08/16/1999 Dixie Goes To The Hospital

"After looking around the club---perhaps to see if there were any hidden cameras---Hayley slowly approached Mateo. "You're back," she said in a voice that mixed surprise and confusion. Mateo nodded his head. He puckered his lips slightly and asked Hayley what brought her by the club. Hayley walked back and forth for a bit before explaining that the air conditioner had broken. To fix it, she said that she "kicked it in the compressor." Mateo was impressed and flashed a contented glance. When asked about his trip, Mateo said that he'd had a fairly good time. A brief pause later, he confessed that he'd thought about calling Hayley several times. Hayley's eyes slowly widened. She was stunned speechless. "I really need to talk to you," said Mateo. "And it may take a while---maybe all night." They adjourned to an out-of-the-way table. Hayley broke through the idle chit-chit by expressing her desire to put an end to their arguing. Mateo concurred and said that nothing would make him happier. Just as the pair seemed on the verge of making amends, disaster struck. Ryan's voice sounded over the murmur of the crowd. As he wiped grease from his hands with a towel, Mateo knew that Ryan had been there to fix the broken air conditioning unit. Mateo flew off the handle, blasting Ryan for moving in on Hayley while he was out of town. Hayley jumped to her feet and defended her friend. She said that Ryan's fix-it routine had saved Mateo a heap of money. Mateo reached for his wallet and plopped a wad of cash on the table. He thanked Ryan for his services and told him that he was free to help himself to Hayley. Hayley pleaded with Mateo for a chance to explain everything. "Go to hell," Mateo snapped. Raquel raced over to the table and warned Mateo that his outbursts were not good for business. She smiled tenderly and asked Mateo to join her on the dance floor. Mateo eagerly accepted the invitation. As Hayley looked on, Mateo and Raquel danced---very, very closely. Hayley bowed her head, but she was unable to prevent herself from watching their display. Gillian and Ryan wandered over a few seconds later with the hopes of getting Hayley to go back to Wildwind for a change of scenery. Gillian apologized profusely for having invited Raquel to the club. Hayley assured Gillian that she hadn't done anything wrong. After all, she had no way of knowing that she'd show up at the club on the same night. After the trio filed out of the club, Mateo abruptly pulled away from Raquel. He told Raquel that he was tired, but said that she was free to stay as long as she wanted. Raquel shrugged and said that she couldn't because she didn't have a ride home. Mateo sighed and offered to take Raquel home.

