08/10/1999 David & Erica Have Tea

"Peeking through the shrubs surrounding the boathouse, Becca determined that the coast was clear. There was no sign of David or Erica. As the pair emerged from the brush, Becca gushed over her close encounter with the "international mega-star." Scott coolly cocked his head to one side and bragged that this was not the first time he'd caught Erica in the act romance. Becca listened in awe as Scott described how he and Stuart had walked in on Erica and Mike Roy at their cabin. Again Becca was overwhelmed; Erica had been involved with a "real spy." Becca marveled at Erica's string of marriages in romances. In jest, she mused that she'd have to get started soon if she wanted to keep pace. "You'd better get started right away," Scott commented awkwardly. It wasn't exactly clear what he meant. Nevertheless, Becca became very uneasy and tried to change the subject back to their film work. She contended that her idea to have Erica appear in the documentary was a stroke of genius. Scott brushed off the idea claiming that he didn't want to "impose" on Erica. "Who's had more breakups than Erica Kane?" asked Becca. Even the mention of Erica as a "guest star" in the film was sure to push interest through the roof. Without warning, Scott lunged forward and planted a kiss on his partner. After several minutes he pulled away and apologized for his actions. After all, they were talking about work---and anything else was inappropriate. Scott tried to focus on the documentary, but this time Becca got sidetracked. She slowly leaned forward and kissed Scott. This time Becca broke the kiss. As she turned away, a look of total enamorment flashed on her face. Next came a surprising move on her part. She turned her back to Scott and slowly began removing her clothing. Scott looked on in surprise and asked Becca what she was doing. Nonchalantly, Becca announced that she was going to take a dip in the lake. Last one to the lake, she said, had to buy ice cream.

Pacing back and forth in her room at Wildwind, Gillian feared that her grandmother had lost her mind. "She's raving," Gillian squawked to Ryan. In her grief, Eugenia had become confused about who had died; She believed that Alexi, her deceased husband, had just passed on. Ryan tried to convince Gillian that her grandmother would be fine as soon as her nerves had settled. "If anything happens to Grandmama," Gillian said softly. "I'll be all alone in the world." Ryan kneeled before the princes and gently took her hand. The sentiment of the moment was lost as Gillian pulled away and walked across the room. The talked about the many memories their room held---both good and bad. She used the term "pillow fight" to describe the battles she and Ryan had had over how many pillows to use at night. Of course to Ryan the term had conjured up an entirely different image. Apparently, Gillian loves to have oodles of pillows in bed with her while Ryan prefers to sleep without any pillows. Edmund entered the room and informed Gillian that he'd just spoken to her grandmother's doctor. The doctor had assured him that it was quite common for patients of the duchess' age to suffer "mental confusion" in times of great stress. Edmund asked Gillian if she would stay at the house for a few days until Eugenia returned to normal. Gillian nodded her head and said that she couldn't imagine being anywhere else. After Edmund left, Ryan mentioned that Gillian would probably enjoy having more space while she stayed at Wildwind. He then commented that he might wish for more room himself now that he was getting a roommate. Gillian cast her eyes downward and said that it was really none of her business. Ryan must have realized that Gillian had inferred that he and Hayley were going to be roomies and quickly clarified that Scott was the one moving in.

Downstairs, Edmund looked over the photo gallery assembled in the parlor. As he did, Peggy wandered into the room and complained that the house seemed "so quiet... so empty." Peggy was about to adjourn to the chapel to say a rosary for their "new guardian angel." Before leaving, Edmund asked Peggy if she'd seen Maddie's baby picture. Peggy shook her head and offered to search for it, but Edmund was sure that it would turn up sooner or later.

Back upstairs, Edmund informed Gillian that Eugenia had once again become lucid, asking for her granddaughter to help her say a prayer for Dimitri. Gillian left the room and Ryan was about to head home. Edmund pulled him aside and asked to have a few words with him. He said that Gillian was in a very delicate state now that Dimitri had died. In fact, he was quite sure that the full impact of Dimitri's death had yet to hit her. During this time, Edmund requested that Ryan put aside his differences with Gillian. Ryan nodded understandingly and said that he would do whatever he could to help Gillian through her tough times. Gillian returned to the room and informed the men that Eugenia had fallen asleep. After Edmund left, Ryan asked Gillian if there was anything else he could do for her. Softly, Gillian asked Ryan if he could stay with her for a little while longer.

