08/09/1999 David & Erica At The Boathouse

"The sun filtered through the blinds of the sunroom at Pine Valley Hospital. In the corner of the room, Dixie peered out the window with a long face. Opal wandered into the room between volunteering duties and immediately became concerned by Dixie's sad expression. Dixie assured Opal that she was doing fine. In fact, she said that her appointment with David showed that she was in tip-top shape. That still didn't explain why Dixie was so down in the mouth. "I wish Tad could feel the same way I do [about the baby]," Dixie said softly. Opal explained that Tad was concerned about Dixie's health. Dixie didn't dispute that fact, but she did, however, feel that Tad didn't have any emotional attachment to their child. According to Opal, Tad did care about the baby---but he was more afraid of losing the woman he loved. "He's thinking with his heart," Opal explained delicately. Unlike Dixie, Tad was unable to look at the bright side of things. Opal reminded Dixie that Tad had had a very difficult childhood; He was physically abused and them dumped in a park to fend for himself. That was a fact that was not lost on Dixie. She noted that Tad had found a loving family---or rather a loving family had found him. Again Opal nodded in agreement, but stated that a "terrified little boy" is still locked up inside of him. Opal's advice to her daughter-in-law was to give Tad some time to "come around." Dixie nodded confidently and announced that she would do just that. After an embrace, Dixie decided that she could head home and talk to Tad. On her way out, a chirpy Dixie bumped into Myrtle and complimented her on her earrings. Myrtle was surprised by the remark and smiled as she told Opal that Dixie was in a very good mood. "Let's just hope it lasts, Myrt," Opal said with a sigh.

At Tempo, Liza dropped by to work with Brooke on Dimitri's memorial. In doing so, she asked Brooke about the funeral and how Edmund was holding up. Brooke found a light moment, telling Liza that "Alexandra had to contend with Erica." The pair decided to pool their resources, but there was still some missing information in the biography. One item in particular that needed to be addressed was Alexandra's maiden name. Liza noted that she already had some of her staff workers tracking down the couple's bridal registry.Jack popped in through the back door and asked Brooke if she was ready for their lunch date. Brooke's eyes bulged slightly. She said that she had "spaced out" and forgotten all about their date. Realizing that Jack has seen Dimitri and Alex's marriage certificate, Brooke asked Jack if he recalled Alex's maiden name. Jack thought hard for several minutes before coming up with the answer: Devane. Since the marriage license was granted in England, Liza had a few leads for gathering information. Liza skipped out for a lunch date of her own with Colby. Meanwhile, Jack asked Brooke how she was holding up. Brooke ran her fingers through her head and said that she'd mistakenly assumed that working would take her mind off of her grief. Jack said that he could understand why Brooke was having such a hard time. Not only had Dimitri passed away, but it was also the second anniversary of the plane crash that claimed Maria's life. Brooke pressed her hands over her mouth. "Oh my God," she gasped. "How could I forget?" Brooke felt badly for not having said anything to Edmund about the anniversary. Jack told Brooke that she should not feel guilty, but Brooke still harbored a great feeling of responsibility for "allowing" Maria to die. "If it weren't for me, Maria would still be alive," Brooke yelled through her tears. Jack forced Brooke to face her feelings by asking her if she'd prefer to be in Maria's position and have her son grow up without her. It seemed cold and insensitive, but Jack wanted Brooke to let go of her feelings of culpability. He reminded Brooke that the last image Maria saw before she tumbled off of the cliff was of her daughter being carried to safety. If it were not for Brooke, Jack noted, Edmund would not have his daughter.

Back at home, Tad placed an urgent call to David's office. He was not pleased to learn that David was not in the office. To vent his frustration, Tad picked up a copy of a baby magazine and hurled it across the room. In doing so, he nearly threw it into his father. "What are you trying to do? Decapitate the old man?" Joe grumbled. Tad apologized for his outburst and was immediately forced to explain why he was so upset. The problem, explained Tad, was that Dixie had told the boys that she's pregnant. "And?" Joe asked curiously. Tad didn't see the need for explanation. In his mind, it was wrong for Dixie to have blabbed the news to the kids without him. Anything something else pops up, like a broken computer, Dixie tells the boys to wait until he gets home. Now the biggest announcement in recent memory was revealed without his presence. Joe explained that Tad had no way of knowing the circumstances behind Dixie's revelation. More than just the announcement, Tad was bothered that Dixie has been carrying on as if everything was perfectly normal. In actuality, things were about as far from normal as possible. Joe warned Tad that he would have to assume Dixie's positive outlook because the stress of arguing back and forth with Dixie was not going to help Dixie's tenuous physical condition. Tad bowed his head and told his father that David had accused him of trying to influence him into telling Dixie to terminate her pregnancy. Joe was stunned, but more notably he asked Tad if David was right. Tad seemed offended by the question. He described his desire to have a child with Dixie, but only under different circumstances. If that was the case, Joe urged his son to tell Dixie how he's really feeling. After Joe left, Tad once again phoned David's office. Shortly after he hung up the phone, Dixie returned home.

