer able to keep quiet. "Stuart" stepped forward and asked that everyone stop picking on his brother. Sure, Adam had done some bad things over the years but he loved Liza and all of his children very much. The boys scampered down the steps and provided a fortunate break in the conversation. Everyone headed of to the kitchen, except for Tad and "Stuart." Tad was surprised that Stuart had had a change of heart about Adam. Tad thought it was peculiar that Stuart, who had been helping to stick it to Adam for weeks now, was beginning to have second thoughts. "He's my brother," said "Stuart" in reply. Tad was called into the kitchen and Adam was about to hit the ceiling. He was furious that Tad had known all along that Stuart had been pretending to be him. Vowing to make Tad pay, Adam stormed out of the Martin house. A short time later, the real Stuart showed up at the house. Joe smiled and told Stuart that he was glad that he'd decided to come back and complimented him on his new sweater. Stuart smiled curiously, but wasn't the least bit suspicious.

Woodruff Greenlee watched as his granddaughter paced nervously through the Wildwind chapel. Greenlee told him that she was waiting for her date for the evening, Leo du Pres. At the entrance to the chapel, Vanessa fussed over whether or not Palmer should wear his scarf inside the building. Being this was his first social venture since getting out of the hospital, Vanessa did not want her husband to get overheated. "That would kill me," she chirped. In the end, Palmer won out and did what he wanted to do: wear the scarf. Erica placed a phone call to David to tell him that she probably would not be back to join him at the chapel. She'd taken a flight to see Bianca and her return flight to Pine Valley was delayed. Vanessa was amazed to see her son in a church, especially on Christmas Eve. Mateo and Rosa arrived for the service. They greeted Edmund and Alex, with the two women agreeing that the holidays were difficult without their loved ones. As Mateo and Rosa took their seats, Edmund confessed to Alex that he was looking forward to seeing his children's faces on Christmas morning. Edmund walked Alex to the back of the chapel and presented her with the Marick family ring. Alex objected because he'd intended for Edmund to hold on to the ring. Edmund insisted and Alex ultimately accepted the gift. Rosa found a letter addressed to Mateo in her prayer book and handed it over to her big brother. Mateo read the note and his eyes suddenly grew wider. Vanessa sat in the row of pews directly in front of David. She took pride in taunting David over the fact that Erica was not in attendance. She mused that Erica usually uses her daughter as an excuse to ditch the men in her lives when she's tired of them. Vanessa invited her son to sit with her during the service, but David declined. "I don't want to be struck by lightning," David said, a jab at the absence of religion in his mother's life. Becca, Scott, and Ryan arrived at the chapel and Greenlee immediately went into protective mode. She raced to Ryan and told him that they had to lay low because her grandmother did not approve of their relationship. "Forbidden fruit tastes even more delicious," she purred. Edmund appeared before the gathering and proudly announced that Grammy winner CeCe Winans would be singing "Oh, Holy Night." As the gospel singer blessed everyone with her beautiful rendition, Erica arrived at the chapel and raced into David's arms.

With the compact disc that she and Mateo were going to distribute to friends, patrons, and family, Hayley moped around the Dillon house. Amanda scurried down the steps and told Hayley that Tim had called to remind them to hang the angel atop the tree. "Whoever hangs it gets to make a wish," Amanda said merrily. "This year to get to make the wish." Hayley was honored to hang the ornament on the tree. She carefully climbed a stepstool and hovered above the Christmas tree. She closed her eyes, made a wish, and placed the angel on the highest bow. Amanda warned her cousin that she could not tell anybody about the wish until it came true. Trevor entered the room and Hayley confessed to him that being without Mateo was harder than she'd thought it would be. Trevor urged Hayley to call Mateo, but Hayley was certain that Mateo did not want to hear from her. As he left the room, Trevor told Hayley to listen to her heart. Alone, Hayley spotted something odd on the Christmas tree. Upon closer investigation, she found a note hanging alongside the ornaments. She carefully read the note addressed to "Heart."

