05/01/13 David Visits Pine Valley Hospital

"At Bramwell Hall, Celia was in a huff as she dressed herself. Evelyn entered and noted that Celia hadn't cooled down from the previous night. Celia asserted that she'd thought about it, and Evelyn needed to tell the guardian that Celia was going to have a life whether he liked it or not.

Evelyn doubted it was a good idea for Celia to go off on her own after being sheltered for so long. Celia guessed that meant Evelyn wouldn't talk to the guardian because Evelyn wanted Celia to live like a nun. Evelyn responded that Celia had been on many adventures, but Celia said that she'd done it all with Evelyn. Celia was ready to have adventures of her own -- and on her own.

Evelyn decided that she'd talk to the guardian. She felt it was better to have his blessing than for Celia to sneak around behind his back. Celia asked if Evelyn were afraid of him, but Evelyn replied that she wasn't. Celia hugged Evelyn and said she knew Evelyn could convince him. As Celia took off, she added that she wanted him to end the mystery routine, too, because she wanted to meet him.

At the mansion, Adam gave Brooke a morning kiss and thanked her for the previous night. To the couple's surprise, Opal and Pete entered, and Adam sarcastically said their timing was impeccable.

Brooke welcomed Pete to town, and Opal explained that she'd wanted her son to talk to Adam before deciding what to do with Cortlandt. Adam doubted the entrepreneurial Pete needed his advice. Brooke asked how long Pete planned to stay in Pine Valley. In unison, Pete said he wouldn't stay long, and Opal replied that he'd be there for a while.

Pete and Adam discussed union problems, and as they wandered out of the room, Celia entered through a different door. Pete didn't see her, but she saw him as he rounded the corner out of sight.

Brooke introduced Celia Fitzgerald to Opal Cortlandt, and Celia asked who the guy with Adam was. Opal replied that he was her son and asked if Celia knew Petey. Celia replied that they'd bumped into each other on the street. Brooke left to get some coffee for everyone, and Opal remarked upon Celia's cute uniform. Celia explained that she'd gone to Bramwell Hall, but after becoming a tutor, she had chosen to wear the uniform to fit in with the students. Opal gave Celia an anticipating stare.

Opal quietly observed as Brooke and Celia worked on some pamphlets that Celia had made for the center. Brooke had left her glasses in the kitchen, and Celia volunteered to get them. Alone with Brooke, Opal remarked about Celia being a real go-getter. Brooke said Celia was their best volunteer and a computer whiz. "She could be the perfect girl for Petey -- to help him with his Cortlandt Electronic stuff while he's in town..." Opal contemplated.

Brooke said Celia was very busy with her volunteer work and tutoring. Brooke left to help Celia look for the glasses. Opal sat down at the laptop. "Oops," she said, deleting Celia's pamphlet. Brooke and Celia returned, and Celia panicked upon seeing that her work had disappeared from the computer screen. Celia didn't have a backup, but Brooke figured there had to be a way to retrieve it.

"My techno-whiz son!" Opal suggested. Brooke said she'd heard from Adam that Pete had already left the house to meet Harris. Opal text-messaged Pete and assured Celia that he'd be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail to help. Celia got a text message and said she had to go. Brooke wondered what was wrong, but with a smile, Celia said that something was finally right.

Opal tried to get Celia to stay because Pete would be there at any second, but Celia said she really couldn't stay. As Celia took off, Brooke told Celia not to worry about the document.

When Celia arrived back at the school, Evelyn explained that the guardian would not agree to Celia's requests. Evelyn had tried everything she could, but he also wanted Celia to quit volunteering at the center because he didn't want her hanging around those people. Disheartened, Celia guessed Evelyn had told him about the condom giveaway, but Evelyn replied that he'd already known about it.

Celia guessed the man had spy cams all around, but Evelyn thought that idea was ridiculous. Celia figured that she was of legal age and could do what she wanted. Evelyn agreed, adding that Celia could walk out the door. Evelyn said she wouldn't stop Celia, but Celia had no money and nowhere to go. Evelyn asked how Celia planned to survive without her guardian's help.

At Jane's café, Pete had a meeting with Harris about problems with suppliers. Pete wasn't willing to cut the suppliers a break, but Harris said Pete's father had dealt with those people for years. Pete responded that his father was dead, and it was best that he let his California lawyers handle it. Upon ending the meeting, Harris refused to shake Pete's hand.

Later, Pete returned to the mansion. Brooke announced that they had a computer emergency. Opal took off to see if she could catch Celia before Celia left, but Celia had already gone.

Pete fixed the document problem and suggested that Brooke's assistant back things up on a flash drive. Opal said he'd already met Brooke's assistant because he'd bumped into her once. Opal gave Celia's name to Pete and said Celia would probably be back the next day to thank him for the help.

At the hospital, Cara squatted to pick her files up off the floor behind the nurses' station. David strode by the area, and Cara looked terrified. David continued down the hall and bumped into Angie. Grinning, David stated that someone had spoken to the parole board on his behalf. He'd assumed it had been Angie. "Was I right?" he wondered. "You got me," Angie replied, and David hugged her.