With a lunchtime feast prepared by The Serving Spoon in their picnic basket, David and Erica headed for the boathouse. Everything was going smoothly until David showed Erica one of the items he'd purchased for their meal---expensive imported caviar. It was the same brand that Dimitri had enjoyed prompting a flood of emotions for his former wife. "What can I do to help you erase the memories of this man?" David asked with a twinge of annoyance. Erica shook her head and told David that she did not want to ever forget the memories of her time with Dimitri. She followed that up by announcing that she'd had somewhat of an epiphany at Dimitri's memorial service. "My circle with Dimitri is complete," she said softly. David then realized that after deciding that she could move on, Erica had appeared on his doorstep. The doctor asked Erica how Bianca was dealing with Dimitri's death. Erica said that her daughter was doing remarkably well. As a gesture, Erica said that she wanted to ask Edmund if she could buy Maximillian for Bianca. David gently took Erica's hand and kissed it. In a matter of seconds, the pair was engaged in a passionate kiss. "Whoa! Oops!" Becca cried as she and Scott unwittingly encroached upon the pair. Erica and David quickly pulled away and rose to their feet. Becca apologized to Erica for interrupting. Scott, on the other hand, offered Erica his condolences on her loss. Erica was surprised and genuinely touched by Scott's remark. Erica introduced David and Scott, but David coldly remarked that they were already acquainted. After Scott and Becca filed off, Erica wondered if Becca would take the news of their kiss back to the Glamorama and Opal. David noticed that Erica was "rattled" and asked her if she wanted to go home. Erica shook her head and said that she wanted to stay with David. Once again the couple's lips found one another. David managed to pull away for a moment and asked Erica to allow him to take her somewhere a little more private.

Not knowing that she was being observed, Alexandra continued to sob as she poured herself a glass of water. Edmund slowly approached with a handkerchief outstretched. "You caught me," Alex said almost bashfully. Edmund apologized for intruding and offered to give Alex some space. The woman shook her head and reminded Edmund that Wildwind was his home, not hers. Edmund said that since Wildwind was Dimitri's house it was also Alexandra's home. Alex thanked Edmund for his kind offer, but said that it might be better for her to retire to the hunting lodge. Edmund offered to fly Alex's family to Pine Valley, but Alex said that that would not be possible; her father had passed away several years ago and her mother was unable to get away. Next Edmund offered to fly Alex back to London to be with her mother, but that elicited an even stranger response. "No, that's definitely out of the question," Alex replied curtly. For a moment Alex's face signaled that she might have said something that she shouldn't have. Perpetually upbeat, Alex said that she's looking forward to exploring Wildwind and getting a chance to meet Dimitri's horse, Maximillian. Edmund muttered that he was thinking of selling the house, but Alex said that Edmund could not do that. Edmund realized that technically the horse belonged to Alex now. But that wasn't the reason for Alex's opposition. She said that she wanted to get a chance to know the horse. Edmund felt a bit uneasy because Alex knew so much about his life and he knew so little about hers. He asked her how she and Dimitri had met, a question that Alex desperately tried to dodge. She said that a mutual friend had introduced them. Edmund commented that his brother was not the blind date type of guy and asked which of Dimitri's friends had paired them together. "Sean," Alex replied huffily. She followed that up by saying that Edmund most likely did not know him. Alex flashed back to her first date with Dimitri. She was definitely not big on the idea of a blind date, but the occasion seemed more awkward than a typical date. Dimitri had remarked that he knew that Alex would never have agreed to the date if she knew the real reason she had been asked out. Back in the present, Alex laughed as she said that she'd expected "a loud, obnoxious, hard drinking, American cowboy" and was pleasantly surprised to see a "dashing Hungarian count." Edmund's questions continued leading Alex to remark that Edmund had found the right career in journalism. Suddenly, Alexandra recalled the parcel that she'd brought to the house. She carefully picked it off of the table and handed it to Edmund. The package, she said, was from Dimitri. He had given her explicit instructions to give it to Edmund today. Edmund somehow failed to examine what she'd said. Indirectly, Alex had hinted that Dimitri knew that he would not be alive to see the day. "It's been two years since the plane crash, hasn't it?" Alex asked. Inside the plainly wrapped parcel was a beautifully carved hanging of was appeared to be the Pieta. Edmund was awed by the beauty of the piece, saying that it looked just like Maria and Maddie. As Edmund tried to figure out where he'd hang the artwork, Alex looked over some of the pictures assembled in the corner of the room. She picked up one of the pictures and carried it over to Edmund. Alex asked Edmund to identify the person in the picture. Almost on cue, the photo's subject, Maddie, wandered into the room. Edmund gave Alex the answer to her question and then turned his attention to his daughter. As Edmund played joyfully with his little girl, Alex carefully and secretively tucked the picture into her purse."

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