06/05/13 Jesse Makes A Deal With The Devil

"At home, Jesse offered Angie some tea, but Angie screamed that she didn't want tea. She wanted her daughter, and she was upset because Cassandra should have been at the location with the other girls. Jesse promised that they would find Cassandra and get her back to them.

Jesse left, and Angie said a desperate, sobbing prayer to God for Cassandra's safe return.

Later, Jesse met Uri outside by a building. Uri made Jesse promise that no police had followed him. Jesse demanded to know when he'd get his daughter. Uri said they had thirty minutes to conclude their business. If it didn't finish in time, Jesse would still get Cassandra, but it would be in pieces.

Uri handed Jesse a small metal item and said Jesse would head an investigation into a burned body. The metal item would identify the body through dental records. Jesse gleaned that the dental records were Uri's, and Uri wanted everyone to believe it was his body.

Jesse asked whose body it was, but Uri said Jesse's only job was to identify it as Uri's. Jesse assumed that Uri planned to fake his death and escape the consequences of what he'd done; however, all the girls and their families would still suffer in the aftermath of his crimes. Uri called it survival of the fittest, but he added that Jesse didn't need to concern himself with Uri's plans.

Handing Jesse a piece of paper, Uri instructed Jesse to call the number on it once the job was done. Uri gave his word that Jesse would then have his daughter. Jesse said it was the word of a liar. Uri figured that was all Jesse had, so Jesse should take it and hope for the best.

Jesse went to his office, where he received a call from Samuels about a burned body turning up. Samuels offered to handle it because of Jesse's full caseload, but Jesse insisted upon dealing with it.

When Jesse arrived at the scene, the responding officer said it appeared that whoever had burned the body had wanted a John Doe. The officer had found a letter opener, which he believed to be the murder weapon. Jesse instructed him to bag it, so Jesse could take it in for prints. Jesse became anxious when the officer said he'd already rushed it to the lab for prints.

At Jane's cafe, a blonde in a short dress and pink heels bumped into Pete. "Colby Chandler!" Pete exclaimed. Colby gasped when she recognized Pete, who'd gone from "dweeb to hot." She asked what had happened to transform him, and he noted that she hadn't changed a bit.

The two got a table, and Pete explained that his change had to do with him owning the hottest App company in the country. He said he was in Pine Valley to save Cortlandt. Colby relayed that she'd arrived to welcome her big brother back from the dead. Colby didn't recall that Pete had been so much fun, but he quipped that she'd just never noticed. "I'm noticing now," she responded.

At the mansion, JR entered as Brooke finished a phone call about filling an editor's position at her teen magazine. Brooke asked about JR's rehabilitation, and JR said it was going slow. She advised him to take Cara's advice and be patient. Brooke left, and JR pulled the steroids bag from his pocket.

JR hid the bag as AJ entered. JR attempted to apologize for his reaction to the steroids. AJ was belligerent at first, but he admitted that JR had been trying to be a good father. JR said he'd made mistakes, but he'd get it right. AJ claimed he'd never had a good dad and didn't know how one acted.

AJ abruptly took off for the kitchen, and JR stashed the steroids in an envelope in the waste bin. AJ returned and showed JR how to use a tablet, and Brooke sat on the sofa to read. "I'm back!" the three heard Colby announce from the doorway.

Brooke and AJ greeted Colby, who insisted on kissing them each on both cheeks. Colby hugged JR and asked how he was feeling. He prattled off some symptoms but said he was better upon seeing her. Colby guessed his memory was bad because he hadn't been "loving on her" five years earlier. "Back then, you were a total shit, right?" Colby asked, turning to Brooke and AJ.

Later, Colby buttered Brooke up by saying the engagement to Adam made them practically family. Colby figured that meant Brooke could give Colby twenty thousand dollars to clear up a situation of Colby's. Brooke said the bank of Chandler wasn't handing out fun money, but she needed an editor forTeen Tempo. Brooke thought Colby would be perfect for the job.

Colby scoffed at the idea of working and asked if Brooke were joking. Brooke asserted that she wasn't. Brooke didn't plan on handing out money, and Chandler wouldn't, either. "Then I'll call Daddy," Colby declared. Brooke asked if Colby were in trouble. Colby changed the subject to Pete, who'd suddenly become hot and loaded. Brooke added that he was also taken.

Later, Colby seemed unhappy after her call to Adam. She asked JR if he had twenty grand lying around. Laughing, JR said that was the sister he knew and loved. He declined to give her money, and Colby griped about Brooke becoming the gate keeper of their money. JR said Adam had thought it best to put Brooke in charge, and JR figured that Colby was just upset that she wasn't getting her way.

