07/22/2013 Dixie & Billy Clyde Give Each Other Gifts

"At the Chandler mansion, AJ tickled Miranda on his bed, and he surmised that she'd had a good talk with Bianca, because Miranda's mood had improved. He asked if Bianca was on her way back, and Miranda replied that nothing was definite, but she hoped that Bianca would return soon. AJ inquired whether Miranda was ready to go to the beach, and she said that she couldn't think of anything better than getting some rays with her best friend. They grabbed their stuff and headed out.

At the beach, Miranda looked forward to getting tan lines, and AJ gawked at her as she stripped down to a bikini. She asked why AJ was staring, and he said that she needed sunscreen. As he applied some to her back, he traced letters on her skin and told her to guess what he was writing. Miranda couldn't make out the word, and AJ called her a "lotion dyslexic." She blamed his bad handwriting, and they playfully fought. She sat on top of him, but Heather arrived with some girlfriends, and Miranda quickly jumped off of him and sullenly turned away.

Heather offered to get everyone some ice cream, and she asked AJ to help. After the duo left, Hunter and Kyle approached, and they intimidated Heather's friends into leaving the boys alone with Miranda. Hunter suggested that Miranda rub sugar water on her chest, because perhaps a mosquito would bite her, and then it would look like she had boobs. Kyle reached for the tie to Miranda's bikini top, and she yelled, "Screw you!" Hunter thought that she only did that with girls, and the boys continued to taunt Miranda as she stalked off.

As they shared ice cream, Heather noted that AJ was having a party, and he suggested that she attend the gala. He mentioned that Miranda would be there, and Heather asked if she had to have an invitation to get in. AJ said that he could invite whoever he wanted, and he asked Heather to go to the event with him. She accepted.

In the Chandler living room, Celia and Pete gazed at one another longingly, but she turned away. He said that he cared about her, and he thought that she cared about him, too. Colby interrupted as they were about to kiss, and she wondered if she'd forgotten plans with Pete. He mentioned that Colby had left her sunglasses behind, but he pointedly stated that Colby had only stopped by for coffee.

Colby presented her "little pink book" to search for an eligible bachelor for the charity auction, and Celia reported that Pete had volunteered. Colby ran her hand over his chest and declared that he would be perfect. Pete wanted to talk to Celia, but Colby insisted that she and Celia get to the studio right away.

In the town square, Celia tentatively questioned whether Colby and Pete were just friends, and Colby clarified that they were friends with benefits. Colby said that she liked variety with no commitment or worries, and she added that she and Pete got along so well because he was the male version of her. Celia forlornly stated that she'd read things wrong, and Colby pointed out that Pete had jumped at the chance to be the bachelor for their auction, because he loved the idea of women fighting to win a date with him. Colby proposed that she and Celia make a pact not to let themselves feud over Pete.

JR greeted Brooke at the studio, and he hoped that there was room for another Chandler on the planning committee for the launch party. She didn't think that picking out floral arrangements was his thing, but he suggested that he put together a sizzle reel of Talk Tempo's memorable moments. JR began to explain that he knew that he'd messed up, and he argued that it was a family business, but Brooke cut him off and said that she liked the idea. He was surprised that she had no objections, and she asked if he was ready to get to work.

Dimitri questioned Brooke's decision to let JR take the lead on the project, but she thought it would give JR a chance to follow through with his idea. Dimitri suspected that Dixie had gotten to Brooke, and Brooke admitted that she'd been affected by Dixie's concern that JR have an opportunity to show that he had changed so that he wouldn't revert to his old ways. Dimitri pointed out that if JR failed, it would be no one else's fault but JR's. Brooke wanted Adam to see his son succeed at something, and Dimitri hoped that it worked out.

JR asked an intern for footage of past shows, but the intern was preoccupied with a phone call. JR forcefully hung up the phone and told the young man to stop whatever he was doing, because JR was a Chandler. The intern reached for the phone instead, and JR ripped the cord out of the wall. Dimitri asked if there was a problem, and JR called the intern an idiot.

Dimitri complimented JR's idea for a sizzle reel, and JR demanded cooperation. Dimitri said that space was tight at the studio, and he suggested that JR work from home. Dimitri offered to send all the files over to the mansion, and he gave JR his choice of editors. JR thanked him, and he left. Dimitri pulled the intern aside and instructed him to give JR whatever he needed, because it would make all of their lives easier.

