10/11/1999 David Puts Erica Under Quarantine

""Junior wouldn't run away from us," Dixie gasped in disbelief. Tad nodded in agreement. "He's not," he replied. "He's running from Adam." Dixie headed to her son's room to check for signs that he might still be around. Tad, meanwhile, phoned Chandler Industries to see if Adam was still in his office. Dixie returned carrying some of the Winchester Prep items that Adam had given to his son. Jersey in hand, Dixie determined that it was "obvious [that] Adam has been trying to ship [Junior] off to a private boarding school" without telling them.

Liza began telling Adam about her idea for a new style segment at WRCW. When she asked her husband if he could venture a guest about the leading host candidate, Adam simply mumbled. It was apparent that he wasn't listening to a word she'd been saying. Liza scolded him for ignoring her. Adam sat down on the sofa next to his wife and explained that there was a reason why he'd been drifting off. His work schedule less busy than usual, Adam stated that he had room for a spontaneous family getaway. Adam brought up the idea of flying to New England with Liza, Colby, and Junior. Liza liked the idea, but questioned Adam's claim that the trip was spontaneous. "Adam doesn't do impromptu," she mused. "He does premeditated." Liza warned Adam that he would have to get Tad and Dixie's permission to take the trip. Adam brushed off her warning. He reminded her that he, not Tad, was the boy's father. Alone in the house, Adam decided that this was the perfect time for a little romance. As he leaned over to kiss Liza, the front door suddenly swung open. Tad stormed into the house and grabbed Adam by the lapels. "What the hell did you do to him?" he yelled. Adam's eyebrows rose and he informed Tad that he had no idea what he was talking about. Tad tossed the Winchester Prep jersey at the millionaire and ordered him to stop playing games. "He's run away," Tad announced. Tad told Liza that Adam had made secret arrangements to ship Junior off to an exclusive boarding school. Adam eventually would admit that he'd been speaking to the enrollment officer at Winchester Prep. However, he insisted that the opportunity to attend the school was something that Junior would relish for the rest of his life. Tad blasted the decision as one that would alienate Junior from his family and friends. Moreover, it would turn the boy into the one thing that he feared the most---Adam. Adam was furious at the implication that his son feared him. "I'm twice the father you'll ever be," Tad fumed. Dixie arrived at the mansion with news that a search of Brooke's house had turned up nothing---no one had been home. She unleashed her fury at Adam, accusing him of reverting to same dirty tricks he'd pulled off in the past. Liza looked on from the background, tears streaming down her face. She made no effort to stick up for the man she loves. Adam wanted to phone his "men" and ask them to look for Adam. Tad plucked Adam's wireless phone away from him and told him not to do anything. If Junior were to find out that his father was looking for him, he'd only keep running. Tad and Dixie headed off to find Junior. Adam raised his arms and told Liza how unfair it was for Tad and Dixie to accuse him of running Junior off. To his surprise, Liza was in full agreement with them. She knew that the "impromptu" trip to New England was hardly spontaneous; Adam was going to drop Junior off at boarding school without telling anyone. "Who the hell do you think you are?" she snarled.

"I'm rather shaken by this," Alexandra said, her voice shaking. "Dimitri did love his surprises," Jack replied. Before he could read the codicil, Clive was called away to tend to some other matters. Jack, however, was given permission to review the terms of the will's addendum. Alexandra surmised that Dimitri "must have been delirious" when he changed his Jack. Jack shook his head. Dr. Silbert, he said, had evaluated Dimitri and served as a witness to the codicil. "It's a little different when you're the one left guessing," Edmund smirked. Alexandra was irked by Edmund's smugness. Jack explained that most of Marick Industries had been sold off. The profits were set up into a trust fund to help fund research for incurable diseases. Alex was elated. She failed to see how this news could possibly upset her. Jack explained that Alex might object to Dimitri's choice to head the organization. "Oh, Edmund," she grumbled. "No.. you," Jack responded. Dimitri had made a provision that Edmund and Jack serve as trustees on the board, but Alex would be responsible for doing research and funding various organizations that helped develop treatment for rare, incurable diseases. The research would be centered at Pine Valley Hospital. Alex's eyes bulged. She knew that the intent of the will was to keep her planted in Pine Valley. Alex expressed her concern about return to The States, but Edmund reminded her that she had to honor Dimitri's dying wish. "This is vintage Dimitri," he grinned. "Still calling the shots from beyond the grave." Clive returned and told Alex that he was sorry for the surprise addendum. Before heading off to round up some of Dimitri's belongings, Alex asked Jack to help her find a way out of the addendum.

