12/01/1999 Palmer's Plan Backfires

"Pandemonium reigned at the Valley Inn as the shot rang out and everyone dived for cover. In the confusion, the shooter disguised as a waiter fled the room, but not before Jack and Edmund (after making sure Alex was OK) took off after him. A couple more gunshots resounded! Amid the chaos, Vanessa screamed, "He's been shot!" as Leo slumped to the ground. Everyone rushed to his side, including David and Alex, both anxiously checking his pulse and looking for the bullet wound. Not finding one, they concluded that he was probably under the influence of narcotics - a possible overdose, Alex speculated. But Vanessa maintained that was out of the question. "Vanessa," Leo mumbled.

As David and Alex examined Leo, there was suddenly a horrified scream from Opal: "Blood! He's been shot! Palmer!" She was the only one to notice Palmer lying on the floor, eyes closed. Alex told Tad to keep Leo walking, then joined David in rushing over to where Palmer lay, blood pouring from the right side of his chest. A terrified and concerned Opal leaned over Palmer, trying to reassure the unconscious man that he would be all right. Then Vanessa pushed her away, and showed her own concern over her husband. "Everything's going to be all right," she promised him. "It's not so bad, it's not so bad." But turning to David, she exclaimed, "So much blood!" Palmer stirred and murmured, "Vanessa! Your son? I didn't know," before passing out again. "You're not the only one," David murmured bitterly.

In the crowd, Erica belligerently demanded of Brooke, "Where's Jack?" When Brooke replied that Jack and Edmund had chased after the gunman, Erica, never missing a chance to blast Brooke, blamed her for not stopping Jack!

The EMTs and police arrived, and Palmer was placed on a gurney ready for transportation to the hospital. Vanessa and Erica pleaded with David to go with him and take care of Palmer. David agreed, "I'll go - for Erica!" Derek questioned the bystanders about the gunman, and about Leo and his condition. Vanessa denied that her son was ever on drugs. Tad told Derek that he had been put into the second ambulance. Brooke, Phoebe and Erica wondered what had happened to Jack and Edmund after they pursued the gunman -and when more shots had been heard. "Edmund!" whispered Alex in alarm. At that moment, the two heroes return - Jack with a slight gunshot to his hand and Edmund with a graze on his face. Alex updated them on Palmer's situation. Derek questioned them, but Edmund told him that there was a car waiting and he could describe the make and model, but that it had no license plates. As Alex treated Jack's hand, "Faster than a speeding bullet, I'm impressed," quipped Tad. But no one laughed at the tasteless remark. Brooke chided Edmund for being so reckless. Millicent suggested to Phoebe that they've had enough excitement, and Millicent's driver would take Phoebe home, while Brooke and Jack, along with Edmund and Alex, shared a nightcap before they left. Jack teased Brooke about her fictitious "date," and Alex jokingly asked Edmund if all his dates were this exciting! Dixie was concerned about Palmer, and Tad suggested they go to the hospital. Scott offered to drive Becca home. He praised her for her bravery, and the fact that her intervention with Leo probably saved Palmer's life by distracting the gunman. Becca answered his question about how she could carry a complete stranger all that way by relating a story of how she had once had to carry her brother home after he had accidentally shot himself. He invited her to join him and Stuart in getting their Christmas tree the next day, but Becca refused, but agreed that Scott could call her.

Opal went upstairs to the room where Becca had left Petey, apparently fast asleep on the bed. She lay beside him for a moment, replaying in her mind the drama that had unfolded downstairs earlier as she discovered Palmer's blood on her hands. Then she turned her attention to Petey. "Wake up, faker," she told him. When he opened his eyes, he noticed the blood on her. She then broke it to him that his daddy was hurt and had been taken to the hospital. Although Petey wanted to go to the hospital, Opal said they should go home, and promised to call the hospital later.

Meanwhile, unaware of what she had missed at the party, Greenlee was laughing with Ryan as he carried across the threshold of their motel room. They exchanged teasing banter for a while, then things got more serious. But "no strings, just two people enjoying themselves," they agreed. Later, after they have made love, Ryan came back into the room with ginger ales, and was surprised to see Greenlee hugging her knees and crying. What was wrong? he asked. She reminded him of something he had said earlier, "That who I am is enough." And added that Scott had told her she had a large trust fund but no soul. "I'm empty. What if he's right?" she tearfully asked Ryan. As she talked her way through her self-analysis, she started to cheer up and Ryan offered to drive her home. "I'm happy here with you," she answered with a smile. "Me too," he smiled. "Even though I'm blubbering all over you?" she teased. They both laughed, and shared a gentle hug.

Hayley and Axel had been to an AA meeting and were chatting at BJ's about a fellow member who had fallen off the wagon. Suddenly, they heard a lot of joking and laughter as Mateo came in with Adrian and Tina. . Axel asked her what she was seeing, and she replied, "I'm watching someone I love laughing for the first time in a long time." Tina goaded Mateo into doing his Ricky Martin impersonation, not unnoticed by Hayley. She told Axel that Mateo can imitate almost anyone, including Adam. Mateo told Adrian and Tina he'd like to get some stand-up acts for SOS and he went to call George Lopez, in hopes of getting him to appear. While Mateo made his phone call, Adrian asked Tina why she hadn't said anything to Mateo about noticing Hayley across the room. "All blondes tend to look the same to me," Tina said with a shrug. Mateo returned and said he'd left a message.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Palmer was prepared for surgery. He stirred and insisted to David, "Vanessa, I must see Vanessa!" He refused to go into surgery until he saw her. David brought her in as Erica waited in the hallway. Vanessa gently stroked Palmer's face. He opened his eyes, "I have to say that ... forgive me!" Vanessa was puzzled. "Whatever for? she asked. David interrupted, saying, "Time's up." Vanessa kissed Palmer and left. He closed his eyes, and lay ready, ready for surgery."

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