07/14/1999 Erica Makes A Business Proposal To Opal

"Reclined in a patio lounge chair, Adam found himself questioning the motives behind Marian's interest in Scott's financial affairs. He had little time to think about the matter because Scott arrived for their scheduled business meeting---with Marian on his arm. Adam greeted them with a broad smile, but asked Marian if she needed something from him. Marian explained that she wanted to be on hand to witness the "historic moment." Adam crinkled his brow and reminded Marian that all discussions about Scott's trust fund were private. Marian commented that she would run along to check on Liza and Colby. Before leaving, though, she asked Scott to take notes so that she could get the full run-down later. Adam and Scott sat down to a late breakfast. Adam asked Scott if his decision to get involved in handling his own money was in any way influenced by his stepmother. Scott shook his head and replied that he's wanted to be in charge for quite some time. He then told Adam that he was being too suspicious of Marian. Scott then left his defensive posturing for something a little more productive. He told his uncle that, like him, he wanted to be a "financial legend." He said that he's come to realize that he really wants to find a career in film. A good producer, he explained, needs to know how to work within a budget. Adam was touched by Scott's sincerity and wide-eyed optimism. He agreed to take him under his wing. As the two shook hands, Liza strolled onto the patio and asked what the two men were talking about. She mistakenly assumed that Scott had signed on to work at Chandler Enterprises. Scott shook his head and beamed proudly as he told Liza that he'd just reached an agreement to personally handle his trust fund. A look of concern formed on Liza's face as she asked him if Marian had anything to do with his sudden financial aspirations. Adam invited Scott to join him and Liza at a party for the Queen of England. He was sure that there'd be some bigwigs from the film industry with whom his nephew could hobnob. Scott gleefully accepted the invitation and said that he couldn't wait to tell Becca. Adam said that it was okay for Becca to know about the party, but he asked that Scott not mention anything about it to Marian. Adam asked Liza if Marian had seen her on her way out. Liza shook her head and said that she had no idea that her mother had even stopped by. Liza headed off to the Glamorama to see her mother. Adam had to run off to tend to other business, but he urged Scott to stick around and make use of the swimming pool.

"I can't believe it," Gillian said softly. "I trusted her. I trusted Ryan." Mateo finally broke his silence. "What are you talking about?" he asked in shock. Suddenly, Becca and Gillian twirled around. Both had stunned expressions on their face. Gillian scolded Mateo for walking in on a private conversation. Of course that did little to make Mateo forget about what he'd heard. Becca knew that she wasn't needed and quickly dashed away. Gillian tried to do damage control, telling Mateo that he hadn't heard the first part of her discussion. Gillian claimed that she'd been reciting lyrics to a song that she thought would fit well into Scott's documentary. Mateo didn't buy it. "She was just starting to get her life together," Mateo said coldly. He demanded to know what Gillian saw. Gillian was reluctant to speak up, but she changed her mind when Mateo said that he didn't "have those feelings for her anymore." Gillian softly forced herself to tell Mateo that she'd seen the kiss on the beach on the Fourth of July. "After all Raquel's been through?" Mateo gasped. Gillian's face suddenly fell. She asked Mateo how he'd come to the conclusion that she was talking about Raquel. "[She]'s your best friend, right?" he replied. Mateo was amazed that Gillian didn't say or do anything when she saw Ryan and kissing another woman. "If I ever saw Hayley kissing someone else," he said. "Forget about it!" Max straggled into the room and grumbled that he was ready to go home. Mateo agreed that it was time to go. Gillian begged Mateo not to say anything about what she'd told him. Mateo, however, said that there was "no way" he could just let it slide. After Mateo left, Gillian raced to the phone and tried to reach Ryan. She couldn't locate him anywhere. Then she called Raquel, but again received no answer. She grabbed her purse and sprinted out of the room.