In Dimitri's room, Alex reflected on the last time that she and Dimitri made love. When Edmund arrived, she told him that she would honor Dimitri's request---at least until Jack could find someone else to head up the organization. She said that she would stay at The Valley Inn. Edmund told her that that decision was unacceptable because Eugenia and Gillian would feel like she was trying to distance herself from them. Alex quickly noted that Eugenia and Gillian were not the ones she wanted to stay away from. Edmund told Alex that as Dimitri's widow, she had to stay at Wildwind or at least the hunting lodge. He promised that he would stay out of her way. Alex was beginning to suffer the affects of jetlag. Edmund offered to let Alex fly back to Pine Valley aboard Dimitri's jet. "I will never set foot on the jet again," she sniffled. Edmund closed his eyes, realizing the unintentional insensitivity he'd just displayed.

Thinking that room service was dropping off some fresh linens, when a knock sounded on her door Erica called out that the door was unlocked. David smiled happily and let himself into the room. Erica wandered out of the bathroom and groaned upon seeing the doctor. David claimed that he was in town on business, but Erica knew better. She asked David if he'd stopped by to issue an apology. David shook his head and said that he'd do no such thing---unless Erica apologize for leaving town and not telling him. Erica also refused to bend, blasting David for not telling her that Dimitri had still been alive. David reminded her that only immediate family members were allowed into his room. Contrary to Erica's objections, "ex-wives are not immediate family." Erica smiled evilly and informed David that she had to get ready for a night at the opera with a man named Alberto. Erica stormed into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. David, meanwhile, wasn't about to give up. He picked up the phone and placed a call to Donald Steele, of all people. Donald, the writer who Vanessa had hired to write a hatchet job about Erica, had just recently been released from a sanitarium. David promised Donald the opportunity of a lifetime if he would help him out. David then unplugged the phone from the wall and carried it into the hallway with him. There, he met with a skittish Donald. Initially the actual plot was very sketchy. When Donald learned that the scheme was directed at Erica, he refused to take part. David then turned to the one sure way that he knew he could get Donald to go along with him---flattery. He praised his death act when he believed that he'd eaten poisoned pate. Donald, who said that a psychologist had diagnosed him with "unresolved issues" concerning his mother, reluctantly agreed to take part. The second phase of plan required a great deal of creativity. Donald hid while David met with the hotel manager. Wearing a surgical mask, David claimed that a rare disease had surfaced on the floor. Everyone, he said, would have to be relocated---except for the room behind him. That, of course, was Erica's room. To bolster his claims, Donald, wearing a gas mask, emerged from hiding and said that an outbreak could be a serious health hazard, one that could jeopardize the hotel's good name. Just to spice things up a bit, Donald mentioned that the manager looked like he was suffering from the early stages of the "galloping gabloots." Had he been a television fan, the manager would have realized that the disease mentioned was a fictional one made up by Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy. David returned to Erica's room and waited for her to exit the bathroom. When she did, David told her that she would not be attending the opera. Erica raced away from David, but when she entered the hallway she stopped dead in her tracks. The entire floor had been cordoned off with yellow police tape. An added touch was the "quarantined" sign on her door. Erica vowed that David would not keep her down and she raced back into her room. David followed behind. As he closed the door behind him, he carefully hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob."

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