Back at Chandler Mansion, Adam rifled through the stack of mail. He heard Marian and Liza's voices and was forced to hide in the closet. Marian remarked that it must be difficult for Liza to part with Colby on Christmas Eve. Liza nodded, saying that she'd always imagined that she'd be spending the holidays with her husband and daughter. Liza picked up the stack of mail and smiled as she found the invitation from the World Television Conference, the bogus conference Adam had created. Marian thought that the conference would be a great opportunity for Liza and Colby to get away. Liza nodded and said that it might be just what she needs. When the coast was clear, Adam emerged from his hiding spot and mumbled that he'd see Liza in Monaco. "Get ready for a great new year," he cackled.

When Hayley arrived at the beach, Mateo was already there waiting for her. "I got your note," he smiled. He assumed that Adrian had slipped it into Rosa's prayer book when he wasn't looking. "I got a note from you, too," Hayley smiled. "I should've known it wasn't [really] from you." Mateo crinkled his brow and asked Hayley why she was so sure that he hadn't written the note. Hayley muttered that she knew Mateo didn't want to be around her --- especially not on the holidays. Mateo shook his head and told her that she was wrong. In fact, Mateo was glad that he'd ended up on the beach on such a beautiful night. Hayley walked away from Mateo for several feet before sitting down in the sand. She told Mateo that she likes going to the beach in the winter because she gets the whole place to herself. The cold night air caused her to shiver, which prompted Mateo to ask her to share his blanket with him. Both shared the contents of the notes they'd supposed written for one another. "In the beginning there was you and me and an ocean of love. I'll be waiting for you," read Hayley. Mateo chuckled and said that he could not believe that Hayley had thought he'd written those words. "I went to the beach to lose myself, but I found you. I'll be waiting for you," read Mateo. It was time for Mateo to leave for the airport. Hayley was upset that her time with Mateo had come to an end. Mateo gently brushed Hayley's cheek and thanked her for spending Christmas Eve with him.

An out-of-breath Janet raced back to the Dillon house. A voice called out to her, "Amanda's safe because of you." Janet walked over to the mirror and told her alter ego to be quiet. Mirror Janet, though, would not be silenced. "Sophie got exactly what she deserved," Mirror Janet smiled. Janet feared that the body would be recovered. Her reflection, however, assured her that it would be days before the trash collector would haul away the garbage. By then, no one would even want to sift through the rubbish. Trevor wandered into the room and asked Janet why she was so late. Janet lied and said that things were dirtier than anyone had expected at the mall. Trevor sensed that his wife was upset and asked her if she was okay. Janet claimed that she'd seen some people milling about on her way home from the mall. She was certain that those people had no one special in their lives --- and that the thought of spending the holidays alone was painful for her. Trevor instructed Janet to head upstairs and take a hot bath. He filed out of the room, but Janet lingered around for a little while longer. Janet remained fearful that someone would find Sophie. Mirror Janet stated confidently that no one would ever find Sophie's body. "The only one that can blow it is you," she said.

In the alleyway, a homeless woman picked through the garbage in hopes of finding something she could use to stay warm. As she poked around, her face froze. She screamed in horror and ran away.

Mateo and Hayley returned to the Dillon home, stopping to sit outside on the porch and share one final goodbye. Trevor caught site of the pair and placed a call to Adrian to thank him for meddling in his niece's business. To Trevor's surprise, he found out that Adrian had not done anything to help Mateo and Hayley get back together. All smiles, Hayley breezed into the house. Amanda beamed broadly and told Hayley that the angel atop the tree must have granted her wish. Hayley waited until Amanda stepped out of the room before gently chiding her uncle about interfering. Trevor shrugged innocently and insisted that he had no part in the matter. Janet returned downstairs for the annual reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

"'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse," Janet read with a smile. Suddenly, back in the dark alley, Sophie's hand gripped the top of the dumpster."

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