07/12/1999 Palmer & Vanessa Interrupt The Date

""The idea is tempting," smiled Erica. As the pair rose from their chairs, an approaching couple greeted them: Palmer and Vanessa. Palmer walked towards Erica, his arms extended. He once again thanked her for casting the deciding vote to retain him as CEO. Erica tried to downplay her role, saying that it was difficult call to make. Vanessa smiled broadly and told Erica that she looked "wonderful." Before either Erica or David knew what was happening, Palmer invited himself and Vanessa to join them at their table for dinner. With neither Erica nor David on speaking terms with Vanessa, it proved to be a very burdensome meal. David didn't touch anything on his plate and Erica only nibbled. Again from out of nowhere, Vanessa asked her son if he was still in touch with "Buffy," a young woman he used to date in Vancouver. The intent of the mention seemed designed to make Erica and David uncomfortable. In return, David fired back with a question about a tennis instructor that Vanessa used to date. He crudely remarked that the only lessons they'd shared were in the bedroom! Palmer reprimanded David for speaking inappropriately to his mother. David ignored the lecture, instead turning to Erica and asking her if she'd like to dance. Erica nodded her head as David helped her to her feet. Adrian and Belinda entered the dining room just as the pair was headed to the dance floor. Belinda offered to eat somewhere else, but Adrian refused to budge on the ground that he did not want it to look like Palmer had run him off. While dancing, David told Erica that he "had a different idea" about how their night would go. David's pager went off and he excused himself to call the hospital. Erica returned to the table and Palmer told Erica that he'd settle the bill so that he could drive her home. After Palmer left, Vanessa shook her head and said that it was just like her son to walk out on someone. Erica, however, said that she admired the way that David put his patients first. "Integrity," Erica labeled it. "He must get it from his father." Vanessa was silenced and said nothing more for the rest of the evening.

Becca accredited the beautiful melody to a Towhee, a small, mostly black and white bird with reddish highlights on its wings and tail. The bird flew away before Scott could hear the tune. Becca gently scolded Scott for his tardiness, but that didn't stop her from offering him some dessert. Becca reached behind her back and grabbed two small containers of chocolate ice cream. As they gobbled down the frozen treat, Becca commented that they could write off the ice cream as a business expense. In her knapsack, Becca had a small notebook where she logged every expense related to the documentary project. "Bird, herbs, and business expenses. Is there anything you don't know about?" Scott asked with a smile. Becca explained that she knew someone who worked for the IRS when she lived back in Pigeon Hollow. Scott looked at the ledger and commented that he should have been handling his own expenses all along. He briefly mentioned the dinner meeting he'd had with his Uncle Adam. He credited Marian for coming up with the idea to talk to Adam about his trust fund. Becca realized that Scott really likes Marian. Scott nodded, but said that he really likes the way Marian makes his father feel. "He's been alone for too long," Scott said softly. Becca told Scott that her meeting with Myrtle went well and that she'd heard portions of a great story involving a "Cuban knife-thrower and a rubber man." There was, however, a story that made Myrtle's tale look pale by comparison. The story, she said, involved a young man and a Hungarian Princess. Scott bowed his head bashfully and listened as Becca recounted the story as she knew it. Becca seemed impressed and perplexed all at the same time; She admired the way Scott was willing to help a friend, but wondered why Scott would commit himself to a loveless marriage. Scott was able to dodge the question when he detected another songbird. Becca informed Scott that the chirps belonged to a mockingbird, her favorite bird. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the two leaned forward and their lips met briefly. Both giggled nervously before Becca broke the silence by saying that she should be getting home. Scott didn't protest. Instead, he took Becca's hand and walked with her.

At Wildwind, Edmund sat alone in his office talking to a picture of his late wife, Maria. He told Maria that Sam had just read his first bedtime story to Maddie. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before Sammy was in school. He sat down at his desk to do some work. He closed his eyes, sighed deeply, and walked away from his work.

