08/23/1999 Tad Blames David For Dixie's Miscarriage

""As you can see, I let myself in," Edmund said nonchalantly. Alexandra sighed slightly and muttered that the lodge was his property so he could come and go as he pleased. Not wanting to come off too assuming, Edmund mused that he had knocked before he'd entered. By now Alexandra knew that she'd need to explain why she'd taken Maria's medical book. Edmund continued paging through the book and told Alexandra that he did not take her for a reckless woman, the type of woman who would tear a tag off of a mattress or leave before the end of a movie---or tear the page out of a book. Alex's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She suggested that Maria might have torn out the page rather than carrying the "cumbersome" book around with her. Perhaps, she added, one of the kids had ripped out the page. Kids, she said with a smiled, are notoriously hard on books. Alex turned her back to Edmund, her eyes shifting back and forth nervously. Edmund told Alex that his wife had "treasured her books to much to damage them." So, he said, it must have been one of the kids. Alex turned around abruptly and told Edmund that he should not punish them because they don't know any better. Alex told Edmund that if he was looking for something to explain Dimitri's death---something to make it "more real"---this book did not have the answers. She suggested that Edmund talk to Dr. Silbert at Seaview. Alex explained that the doctor had stepped aside with her and helped her understand what had happened to Dimitri in layman's terms. Edmund nodded and said that he might take Alex up on the offer. After Edmund left, Alex raced to the phone and called Dr. Silbert to give him a "heads up" about Edmund's possible call. She then told the doctor that she had a book to check out at Pine Valley's research library.

Scott dropped by Tad and Dixie's house to discuss the future of his documentary with Becca. Becca greeted Scott with a hug, one of comfort not romance. Becca asked Scott for some help in putting away the video equipment. He looked at Becca and told her that he wanted to have the cameras rolling when Dixie returned home. Becca questioned Scott's decision to tape Dixie in her time of grief. "This is not a happy ending," Becca said softly. Scott agreed. This wasn't a happy ending or an ending at all. Scott said that Dixie and Tad's hardship might serve to inspire others. He said that he was sure that there would be a happy ending. Becca remained unsure about shoving cameras into Tad and Dixie's faces. She did, however, cede that this was Scott's film. Without agreeing one way or the other, Becca asked Scott to get Tad and Dixie's permission before filming them.

At the health club, Jake worked out on one of the machines unaware that he was being eyed. From across the club, Greenlee ogled Jake as well as several other gentlemen passersby. "Well, Dr. Martin. Who knew your white coat concealed chiseled biceps?" Greenlee purred upon approaching Jake. Jake didn't even turn in the woman's direction. Instead, he simply asked if they had met somewhere. Greenlee smiled slightly and told Jake that he had stitched up a gash on her leg a little while back. Jake didn't remember Greenlee, but he was intrigued by her unusual name. "It goes great with dinner and a bottle of wine," she replied sexily. Jake was somewhat intimidated by Greenlee's forwardness and said that dinner would be something to look forward to one day. "My work here is done," Greenlee chirped. She said nothing more as she turned and walked away. Elsewhere in the club, Adrian and Belinda worked out together. Fresh from their vacation to space camp, both remained in another orbit. Jake passed by as the couple was sharing a kiss and jokingly slapped Adrian with his towel. After an exchange of niceties, Jake broke the news that Dixie had suffered a miscarriage. Adrian and Belinda were both saddened. Adrian told Jake that he wanted to go and talk to them. "I lost a nephew or a niece," he said softly. Jake shook his head and said that it might not be the best time. Tad and Dixie, he explained, needed some time alone to deal with their loss. Adrian nodded understandingly. He lowered his head ever so slightly and mentioned that he hopes that he will have a little one---especially a girl---to dote over. Belinda was mesmerized by her lover's words and for just a moment seemed to contemplate all of the possibilities. Jake headed on his way allowing Belinda to ask Adrian about his soft spot for children. "You are a remarkable man," she smiled. Adrian chuckled to himself and teased Belinda about just noticing that. Belinda shrugged off Adrian's inflated ego and simply noted that Adrian was "full of surprises."

In his office at Pine Valley Hospital, David received a phone call from Erica. David told Erica that his "bed is definitely way too big" without her.

"I'm such a jerk," Tad lamented. Dixie began to weep openly. She pleaded with Tad not to be so hard on himself. "Please forgive me," she sniffled. Tad looked curiously at Dixie and asked her why he should forgive her. "I thought you didn't love the baby. But you do!" Dixie sobbed. "Of course I did," Tad replied. He told Dixie that he was so fearful that he might lose her and the baby that his behavior became somewhat irrational. "Naming something makes it yours," Dixie said. She was truly touched that Tad loved her baby enough to give it a name. And the name he'd chosen couldn't have had more meaning. They embraced, both fighting back tears. Dixie sighed heavily and said that she's been told that everything happens for a reason. If that was true, Dixie wanted to know what she had done to cause her baby to die. Again Tad assured her that she'd done nothing wrong. It was hard for Dixie to accept that the death might have been caused by something beyond her control. She said that she'd heard a news story about a woman who had burned her child's legs with a cigarette repeatedly. What type of woman does that, she asked. The implication was that "monsters" should not be allowed to have children. Tad interjected that if that was the way things should be, Ray Gardner should not have been allowed to father children. Dr. Clader entered the room and asked Dixie why she hadn't gone home yet. Dixie asked the doctor if he had time to answer a few questions. He nodded and sat down beside Dixie. Tad told his wife that he was going to step out in the hall for a while.

In the hallway, David approached Tad and asked him how Dixie was doing. Tad turned to face the doctor and vented his rage. "You should've seen this coming," Tad snarled. He accused David of "negligence" for having missed the warning signs that Dixie might lose the baby. David assured Tad that Dixie was fine when he checked her. Joe wandered over and asked if something was wrong. David said that Tad had "legitimate concerns" about Dixie's care. David told Joe that he had done a routine check of Dixie's vitals and found her to be in perfect condition. She'd shown no sign of problems, but he noted that it was not his place to do a pelvic exam. David said that before he could do a more thorough exam, Dixie had disappeared from his office to pick the boys up from camp.

Back inside, Dixie asked Dr. Clader why her baby died. It might not have sounded at all comforting, but the doctor informed Dixie that between ten and thirty percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. He said that it was a "natural" occurrence. Something about what happened just didn't seem natural to Dixie. Dr. Clader knew what Dixie's next question would be: Could she have another child. Dr. Clader assured Dixie that her health had not played a role in the miscarriage. As Tad returned to the room, Dixie asked the doctor how soon she and Tad could start trying to have a baby. Tad's face froze, but he said nothing. Dixie climbed into the wheelchair that Tad had brought and prepared to leave. Dr. Clader told Dixie that she should not be in a hurry to try again because her body needed time to heal.

Edmund waited in Joe's office with his copy of the neurology book. When Joe arrived, Edmund told Joe that in spite of everything he still had some questions about Dimitri's death. Joe nodded slightly and told Edmund that he would be glad to answer any questions that he might have. Edmund showed Joe the book and mentioned that he wanted to know what was on the missing page. Joe placed a call to the research library and asked if the hospital's copy of the book could be sent to his office. To Joe's surprise the book was not on the shelves. Edmund asked Joe if the book had been checked out. Joe shook his head and said that the book was just disappeared.

Alexandra moved through the hallways of the hospital with the book carefully hidden under her arm. Suddenly, David appeared before her and Alexandra froze in her tracks. "Well, well Dr. Devane. And what brings you to Pine Valley?""

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