08/31/1999 Edmund Takes A Sample

"Erica woke up in David's hotel room and he wanted her to stay, but she had a breakfast meeting to go to downstairs in the dining room. David mused that Erica's need to eat was brought on by "the hypoglycemic effects of sex." They once again discussed keeping their relationship private. Erica heads downstairs to meet Opal, pretending that she drove there and arrived late because of traffic. David enters the dining room and takes a seat by himself, exchanging glances with Erica. Opal makes it clear that she doesn't care much for David and Erica keeps her feelings on the matter to herself. The Glamorama is going global, Opal informs Erica. Adrian is helping Opal set up a web site and Opal wants to promote Enchantment cosmetics on the site. Their conversation is interrupted when a busboy enters the dining room, calling out to locate "Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt." Opal doesn't respond and Erica can't understand why. She stands up and gets the busboy's attention, just as the new Mrs. Cortlandt, Vanessa, arrives to receive the message from Palmer.

Erica and David are equally stunned to learn that Palmer and Vanessa are now man and wife. David approached the table and asked to speak to his mother in private. Vanessa cast an icy glance at him and scolded him for not saying hello to his new "Step Pa-Pa." Palmer smiled slightly and told David that he looks forward to getting to know him better. In response, David remarked that he'd better hurry up and do it because "the shelf life for mother's husbands depends on how long it takes her to suck them dry." David pulls his mother aside for a private talk and warns her that he still has the tape of Donald Steele confessing to their scam. He doesn't plan to use it right now, though. He's going to sit back and see what happens, he doesn't expect this marriage to last much longer than any of her others. "One day Palmer will wake up and divorce you so fast your head will spin," he warns her. Across the room, Erica is talking to Palmer and trying to find out why on earth her would do this to Opal and marry someone as horrible as Vanessa. He did it for the companionship, he tells her. Erica informs Palmer that as long as he's married to Vanessa, neither of them are welcome in her home. Vanessa returned and caught the tale end of the conversation. "If I'm not welcome in your home," Vanessa said softly. "Then Palmer and I will build our own home!" Erica goes back to comfort Opal, who's trying to deal with the situation as best she can and not let Palmer get her down.

At the TV station, Greenlee is trying to play on Scott's sympathy, claiming that she hurt her ankle when they were playing tennis and asking him to drive her home. Becca happens to see this and remembers Myrtle's advice that she shouldn't give up on Scott and let Greenlee snare him. She walks up and reminds Scott that they're about to screen some tapes so he can't take Greenlee home. Greenlee tries to stall by knocking over a stack of tapes, but Becca jumps in to pick them up and sends Scott to the screening room to get things ready to get him away from Greenlee. Later, Scott returns to tell Becca things are all set and they head to the screening room. Greenlee tries to follow them, but Liza, clued in to Greenlee's interest in Scott by Greenlee's grandmother, stops her and sends her on an errand to bring some papers to Brooke at Tempo. Liza sees a lot of her old self in Greenlee and wants to keep history from repeating itself. After they finishing screening the tapes, Scott and Becca kiss and Greenlee walks in and sees them.

Edmund went down to the gatehouse to talk to Alex, who was still in her nightgown when he arrived. He suggested they go for a walk and get to know each other better, but when Alex went into the other room to change, he began snooping around, searching for the vial he had seen in her hand. Alex comes back into the room and the two sit down to talk instead. Edmund gets Alex to talk a bit about her past and why she became a doctor. Her father was an artist, she begins, but he had a seizure disorder and the attacks caused him such embarrassment that he and his wife and Alex lived out in the country, far away from any neighbors. Alex's mother worked to support the family, so growing up Alex spent most of her time with her father and they became very close. After she left home to go away to school, he suddenly died and she was devastated by the loss. At this point she gets so upset that she has to leave the room and as soon as she does, Edmund starts snooping again and this time finds her medical bag. He pours a little of the liquid from the vial into a container he brought with him and puts the vial away. Alex returns and apologizes and Edmund suddenly makes an excuse that he has work to do and has to go. He brings the vial to the Valley Inn where he finds David and asks him to analyze the contents to prove that Alex killed Dimitri. Back at the hunting lodge, Alex takes out the vial and realizes that some of the liquid is missing. She puts the vial in her purse and heads out the door."

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