Almost as soon as Dixie walked through the door, she and Tad were both chattering about their need to say something important. They carried on for several seconds unaware that they were both talking at once. When they finally did quiet, they could not decide who would speak first. Dixie won the proverbial coin toss and admitted to Tad that she'd told the boys about her pregnancy. Tad nodded his head and said that he already knew. Dixie explained that Junior and Jamie had "tricked" her into telling them. Tad claimed that he was not upset about Dixie's decision to deliver the news. Dixie said that she and Tad were no match for the boys when they teamed up. She said that they'd be in even bigger trouble when it they had three kids roaming the house. Tad shrugged and said that it might not be so bad because little girls are different. Dixie was shocked to hear her husband speak openly about their unborn child. Tad said that their daughter would not look at him as "some sort of aging fossil" like the boys. Instead, she would think that he's the "most fascinating man to ever walk the earth." Dixie again was overcome by emotion. She asked Tad if he wanted to have the child no matter what the risks. Tad didn't answer immediately. "I don't want to lose you," he replied evasively. Dixie forced him into an answer and finally Tad sided with Dixie. "Yes, I want to have our baby," he said softly. He said that if the baby will be "happy, healthy, and strong" he can't see a reason why anyone would not want to welcome her into the world. His attitude changed abruptly as he suddenly asked Dixie about her appointment with David and whether he'd given her "any warnings." For a moment it appeared that his changed outlook was merely a guise for Dixie's benefit. Dixie shook her head and said that the doctor had given her heart a clean bill of health and, aside from the regular warnings, hadn't said anything out of the ordinary. She pulled a piece of paper from her purse and read off some of the items on her daily regimen. They included taking vitamins, drink lots of water, getting plenty of rest and exercise, and daily massages. Of course that last item wasn't really on the list, but Tad didn't seem at all opposed to the idea.

A man showed David to his room at The Sleepy Hollow Inn. After the man left, David called out to Erica and told her that she could come out of her hiding place. A little while later, Erica, her head wrapped in a scarf and her face covered with oversized sunglasses, crossed the threshold. David was mildly irritated by Erica's need to disguise herself. In his mind, Erica's was subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) saying that she was embarrassed to be seen with him. Erica swore that that was not the case. She said that she wanted to protect their privacy. What would the media do with reports and pictures of an afternoon rendezvous? David pointed to a tray that had been set up in the middle of the room and insisted that they had only dropped by the inn for some tea. "For tea," Erica repeated. Just inches away, though, neither could take their eyes off of a giant pink elephant---the bed. Erica wandered over to the window and peeked outside. She muttered that David's promise of a "spectacular view" had not been delivered. David then replied that the view he'd promised could not be seen outside of a window. Erica's head snapped back sharply as she remarked that David had and awfully "high opinion" of himself. David smiled slightly and explained that the view he was referring to was from a path just beyond the inn. Erica decided that it was time to partake in some tea, but peculiarly there were no chairs in the room. Erica cast her eyes back to the bed and said that she could possibly sit on the bed. David offered to phone the front desk and ask for some chairs, but Erica told him not to bother. David joined her on the edge of the bed. Before long, Erica admitted that she wasn't sure if she was more attracted to David's "colossal ego" or his "devastating eyelashes." David, in turn, couldn't identify just one or two things that attracted him to Erica. He said that Erica possessed "something so innately feminine," something that could "conquer any man sooner or later." Even the mighty Dr. Hayward had succumb to the allure. Erica confessed that she'd stopped fighting her attraction to David while she was in Brazil. "I realized I didn't need a mask anymore," she said. Erica accidentally spilled tea on David's upper thigh. She quickly reached for a towel and began blotting the mess. The stain remained and Erica determined that her effort was not working. "I wouldn't say that," said David sexily. He suggested that she use a little water. Suddenly, David spilled water on Erica's blouse. Erica shrieked in surprise and accused David of spilling the water on purpose. Accordingly, Erica tossed a glass of water back at him. Not that they were both partially soaked, David proclaimed that "everything wet has to come off." They fell into each other's arms and kissed. David delicately slid one of the straps of Erica's dress off of her shoulder. Erica pulled back slightly. "I've never done this before," she said candidly. "I'm a very moral person [who has] never made love with a man unless I loved him or convinced myself that I loved him." David cocked his head to one side and asked Erica why she could not convince herself that she loved him. "I have a hard time convincing myself that I like you," she replied with a laugh. Still, something in David brought out a side in her that she'd never before known. David also admitted that he was not in love with Erica either---but said that he's never felt so strongly about any woman before.

The show concluded with a musical montage set to the tune of Maxwell's Whenever Wherever Whatever.

Tad returned from the kitchen with a tray of four glasses of water. He placed them down in front of Dixie. With a stopwatch and whistle in hand, he set out to see how long it would take Dixie to down all of the water. She started chugging away, but when Tad blew the whistle she spit out water and she burst into laughter.

Ryan helped tuck Gillian into bed. With a smile on his face he piled up the pillows to make Gillian feel at home.

In their room at the inn, David and Erica cuddled under the sheets."

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