Several lit white candles adorned a table of hors d'oeuvres and sparkling cider at Erica's home. When the doorbell rang, Erica carefully adjusted her tight-fitting black dress before scurrying to the door. On the other side, Myrtle smiled broadly. She invited herself into the house, ignoring Erica's announcement that she was too busy packing for her trip with Bianca to have company. Myrtle knew that Erica would be headed out of town soon, so she wanted to give Erica a present for Bianca---a bag full of hair clips and other goodies. "That's a very fancy outfit for a night at home," Myrtle remarked after eyeing up Erica's dress. For just a moment, Erica looked panicked. She forced a laugh and explained that she was simply trying on the dress. Myrtle wandered around the room and made note of the burning candles and crystal goblets. Erica claimed that she was expecting a business associate. Myrtle was far too wise to be taken in by a lie. She knew that Erica's "business" had something to do with David Hayward. Erica tried to laugh off Myrtle's comment, but Myrtle told Erica that she knew all about her lakeside lip-lock with the doctor. "He was not checking your heart," Myrtle grumbled. "You do go on," Erica squeaked. "You act as if I'm sixteen and never been kissed." Fighting a laugh of her own, Myrtle simply replied, " Hardly." Myrtle again apologized for dropping by unannounced and said that she'd be on her way---just as soon as Erica phoned David and canceled their plans. Erica shook her head and told her friend that she'd do no such thing. "In that case, tell Coral that there'll be three for dinner," Myrtle responded. Erica didn't understand why Myrtle would subject herself to dinner with a person she detested. After Myrtle admitted that she doesn't like David, Erica stunned Myrtle by stating that she wasn't sure if she liked David herself. Initially, Myrtle thought that Erica was trying to lie her way out of the situation. Erica went on to say that David is "egotistical, power-hungry, and [that he] can be a first class son of a." Myrtle interrupted and finished Erica's statement. "He's the son of Vanessa Bennett---evil fruit from an evil tree." If Erica was trying to hide her affection for David, she blew her cover by scolding Myrtle for talking so coldly about the doctor. Erica said that David was no more like his mother than she was like Mona. "Do you love him?" asked Myrtle out of the blue. Erica shook her head and said that there as no way that she loved David. She asked Myrtle why she was "making such a production" out of one kiss. "You have married a man for less," Myrtle replied brusquely. The mere mention of marriage sent Erica into a frenzy. "That's what you do when you're bored," added Myrtle. Erica drifted off momentarily to recall her romantic encounter at The Sleepy Hollow Inn. Myrtle demanded to know where Erica's mind had gone, but Erica did not respond. Myrtle warned Erica that it was still possible to get her heart broken---even if she wasn't in love with a man. Erica asked Myrtle if she would give David her blessing if, somehow, David turned out to be the right man for her. Myrtle didn't give the relationship the green light. Instead, she said that David would "have hell to pay" if he hurt Erica. Erica asked Myrtle to keep her relationship with David a secret. Myrtle replied that Erica should be more careful about her public displays of affection if she'd trying to keep a relationship a secret. After Myrtle left, Erica walked slowly around the parlor. The day was drawing to a close and there was still no sign of David. "Something Dr. Hayward needs to learn [is that] Erica Kane does not like to be kept waiting."

At Wildwind, Gillian asked Hayley how her civil conversation with Mateo had gone sour so quickly. Hayley explained that Mateo caught sight of Ryan and blew a gasket. Gillian showed concern when she learned that Hayley had dropped by Ryan's loft after her AA meeting. Ryan left the room after hearing Eugenia ring a bell to signal that she needed help. That left Gillian and Hayley to engage in a tenuous exchange. Gillian asked Hayley if she wanted to get back together with Mateo. Hayley shrugged unenthusiastically and said that she wasn't sure what she wanted. Gillian shifted nervously as she warned Hayley that she'd better decide soon before Raquel stole him away. Hayley's neck snapped back. She asked Gillian if Raquel had said something to her at the club. "Not in so many words," answered Gillian. Hayley took a deep breath and said that she was going to turn in for the night. She walked slowly up the steps as Ryan returned to the room. Gillian looked at Ryan and told him that they needed to work together to get Hayley and Mateo back together.

Inside Raquel's condo, Raquel groused that she hates the way Hayley is treating Mateo. Mateo ignored the remark, instead he offered to help Raquel pack for her trip back to Texas. Raquel declined the request because she didn't really have that much to pack. Mateo clutched his back and sat down in a chair. He grumbled that the airplane ride back to town had done a number on his back. Raquel walked slowly towards him and offered him a back rub. Mateo accepted and moaned slightly as Raquel's magic fingers worked his tense muscles. Mateo turned around and thanked Raquel for the massage. Rather than offering a simple "you're welcome," Raquel responded with a kiss. Mateo surrendered to the moment and kissed Raquel back. As the heat rose, Mateo suddenly pulled away and told Raquel that he couldn't continue. "Why? We can finally be together!" Raquel chirped. Mateo shook his head and explained that he doesn't want that. Raquel was confused. She reminded Mateo of their hot and steamy dance session at SOS. "I did that to hurt Hayley," he explained. Raquel was devastated. "You still love her after everything she's put you through?" Raquel squawked. Mateo nodded and said that he thought Raquel understood. I need you to go," Raquel said coldly. "GO!" Mateo lowered his head and slowly walked out of the condo. AS the door closed behind him, Raquel picked up one of Max's toy trucks and hurled it at the door.

