06/24/13 Lea Questions Cassandra’s Mysterious Homecoming

"At the hospital, Cassandra murmured that Jesse had told her that he would find her. Angie asked Jesse if he'd talked to Cassandra, and Jesse questioned how he would he have done that. Cassandra said that she'd spoken with Jesse on the phone, but he replied that all that mattered was that she was home and safe. Cassandra nodded, and she stated that she'd known that she would be okay as soon as she'd heard his voice.

Jesse kissed Cassandra's hand and left the room to meet with Lea, Zach, and Dixie. Lea commented that Cassandra had seemed certain that she'd talked to Jesse, and Lea asked Jesse point-blank if he had spoken to Cassandra. Jesse grappled for a response. Dixie was certain that Cassandra had been hallucinating, and she thought that Cassandra had a long road ahead. Dixie said that she would check in later, and she left.

Lea was glad that Cassandra was home, but she struggled to piece together why and how it had happened. Zach just wanted to be grateful, but Lea remained skeptical. Lea revealed that the police had taken a second look at the crime scene, and Jesse tried to cover his panic. Lea thought that whoever had dumped Cassandra at the Hubbard home had wanted to make a statement, and she wanted to know what it had been.

Once alone with Zach, Lea wrestled with the unanswered questions regarding the phone conversation Cassandra had mentioned, and she wasn't convinced that it had been a hallucination. Zach said that Jesse had no reason to lie, but Lea noted that Jesse had looked ready to jump out of his skin. Zach inquired whether she didn't trust all men or just the ones she worked with. Lea replied that she relied on her gut instincts, and she wanted answers.

Cassandra cried out for her mother, and Angie assured Cassandra that she was right there. Angie fretted to Dixie that Cassandra couldn't start treatment until Cassandra had gone through the horrific symptoms of withdrawal, and she wished that she could trade places with Cassandra. Dixie urged Angie to fall back on her faith and pray that Cassandra would once again be healthy and whole. Angie recalled that Cassandra had been strong and stubborn, and she wondered if Cassandra would ever bounce back. Dixie assured Angie that Cassandra would get through it with help, and Angie swore that the Koslovs wouldn't win.

Jesse rejoined Angie and Cassandra, and Angie reported that Cassandra had been in and out of consciousness. A delusional Cassandra cried out, and Angie comforted her. Cassandra asked where she was, and Angie assured Cassandra that she was safe. Cassandra realized that both Angie and Jesse were there, and she hadn't thought that she'd see them again. Cassandra winced in pain, and she whimpered that her parents would hate her for the awful things the men had made her do.

Angie swore that she and Jesse loved Cassandra no matter what. Cassandra mumbled that the men had put her in a movie, and they wouldn't stop even though she had begged them to. Angie sobbed, and Cassandra cried that she was sorry. Angie insisted that Cassandra had done nothing wrong, and all that mattered was that she was home and safe. Angie pledged that they would get through it together. Angie held Cassandra's face to hers, and she tearfully looked back at Jesse.

Joe greeted Dixie in the on-call room, and she said that she needed to talk to him about Billy Clyde being back in town. They recalled how Billy Clyde had been presumed dead after he'd kidnapped and terrorized Dixie, but she revealed that Billy Clyde had claimed to be a changed man. Dixie recounted that Billy Clyde had tried to appeal for her forgiveness, but she scoffed at the idea of being friends with Billy Clyde. Joe wished that Tad were there for her, because he didn't like her being alone and unprotected. Dixie assured Joe that she could handle it, but Joe insisted upon paying Billy Clyde a visit to tell him to steer clear of Dixie and her family.

Billy Clyde signed paperwork to hand over his old business to Ruby, and she worried that there were strings attached, but he swore on a stack of bibles that she deserved it. She called him the best of the best, and she admired his fancy new suit. She marveled that he looked like an upstanding gentleman, and he replied that he'd soon be living like one. Ruby hoped that his life turned out like he wanted, and he counted on it.

There was a knock at the door, and Ruby excitedly expected to find her first paying admirer. Ruby greeted Joe flirtatiously, and he was clearly flustered. He rambled incoherently about why he was there, and she asked if it was his first time, but he replied that it wasn't. She amorously called him an aficionado in the art of love, and he nervously said that he wanted something different. She replied that it was what they did best, and she offered to show him her girls.