Ryan forcibly led Gillian to the alley behind the club. Gillian groused about having her dance interrupted. Ryan objected to the way the man was "all over" Gillian. Gillian rolled her eyes and claimed that they were "just dancing." Ryan said that he didn't want to see anything bad happen to Gillian. He offered to call a cab for the princess, but Gillian refused his offer. She was touched that Ryan wanted to see her get home safely, but upset that he didn't want to take her home himself. Gillian reflected on the last time she was unable to get home under her own power: Ryan had taken her home, helped her off with her clothes, and then tucked her into bed. That wasn't going to happen this time. Gillian assured Ryan that she would not drown her sorrows in liquor, saying that she would not "become an alcoholic like Hayley." Ryan asked Gillian to refrain from the snide remarks, prompting Gillian to lash out at Ryan for defending his "new girlfriend." As hard as he tried to impress upon Gillian that he and Hayley were not lovers, Ryan had little luck in getting Gillian to stop bringing up "the kiss." He said that the kiss "meant nothing" and that it was "practically a mistake." Gillian coldly countered with a possible explanation for the lip-lock. "You were walking on the beach and tripped on a piece of driftwood and your lips met," she sassed. "We were caught in the moment," said Ryan defensively. "The moment went on for a long time," Gillian responded. She told Ryan not to feel badly about what happened because it was partly Hayley's fault, too. Gillian said that the kiss must have been the accumulation of months and months of feelings for Hayley. Ryan could see that he wasn't going to get anywhere with Gillian so he opted to end the discussion. He begged Gillian not to tell Mateo about what she'd seen at the beach. "Fine," Gillian snapped. "I won't tell him. Mateo is a decent guy and doesn't deserve to go through what I am [going through.]"

Palmer walked Erica to her door and fully intended to return to his car. Erica, however, asked him to join in inside for some frank conversation. "Vanessa is a devious, potentially lethal woman," Erica said bluntly. Palmer was surprised to hear Erica talk about a woman with whom she'd been a close friend. "I was taken in too," she replied. "Deviousness is part of her charm," Palmer chuckled. He explained that he and Vanessa have a lot in common. For his part, Palmer offered Erica some advice about David. After Erica told him that her dinner date with David was in no way romantic, Palmer breathed a sigh of relief. He told Erica that he'd hate to see her get wrapped up with a "cold, calculating, manipulator." Erica smiled wryly, "He's a man after your own heart. Good things he's a cardiologist." Erica urged Palmer to be on his way before Vanessa started to worry about him.

David returned to his room and was mildly disappointed to not have received any message while he was out. He placed a call to the hospital to check on his patient before turning in. When a knock sounded on his door, the obviously tired doctor perked up slightly. "Erica?" he called out as he opened the door. On the other side, however, was Leslie Coulson. "What do you want?" he grumbled upon seeing her. "What do you think?" Leslie purred. David shook his head and urged Leslie to be on her way. Leslie, however, had other ideas. She opened her trench coat and revealed a burgundy negligee.

Later, David rolled over in bed and thanked his partner for "the most extraordinary evening" of his life. The woman lifted her head slightly and revealed her face---it was Erica! Suddenly, David's alarm sounded and he jumped from his peaceful sleep. David shot an icy glare at the alarm clock. What nerve it had to interrupt his dream! David walked to the phone and placed a call to a local flower shop. He asked that a bouquet of Brazilian orchids be delivered to Erica's house with a card reading: A rare flower for an even rarer woman

Edmund sat in his office on the phone. Gillian suddenly burst in and asked to speak to Dimitri. Edmund informed her that Dimitri was in Budapest on business. Gillian was disappointed and remarked that she had no one to talk to. Edmund cleared his throat and reminded Gillian that she could always talk to him. Gillian was reluctant to talk to Edmund because he was not a "mess of confusion" like her and Dimitri. Nevertheless, Gillian told Edmund that she had a secret that was eating her alive. She wanted desperately to tell someone the secret, but she knew if she opened her mouth she'd be crushing at least one of her friends. Gillian proceeded to tell Edmund her dilemma, but Edmund couldn't follow a word of what Gillian was saying. To protect everyone's anonymity, Gillian used oodles of he's and she's and him's and her's. As Edmund shook his head in bewilderment, Gillian announced that she'd decided what to do.

Ryan stretched his limbs in the park unaware that Hayley was jogging in his direction. When their eyes met, a wave uneasiness swept over them. They exchanged awkward greeting, before Ryan realized that they could not continue on this way. He asked Hayley how she was doing. She replied that she was doing pretty well. Ryan, though, said that there was trouble brewing. "When we were at the beach," he said, "Somebody saw us.""

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