At Pine Valley Hospital, David was both amused and perturbed that his most recent patient was suffering from acute gas pains rather than a heart attack. As he was signing out for the evening, Becca escorted Dixie into the emergency room. David raced to Dixie's side and asked her if she was okay. Unable to speak because of the pain, Dixie had to allow Becca to explain what was going on. David ordered a passing nurse to get a wheelchair. Dixie was wheeled into an examining room and Becca raced to the phone to call Tad. Tad was live on the air, so she had to leave a message for him. Scott entered a few seconds later and had one of the nurses put through a page to Joe. Becca broke down in tears. She told Scott that her mother was a midwife, so she knew that bleeding this early in the pregnancy was not a good sign. Inside the examining room, David informed the attending nurse that Dixie was going into premature labor. Dr. Clader was out of town on vacation, so his associate was going to be tending to Dixie. Dixie initially refused to have drugs administered, but David explained that they were necessary to stop her cramping and bleeding. Even before she was given the drugs, Dixie became very delusional. "I can't wait to see her," she gushed. Ultrasound equipment was brought into the room. Dixie fidgeted around as she tried to move herself into a better position to see the images. David continued to examine the unborn child as Ruth entered the room. Initially she had no idea why David had summoned Joe. Upon seeing Dixie, Ruth knew that something wasn't right. For the first time, Dixie learned that an obstetrician had been called in to consult. "I don't want another doctor," she complained. "I want you. You're the only one that can make it alright." Ruth looked to David and upon seeing his grim expression knew that her worst fears had come true. Ruth rushed to Dixie's side and gave her an embrace. Outside, Tad arrived at the hospital. Becca was filling him in on what had happened when a loud scream sounded out in the examining room. Tad raced inside and remanded to know what was going on. He feared that Dixie's heart had given out on her. "The baby didn't make it," Ruth said softly. "Dixie miscarried." With tears in her eyes, Dixie looked to Tad and apologized for letting him down. David and Ruth moved to the corner of the room to discuss the medical aspects behind what had happened. "The fetus is no longer viable," David informed Ruth. The fetus and placenta, however, were both still inside Dixie's uterus. A procedure would have to be performed to prevent infection and hemorrhaging. David approached Dixie and told her about the procedure, but Dixie refused. "She's my daughter and I will not let you kill her!" she screamed. Tad asked to have a few moments alone with his wife. He told Dixie that he was relieved that she was okay. Dixie refused to believe that Dr. Hayward was right about the loss of her child. Tad took her hand and looked her in the eye. "I'm sorry... the baby's gone. We lost our daughter," Tad said sadly. "She needs me," Dixie sobbed. She became noticeably quiet. "This isn't my fault, is it?" she asked tearfully. "No-no," Tad responded. "You did everything perfectly." He told her that she was trying to save a life that could not be saved. Tad filed out of the room. He had not been able to convince Dixie to consent to the procedure. David decided that he would have a better chance of getting through to Dixie. He returned to the room and asked Dixie if she wanted to see her baby on the ultrasound. Dixie nodded and blissfully recalled when she first saw Junior. "He was sucking his thumb," she gushed. Dixie's eyes welled with tears when the sight of her daughter came on the monitor. David magnified the picture to show a close-up of the baby's heart. Where a rapid pulsing should have been there was silence and there was no motion. Only then did Dixie realize that her baby was dead. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She pursed her lips tightly to prevent her sobbing from escaping. Dixie finally agreed to undergo the operation to remove the fetus. Tad thanked David for being there for Dixie, but David refused to accept the thanks. "Don't thank me," he replied. "I really wanted this baby for Dixie." Dixie was wheeled off to the operation room and Scott, Tad, and Becca followed closely behind. A little while later, Erica entered the emergency room and asked for a notepad so that she could leave a message for David. As she was scrawling a note, David exited the examining room. The pair walked towards each other and embraced."

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