Colby asked what was wrong with her brother. She said the old JR would have thrown Brooke off a balcony already. JR claimed not to be that man anymore. Colby quipped that he needed to be. She ordered him to find and embrace his "inner asshole" before Brooke took everything from them.

Back at the cafe, Pete and a colleague discussed David Hayward. The colleague thought it would be tricky to get rid of David, who'd proposed a life-saving venture. Investors had begun calling and didn't seem to care that David was a felon. Pete supposed they should take advantage of the situation.

Though Pete abhorred David, Pete respected what David had done. Pete imagined that Palmer might have, too. Pete decided that if Hayward wanted a partnership, then Cortlandt would keep him on a short leash. Pete instructed his colleague to draw up an iron-clad contact so that Hayward couldn't "take a leak" without their permission.

After the meeting, Pete was exiting the coffee shop when he ran into David. David greeted his new partner, but Pete called David an "asshole." The two sat at a table, and Pete declared that the press conference had been an ambush. Pete said that working together had to be on his terms, and David replied that they could create a mutually beneficial partnership.

David suggested that Pete lighten up because they were about to make a lot of money. Pete asserted that he already made a lot of money, and he didn't trust David anymore than Palmer had. David said they didn't have to be "besties" to make Cortlandt a success again.

At Bramwell Hall, Celia looked up causes of hallucinations. Sighing, she touched her Statue of Liberty charm. Evelyn rushed in, relieved that Celia was back. Evelyn asked why Celia hadn't awakened Evelyn in the night to say that Celia had returned. As Evelyn relayed how worried she'd been, Celia interrupted to ask if either of her parents had been crazy.

Evelyn asked what would make Celia think that, and Celia murmured that something was wrong with her. Evelyn declared that there was nothing wrong with Celia. Evelyn assumed that Pete had called Celia's sanity into question when Celia hadn't done something he'd wanted. Celia replied that Pete hadn't done that, nor had he pressured her to sleep with him -- if that had been Evelyn's fear.

Celia didn't know why it would have been wrong if she had slept with Pete, and she cited that every other girl in the world would have. Evelyn said that Celia wasn't every other girl, and Celia retorted that it was because Evelyn wouldn't let Celia out of her sight.

Celia remarked that Pete had understood her, and he hadn't pressured her. Evelyn guessed Pete was more of a gentleman than she'd thought, but she said Celia didn't understand the fast life Pete lived. Evelyn stated that even his mother had said Pete got what he wanted and then moved onto the next thing. Celia claimed Evelyn didn't understand him the way Celia did.

Evelyn assessed that Celia doubted being ready for a mature relationship with Pete, and it had caused Celia to think she was a little crazy. Evelyn believed that, in Celia's heart, Celia knew that Pete wasn't right for her at that time in her life.

Later, Celia encountered Pete outside the cafe. He'd been worried about her because she'd rushed off and hadn't returned his calls after he'd dropped her off the other night. He assumed that he'd done something wrong or had been too wrapped up in work at the end of the trip. Celia claimed that he wasn't the problem; she was. She said it was just too much too soon, and she couldn't do it.

Confused, Pete said that he and Celia had admitted to falling in love with each other while they'd been in New York. He promised not to pressure her into anything she wasn't ready for. Celia said it wasn't that, and he asked her to help him understand.

"There you are!" Colby exclaimed, prancing toward Pete. Colby stated that Pete had said they could have drinks later, but she offered to get coffee with him and see where the day took them. Celia bit out that she had to go because he was busy. Pete claimed that he didn't have any plans, and Colby was just an old friend.

Celia stalked off anyway. Removing her oversized sunglasses, Colby hoped she hadn't messed things up for Pete.

Later, David sat with AJ at the cafe, and David asked how school was. AJ shrugged, murmuring that it was cool. David asked about JR, and AJ said it was going. David didn't want to upset AJ, but David said he knew what JR was capable of. AJ asked if David didn't think people could change.

David supposed that it was possible; however, he said that JR had terrorized Babe and Marissa, who'd since died, and JR had kidnapped AJ -- more than once. David recalled JR's temper while JR had been drinking and noted that AJ had been afraid of JR when AJ had been younger. AJ asserted that he could handle it, and David replied that he was there for AJ, just as Marissa and Babe would want, because they were family.

JR entered in time to see David and AJ together.

- Chanel S. Garner