Colby informed Brooke that she and Celia planned to solicit donations of big-ticket items for the auction, but they also wanted to auction off a date with Pine Valley's most eligible bachelor. Brooke loved the idea, and she asked if they'd found someone willing to participate. Colby held up a promotional sign with a photo of Pete, and she announced that he was thrilled to do it for charity. Colby answered a call and left to deal with a catering issue. Brooke asked if Celia was okay with Pete being up for auction, and Celia reasoned that it was for a good cause. Celia added that she and Pete weren't together anymore, but Brooke thought that Celia and Pete still cared about one another.

Celia said that Pete wasn't the right guy for her, because he played free and loose with lots of girls. Brooke had the feeling that Pete was into Celia and only Celia, but Celia replied that he made every girl feel that way. Brooke pointed out that Pete wouldn't have taken Celia to New York and treated her with respect if he'd just wanted a fling, but Celia chalked it up to Pete enjoying a challenge. Brooke said that Pete liked Celia, and it took a special woman to make a man change. Brooke assured Celia that she was very special, and Brooke thought that Pete would agree.

Colby met Pete at Jane's Addiction, and she ran her hand up his thigh. He pushed her hand away, and he said that he didn't want to add to Celia's confusion about his relationship with Colby. He didn't understand why Celia was under the impression that he and Colby were together, and Colby noted that Celia was old-fashioned, so Celia had probably assumed that Pete and Colby were an item since they'd slept together. Pete wondered how Celia would have known that he and Colby had had sex, and Colby remarked that Celia was perceptive.

Pete asked if Colby had told Celia anything, and Colby mentioned that Celia had grilled her about their relationship, but Colby had confirmed that she and Pete were just friends. Colby amorously suggested that Pete go for some of the benefits of their friendship, but he said that it wasn't a good idea. Colby whined that she could kiss her self-esteem goodbye if he chose work over her, but he refused to hook up with her again. Colby asked what had happened to the Pete Cortlandt who would have jumped her bones in a flash, and he said that maybe he was changing. Pete left.

David approached Colby and asked if she'd lost her taste for Cristal, but she huffed that it was too early, and she wasn't in the mood. He assumed that Pete had cooled things off, but she countered that she could handle any guy, and she didn't need an egotistical man-child to boost her self-esteem. David agreed to back off, and he wondered if she might be interested in retribution. He said that he had an idea that would stick it to Pete and might shake up a few Chandlers, as well. "You had me at retribution,'" Colby cooed.

JR returned home and administered another steroid injection. He prepared to work on the patio, and he inserted a disc into his laptop, but it wouldn't load. He slammed the laptop shut, threw it to the ground, and violently kicked it. Later, Dixie found JR picking up the pieces, and he claimed that he'd had a "klutz moment." She hoped that he hadn't lost his work, and he explained that he hadn't started yet, but Brooke had put him in charge of a sizzle reel for the launch party.

Dixie was glad that Brooke had given JR the opportunity, and he called it a chance to prove that he could be part of the company again. Dixie advised him not to put too much pressure on one event, because he still had to deal with Adam. JR snapped that he shouldn't have to deal with his father, because it was JR's birthright to be part of the company. JR vowed to make the reel and prove everyone wrong.

Dixie arrived at the studio, and she bet that Brooke couldn't wait to show Adam all that Brooke had accomplished. Brooke wasn't sure whether she'd see Adam again until the next season, and Dixie sympathized. Dixie thanked Brooke for giving JR a chance, and Brooke admitted that she was wary about involving JR in such a big event, but Dixie promised that JR would put his heart and soul into the project. Dixie revealed that JR was counting on the reel to cement his place at Chandler, and Brooke said that the end result was up to JR.

Billy Clyde commissioned Palmer's photographer, and he wanted to pose for a portrait, just like Palmer had. The photographer stated that every man was different, and he promised that he would capture Billy Clyde's soul with perfect lighting. Billy Clyde said that he wanted quality above all, and the photographer assured Billy Clyde that the image would match Billy Clyde's distinction. Billy Clyde declared that every important gentleman needed a photograph taken by a high-class professional, and he smirked as the photographer snapped his picture.

Pete approached Celia in the square, and she invited him to sit. He said that he wanted to finish their conversation, and she questioned what was left to say. He softly said that he loved her and only her, and he pulled her into a kiss. Celia suddenly snapped out of her daydream and found herself alone. She looked down at what appeared to be a wooden drumstick in her hand, and she began to get woozy.