Joe asked to talk to the man in charge, but Ruby proudly stated that she was the new boss. He stammered that he wasn't a customer, and Billy Clyde recognized him. Ruby huffed that Joe had the wrong guy if Joe swung the other way, and a shocked Joe blurted that he didn't swing. Billy Clyde invited him in, and he surmised that Joe wasn't there for a get-together between old chums. Joe advised Billy Clyde to listen closely, because he was only going to warn Billy Clyde once.

Colby sauntered into Jane's Addiction, and she kissed Pete on the cheek. He asked how she'd found him, and she mentioned that she'd gone through his assistant. He remarked that he'd have to find a new assistant, but an undeterred Colby suggested that they have dinner at a trendy restaurant. He insisted that he had to work, because David's interview was the next day, and he had to be on top of it.

Colby seductively asked if Pete would rather be on top of her instead, and she informed him that some of her friends were throwing a party. He reiterated that he couldn't, and she slammed his laptop shut and insisted that he had to have fun. She questioned whether he'd had fun the prior night, and he conceded that he definitely had. She pushed him to spend the weekend with her and her friends, but he told her to slow down, because he wasn't ready for a relationship. They agreed to be friends with benefits.

Jane left a covert voicemail message, asking someone to return her call. David entered the coffeehouse and approached Pete and Colby, and Colby asked if he was meeting with his probation officer. Pete and David discussed going over interview questions, and Jane presented David with the coffee drink. Her hands shook as she set the cup on the table, and she blamed it on too much caffeine. Pete ordered another latte, and he dismissively told Colby to let him know how the party went. She dared the men to try to have fun without her, and she left.

David asked what was going on between Pete and Colby, because Colby was obviously into Pete. Pete replied that Colby was into herself, and Pete was only a new toy to her. Pete was worried that Brooke would ask tough questions at David's interview, but David wasn't concerned. Pete warned that if the interview didn't go well, then investors would bail before the biosensor went into production. David haughtily stated that he didn't screw up, but Pete pointed out that David had spent five years in jail. David called it a sacrifice for someone he had loved, and his only regret was how long it had taken him to make it.

Pete arrived home and found Opal packing up her belongings, and she revealed that she'd sold Cortlandt Manor. She asked him to help her move a washtub that Palmer had taken from Pigeon Hollow as a reminder of Palmer's humble beginnings. She fondly recalled that she had given a young Pete a bath in the tub, and Pete asked why she'd sold the house. She complained about how large it was, and she was tired of rattling around in it by herself. Pete promised to visit her a lot, but Opal chirped that he wouldn't have to, because they'd be neighbors.

Opal gave Pete instructions about how to pack her valuables, and she asked him to take the washtub until she got settled. Pete didn't think it was a good idea to give up their family home, but she lamented that no family was living there anymore, because she was there all alone. He wondered where she had gotten the idea to sell, and she called it a happy coincidence that she'd received an offer. He requested to see the paperwork, and she explained that it had been a cash deal over market value. Pete looked through the contract and agreed that it was a good deal, but he urged her to think through such a big decision.

Pete contemplated what Palmer would have said about selling the manor, since Palmer had rebuilt it after a fire, but Opal suspected that Pete wasn't happy about the prospect of her being his neighbor. Pete swore that he didn't mind, but he didn't want her to make a decision she'd regret. She insisted that she wouldn't, and she had to get out by the end of the week, because the buyer had bought everything in the place except her personal items. Pete noticed that the real estate contract had been set up through a corporate shell, and he questioned who would live there. Opal replied that it was someone with excellent taste and lot of loot.

Colby sipped a glass of champagne at a bar, and David approached and inquired if she was on her way to the party. She commented that it wouldn't get going until midnight, and he noticed she had ordered an entire bottle of Cristal. She offered him some, since he'd paid for it, and she poured him a glass. He proposed a toast to "better luck next time," and he assumed that she had been wishing in vain for Pete to join her. Colby told David that he was "being an ass," and he asked if she liked that about him.

Colby retorted that she didn't like David at all, except for the money he'd given her. He accepted her statement as a thank you, and he asked if the money had helped her with her problems. She stated that she was good at getting herself out of messes, but he crowed that he'd done it for her, and she said that he should smile more. Colby poured more champagne, and David called her trouble. She toasted to trouble, and he speculated that she was going crazy since Pete wasn't biting. She purred that sooner or later, she always got what she wanted.

Colby and David groped one another as they made their way toward his hotel room. As they made out, she ordered him not to stop, and he figured that she was only there because Pete had blown her off. Colby asked if he cared, and David admitted that he absolutely didn't. She countered that she knew that he was only screwing her to get to her family, but she thought it was hot. David threw Colby on the bed."

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