At the Glamorama, Opal catered to a pair of older women promising them free facials if they returned for the salon's official grand opening in a week. As she talked, the women's mouths gaped. Opal knew that the offer of a free facial was special, but she hardly felt it was awe-inspiring. She looked over her shoulder and realized why the women were gawking---Erica had arrived. Opal blinked several times and icily told "Miss Kane" that she'd have to leave because she didn't have an appointment. Erica told Opal that she hadn't dropped by for an appointment, but rather to see the salon with her own eyes. "Please don't freeze me out," Erica pleaded. Opal was still fuming over what she viewed as Erica's betrayal at the CEO election---at one point referring to her as "Benedictine Arnold." Erica told Opal that she was "not going to let go of [her] best friend without a fight." Opal said that she was not Erica's best friend because if she was, Erica would never have voted against her. Opal said that by siding against her, Erica had helped give Palmer the power to take away "Petey's birthright." Erica defended her decision as a business decision. It was not, she argued, a reflection of her personal feelings. She also swore that she would do everything in her power to keep Palmer in line. Opal doubted that Erica could do anything to keep Palmer in check. In the foyer, Marian engaged in a very frigid conversation with another salon-goer. The woman smiled warmly when she mistakenly tagged Marian as "Mrs. Adam Chandler." Becca, who was working the reception area, clarified that Marian was married to Stuart. "Oh, the quiet one," the woman snapped. "That's your problem." Marian stomped into the beautifying area and told Erica that she looked beautiful. Marian then grumbled that she hoped Opal would get rid of Becca soon so that she could "go back to the sticks where she belongs." Erica surprised Opal by telling her that Adrian had only agreed to seek the CEO spot at Cortlandt Electronics out of a loyalty for her. In actuality, Adrian didn't want a corporate job. Erica praised Opal's hard work at the Glamorama and told her that it would soon be the destination for anyone wanting a day at the salon. She envisioned Glamorama branches around the world. Opal looked into the distance, fantasizing about the possibilities. Erica had another idea. She proposed a joint publicity venture for the Glamorama and Enchantment. Erica informed Opal that Enchantment was launching a new line of cosmetics. She said that she'd love for the Glamorama to be the first place to use the new line. Opal wasn't sure about the idea and told Erica that she wasn't sure that it would be a good move for the Glamorama. "You'd be crazy to turn this down," Erica snapped. Nevertheless, she wished Opal well on her venture and headed on way. Liza, meanwhile, snuck up on her mother who was sprawled out on a sofa with curlers in her hair and some sort of clear goo all over her face. Liza wasted no time in asking her mother if she'd been the driving force behind Scott and Adam's meeting. Marian pretended to think hard for several moments before stating that she believed the meeting was Adam's idea. When she learned that the meeting had gone well, Marian chirped that she was sure that Stuart would be pleased to hear that everything had worked out. "Not as pleased as Stuart's wife," Liza replied wryly. Marian tried to duck out on her daughter by saying that the manicurist was ready for her. Liza grabbed her mother's arm and pulled her back down to the sofa. She mused that she'd like the manicurist to place bamboo under Marian's fingernails to make her confess her role in nudging Scott towards his decision to handle his own finances. Again Marian denied having any involvement. Liza had to run along so Marian was spared any further inquisition. Again the older woman shot Marian icy glances. Opal asked Marian if she knew why "old lady Greenlee" had a problem. Opal wasn't much of a fan of the woman who she said was "a snob."

Scott finished his dip in the pool. As he was toweling off, her reflected on the kiss he'd shared with Becca. Suddenly, Becca burst onto the patio and gave Scott a big hug.

Raquel returned to her condo from a brief shopping trip. As she was unlocking the front door, she heard her phone ringing. Before she could answer it, Max and Mateo showed up---and by then the phone had stopped ringing. Max headed off to his room to do a puzzle. Raquel told Mateo that their son was behaving better. Mateo couldn't help but notice that Raquel seemed different as well. Raquel smiled bashfully and admitted that her life was finally looking up. She said that now that their custody battle was off and her back was feeling better, things were really looking up. She reached into a bag and pulled out a blue dress that she'd bought on sale at Lacey's. Raquel proudly grinned that she had a job interview at the department store; she hoped to land a job working at the cosmetics counter. Mateo didn't hear a word Raquel said. His mind wandered off into space. When he came back to reality, Raquel figured that her ex-husband had been thinking about Hayley. She promised Mateo that everything with Hayley would work out. She said that she now realized that she did not need Mateo as her lover in order to have a complete life. Maybe one day, she said, she'd find someone as special as Mateo had found in Hayley. Mateo asked Raquel if her possible new job was the only reason she was happy. Raquel cocked her head to one side and asked Mateo was he was talking about. It was hard for Mateo to find the words to say what he was thinking. He asked her if there was something else in her life making her happy----"maybe a guy?""

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