Celia grasped the bench as the drumstick clattered to the ground. She had a startling vision of a young girl tapping a stick, while the creepy man lurked nearby. Celia envisioned a chair tip over and blood spatter onto the carpet, and she screamed in terror.

At the hospital, Pete had arrived to visit Cassandra, but Angie said her daughter wasn't up for visitors. Pete, Cassandra's old friend, offered to help in any way he could, and then he left.

In bed with David, Colby grabbed her phone, and as she video recorded, she pretended to be the "lame-assed talk show host," Brooke. Colby asked how the doctor thought the Chandlers would react to him sleeping with Colby. David guessed JR would shoot him and claim not to remember. She asked if David wore boxers or briefs. "Neither at the moment," David responded.

David kissed Colby and made sure that they both understood what was happening between them. Colby called it mind-blowing sex, but he preferred to call it a mutually beneficial relationship, as well. Colby grew irritated when her phone rang, and she saw that it was Pete again. She answered and advised him to call Celia for a booty call, but Pete said he'd called with bad news about "Cass."

Later, the dressed Colby was frantic to find her shoes, and David said he hadn't known that she knew Cassandra. He assured Colby that Cassandra would survive it, but that didn't calm Colby down. He asked what she needed, and she said she wanted to see Cassandra. David agreed to take Colby, but he warned that Cassandra wasn't in good shape. Colby stated that they needed to make a stop first.

In Angie's office later, David arrived to say he'd heard about Jesse's arrest. David said he could completely understand Jesse's motives. Angie was surprised David felt that Jesse had made the right choice. Though David wasn't a fan of Jesse's, David admired Jesse's commitment to family. David imagined that it had been hard for Angie to participate in the plan and keep up a poker face.

Angie reluctantly admitted to not knowing about it until the arrest. David called it unbelievable and assumed that Angie was furious that Jesse had shut her out of something that huge. David said Jesse should have learned from the past. Angie agreed, but she was glad she'd had David to lean on. He replied that he was glad, too.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Colby arrived at Cassandra's hospital door, her arms loaded with shopping bags. Bracing herself, Colby found her cheery, sing-song voice and entered. She apologized for not being in touch while she'd been in Paris but said she was bearing gifts. Cassandra didn't even look at Colby, who went on and on about the dresses and makeup she had for Cassandra.

Colby claimed that she'd gotten a lot better with makeup since the old days and asked Cassandra to give her a chance. Cassandra wordlessly stared at Colby. For a second, Colby looked distressed, but she snapped out of it and gleefully insisted that she had the perfect shade for Cassandra's skin tone. Colby tried to apply it, but Cassandra turned away.

Colby decided she'd try it first and then recalled a time when she and Cassandra were teenagers. A boy had devastated Colby, but Cassandra had stood up for Colby. Colby said that had been when she'd known that she and Cassandra would be real friends, and they'd be there for each other no matter what. To that very day, Cassandra was the only real friend that Colby had ever had.

"Can I try some of that makeup?" Cassandra asked, turning back to Colby. Colby tearfully applied the makeup, and Cassandra was naturally smiling for the first time in a long while. When Colby handed Cassandra a mirror, Cassandra looked at herself and slammed the mirror down.

Smearing away the makeup, Cassandra called herself disgusting and dirty. Colby became distraught as Cassandra cried that she made herself and Colby sick. Colby said it wasn't true, but Cassandra demanded that Colby leave. Colby refused to leave Cassandra alone, but Cassandra yelled that she wasn't alone. "I have this thing inside of me!" she sobbed.

Colby consoled Cassandra, who then revealed that she'd been raped again and again. She said she'd become pregnant, and she just wanted to die. Colby shed tears and hugged Cassandra.

Colby asked what Cassandra wanted to do, and Cassandra said she wanted to die and disappear. "I can't keep it," Cassandra stated, but she guessed Colby thought that Cassandra was wrong to say that. Colby replied that Cassandra wasn't wrong, and Colby would back whatever decision Cassandra made.

Cassandra sobbed that her mother had rescued her as an infant from a dumpster, and there was no way Angie would accept the choice. Colby believed that Angie wanted Cassandra to make the best choice for Cassandra. Cassandra didn't want to discuss it more, but Colby asked if any part of Cassandra wanted the baby. Cassandra sobbed that she didn't. It was a constant reminder, and she wanted it gone.

Colby figured that was Cassandra's decision, but Cassandra asked if Colby hated her. Colby replied that she loved Cassandra, and Cassandra asked how soon it could happen. Colby offered to get the doctor, but before Colby left, Cassandra asked Colby not to tell anyone. Colby agreed not to and said she'd be there for Cassandra. Cassandra replied that Colby was her only real friend. "Always and forever, right?" Colby said with a smile.

