08/13/2004 Jamie Is Stabbed

"While Babe gets puts on her make-up in her bedroom, Krystal comes in and offers her a cup of tea. Babe immediately senses that Krystal is upset and asks her if she thinks JR is guilty. Krystal admits that she does believe it could be possible, even though she doesn't want to. Babe asks Krystal to help prove JR is innocent, if she truly wants to believe that he would not hurt her. Krystal also tells her about Jamie's plan to get Seth to incriminate JR by going to jail. Even with this information, Babe still refuses to believe JR is guilty so Krystal explains that the police must think there is some truth to it, or else they would not allow Jamie to put himself in such danger.

Bianca stops by the terrace of the Chandler mansion, where she sees Bess alone in her playpen. She greets Bess and then picks her up. When JR comes out to check on Bess, he immediately yells at Bianca, "What the hell are you doing with my baby?" Bianca begins to explain why she is there, but JR cuts her off and apologizes for his behavior. He tells her that he has been stressed out lately because of Babe's strange behavior. When Bianca asks him if he is having marriage problems, JR tells her that Babe has been distant with him by not allowing him to touch her. He even states that one time when he went to hug her, she called him out Jamie's name. Babe comes rushing in, with Krystal behind, and tells him all about Jamie's plans to get Seth to confess. JR is not even bothered by the news, says Jamie will get nothing from Seth and walks out. Krystal scolds her for telling him about Jamie, but Babe says she needed to see how JR would react to the news. Bianca tells her about what JR said to her alone and Babe denies being distant or ever calling out Jamie's name. It is then that Bianca agrees with Krystal and tells her she thinks JR is hiding something. Why else would he make those lies about his wife? Realizing they could be right, Babe whispers to Krystal "If it's true, then everything we have done...." but stops and simply looks at Bianca holding Bess in her arms.

Kendall goes to Zack's office, hoping he can help her prove that Ethan is really the Cambias heir. When she goes in, she asks him what it is that he can't discuss with Bianca. Back immediately pulls out a few designs for a fund raiser that he planning on surprising Bianca with. Not soon after, Kendall asks him if he can go a background check on Ethan, using the many sources she assumes that he has. Zack admits that he heard about the mystery man through a Cambias board member, who is a friend of his. Kendall tells him about the proof Ethan walked into town with, his Cambias accent, and the shared understanding she has of simply wanting to be part of family. Zack realizes that if Ethan is for real, Ryan will lose it all, including the money, but Kendall doesn't care. Zack offers to help her and then Kendall leaves.

Ethan goes to the police station seeking the files on Michael Cambias. When Ethan says he is a relative, the police officer tells him not to gloat it around and then goes to find the files. Ethan looks over and sees Ryan, also there for the same reason as he is. While they wait for the files, Ryan tells Ethan that if he a true Cambias, he will keep Alexander Sr.'s promise and allow him to have it all. He also tells him about signing over everything to Miranda, the way she was conceived, and her unfortunate death. Ethan retorts that Michael was murdered and Ryan immediately jumps to Bianca's defense, claiming she was only protecting herself from the man who almost raped her a second time. Ethan accuses Ryan of taking the files and Ryan accuses Ethan of the same. The police officer returns and tells them that the files are missing, which means they can not match his DNA with Michael's. Ethan tells Ryan he will get the proof that he needs and then storms out.

Ethan goes to the graveyard, where Zack just happens to be. Zack asks him if he could help him find the headstone, but Ethan admits he doesn't really know the relative and from the talks of things, it seems that was best.

Ryan goes back to Fusion, where he finds Jonathan. Ryan tells him about his encounter with Ethan and the missing files. When Ryan asks him if he deleted the files off the computer, Jonathan tells him he does not know anything about computers. Jonathan also points out that if the files are found, they could easily be tampered with. Kendall comes in and overhears Jonathan saying that if Ryan loses his inheritance, he could also lose his marriage, since it is supposedly a business arrangement, not a real marriage.

While Jamie is sleeping on his cot, Seth walks to him, as though he is going to check him for weapons, drugs, or anything suspicious. Tad, Brooke, and Derek watch what is happening on tape at the police station, frantic with worry that Seth may be checking for a wire. Luckily, Jamie wakes up in time to push Seth aside and start egging him on about JR. Tad takes control of the situation by borrowing a tie, glasses, and briefcase and then heads over the jail, where he pretends to be "Thaddeus Dero," Seth's new attorney. Seth immediately demands to speak to his attorney, but Tad explains his attorney is held up in CA with another case and can not represent him. Tad also makes it seem that Seth's prior "deal" is not going to work and the least he can get him is 8-10 years in jail. He also tells him about the evidence leaking him to the Chandlers. Tad slips away, heads back to the station and Derek is stunned he would pull such an illegal scam. Tad says he had no choice and they all watch as Seth gets more nervous and begins pacing back and forth in the cell. Shortly after, they get a visit from JR, who claims he just wanted to check on his brother. Seth pipes up that maybe JR should check on him too and JR assures him that from what he heard, his lawyer will get him a good deal. Seth says he has a new lawyer and JR tells him he is being scammed. Seth grabs JR through the metal bars, hangs him by the neck, and warns him that if he gets busted, he will tell everyone about how he bought the drugs that almost killed Babe. Jamie pulls Seth off JR, trying to protect his brother, and then accidentally rips his shirt, exposing the wire. Tad and Derek immediately rush to the jail and then Seth stabs Jamie with a knife saying, "No body messes with me." Brooke and JR watch in horror as Jamie topples over after being stabbed in the chest."

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