The moment Colby left the room, she saw David and burst into tears. David held her as she cried that it shouldn't have happened, and no woman should have to go through what Cassandra had.

At the manor, Joe arrived, and a butler said he'd let the master know Joe was there. Joe was curious about the place's new owner, and Billy Clyde entered in a smoker's jacket. Billy Clyde announced that he was the owner, and he praised Jesus. Joe was impressed by Billy Clyde's transformation, and Billy Clyde further surprised Joe by offering to make a charitable donation.

Billy Clyde said he was new to philanthropy, and he wanted to donate to a cause that dealt with something in line with Dixie's therapy work. Joe guessed he knew what Billy Clyde's real goal was, but Billy Clyde asserted that he didn't want Dixie or anyone else to know about the donation; he simply wanted to atone for what he'd done.

Billy Clyde knew that he couldn't undo what he'd done to Dixie, but he felt that he could at least help the kind of women who'd gone through what he'd put Dixie through. He figured that could be a way of undoing what he'd done. Joe considered the idea and said Dixie had just become the head of the Miranda Center. He was sure Billy Clyde's donation would do some good there.

Joe went to the hospital a delivered a check to Dixie. She was blown away by the amount on the check and wanted to know who'd sent it. Joe said the person wanted to be anonymous, but Dixie asked why a person would donate that much. "Atonement," Joe murmured.

Dixie decided that had been a personal remark for the donor to make to Joe, and the word had religious overtones. "Billy Clyde," she guessed. Joe frowned, and she pressed to know if she were right. Joe relayed that Billy Clyde hadn't wanted it revealed because he hadn't wanted Dixie to think he had ulterior motives. Joe admitted that he'd been skeptical at first, but he'd become convinced that Billy Clyde was determined to make amends.

Dixie went to town, where she saw Billy Clyde reading at an outdoor table. Silently, she strode up to him and handed him an envelope. Dixie rushed into the cafe without a word. Billy Clyde slowly pulled a letter out of the envelope and read it to himself.

In the letter, Dixie told Billy Clyde not to see it as anything but a gesture of gratitude. She thanked him for sticking up for AJ in his time of need. Dixie figured that sticking up for a stranger could mean that Billy Clyde's newfound spiritually wasn't an act. She'd suffered at his hands, but she felt everyone started out with good in their hearts. She hoped he'd continue to commit good acts.

Billy Clyde was moved by the letter. When Dixie exited the cafe, he humbly thanked her. Dixie thanked him, too, and with a tiny smile, she walked away.

At the cafe, Opal was talking to Jane about the men in town as Brooke entered to order coffee. Brooke listened to Opal dish about the hunky Zach, and Brooke asked Opal to meet Brooke at the studio later to discuss something.

When Opal arrived at the studio as Brooke had requested, Brooke asked Opal if she'd do color commentary on the red carpet for the gala event. Brooke figured that if it went well, they could make a show out of it. "Joan and Melissa, move over! Opal is in the house!" Opal exclaimed.

Brooke said it was tentative, but she was sure the audience would love Opal. Opal decided to shop for her dress at that moment, and she promised Brooke wouldn't regret the offer.

After the meeting, Brooke and Dimitri learned that their flight had been delayed, so they stopped at Jane's for coffee. Brooke asked Dimitri to watch her phone while she went to the restroom. Once she was gone, Adam called. Dimitri answered, but without saying a word, Adam clicked off the line.

When Brooke returned, Dimitri was reading a text on his phone about another flight he and Brooke could make in a half hour. Brooke noted that Adam had called, and Dimitri explained that he'd answered, so that Brooke wouldn't miss the call. Dimitri added that Adam hadn't responded. Guessing that Adam had thought he'd had the wrong number, she decided to return the call.

Outside the cafe, Opal countered her son. She beamed about the opportunity Brooke had just offered, and Pete was happy for his mother. Opal stated that she wouldn't be too busy to still attend the event with Pete, but he replied that he'd also be working that night.

Pete revealed that the charity would be auctioning off a date with him, and Opal responded ecstatically. She felt it was exactly what Pete needed to do instead of being tied down to one woman. "Especially if it's that gold-digging hussy, Colby Chandler," Opal added. Pete assured Opal that Colby wasn't an issue. Pete only wanted to be with one girl, but that girl didn't want him."

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