David thanked Angie again, and Angie said she couldn't stand to see him locked up when what had happened that night had been, in many ways, an accident. David didn't want to think about it, and he was grateful to be free. She advised him not to expect a warm welcome, but David chuckled, saying he was ready for that. Angie wondered why David hadn't decided to make a fresh start somewhere else. "After what I've lost, Angie, there's no way I can do that," he responded.

David didn't want to discuss himself any longer, and he asked how Angie's eyesight was. Grinning, she said it was "so far, so good," thanks for him. He asked about Maya and Lucy, and Angie explained how Maya had left town for a new job. David was shocked that Maya would leave after all the Hubbards had done for her. He thought Angie was a better person than he was for accepting it.

Angie admitted to missing Lucy so much that it hurt. Angie said she was sorry, but David replied that he wasn't the only person to lose a loved one. She conveyed that Jesse had advised her to focus on the good and their happy, healthy children, who were scattered around the world.

David didn't know how Angie could stay so upbeat. Angie reasoned that if she gave in to the pain, she could never get over the pain. David remarked that after five years, he still hadn't gotten over it. Angie said she'd heard about Cara's miscarriage. David revealed that it still pained him that Cara hadn't even visited him; she'd just sent him a "lousy letter" about it.

Angie relayed that Cara had gone back to Doctors Without Borders after the event, and David wondered if the organization could tell him where Cara was. Angie looked worried, and David asked if she knew were Cara was. Angie tried to abruptly cut the conversation off, but David asked her to tell him where Cara was. Angie revealed that Cara was back at the hospital.

David immediately tried to take off, but Angie stopped him, asking him not to make her regret speaking up for him at the parole hearing. He promised that he wouldn't. As he hurried down the hallway, Angie cursed to herself.

Back at the nurses' station, Griffin approached, and Cara stammered that David was back. Cara pulled her brother into a patient's room and insisted that she'd seen David. Griffin didn't believe it had been David, but from the way Cara had reacted, Griffin gleaned that she still hadn't let David go.

Cara decided to check on Mackenzie, but Griffin said Cara was avoiding the question. Cara admitted she didn't know how to let go of something she carried with her each day. Griffin suggested that she hold on to the good, release the bad, and stop obsessing over the sociopath.

Cara asserted that David wasn't a sociopath, but Griffin reminded her that she'd done what she'd done because she'd known what David could do to an innocent child. Cara regretted sending David that letter, but Griffin said she'd done it so David wouldn't catch her lying. Cara insisted that she'd had a choice, and for the good or bad, David had still been the baby's father. "Not anymore, Cara! Move on!" Griffin exclaimed.

Cara thought she should leave town again, but Griffin reminded her that she'd promised to be there to see McKenzie through chemotherapy. Cara was the only doctor the child would let near her, and Griffin didn't think Cara could live with herself if the child had a relapse. Cara decided that once McKenzie was in the clear, Cara was leaving Pine Valley for good "this time."

On her phone, Cara started checking flights out of the country in case she needed a backup plan. As she and Griffin entered the corridor, he tried to calm her down because David couldn't get to her. Cara figured that her guilt was eating her alive, and she couldn't imagine what would happen if David found out what she'd done. "What did you do, Cara? Tell me," David said from behind her.

At home, Jesse was on the phone, talking to someone about Cassandra's disappearance. He ended the call when Zach arrived at the house. Jesse was surprised that Zach was there, and Zach replied that he knew who'd checked out the car that had picked up Cassie. "Me," Zach said.

Zach had assumed a bouncer had taken the car under Zach's name to make extra money for airport runs. The car had already been returned without a clue as to who'd taken it. Zach wanted to see the airport footage of the driver, and Jesse pulled it up on his tablet. Zach asked Jesse to zoom it in more, and as Zach studied the man with Cassandra on the video, Zach uttered, "Holy shit."

Zach informed Jesse that the man worked for the Koslovs, the Russian mob -- and the biggest reason that Kendall had left Zach. Jesse was confused, and Zach explained that the mob had been after his casinos. The mob had muscled their way in and threatened the lives of his wife and his children. Sick of living in fear, Kendall had left Zach. Jesse said he was sorry, but Zach figured Kendall had been right because those people wouldn't stop until they got what they wanted.

Jesse didn't understand what the mob wanted with Cassandra. Zach said nothing, and Jesse asked what it was that Zach wasn't telling him.

Later, Jesse and Zach both got on their cell phones to coordinate efforts to find Cassandra. Angie entered, and Zach and Jesse immediately stopped chattering on their phones. The excited Angie greeted Zach and hurried over to hug him. Jesse and Zach exchanged uncertain glances.

In an unknown location, Vlad entered a bedroom with a breakfast tray for the handcuffed Cassandra. She said she wasn't hungry. Touching her top, he replied that she was hungry for something besides breakfast. She kicked his tray, and the breakfast flew into the air. Vlad smacked her and called her a "stupid bitch."

In his thick accent, Vlad said he'd give Cassandra one more chance to be nice. He tried to kiss her, but she spit in his face. He cursed, took off his belt, and said, "No more mister nice."

- Chanel S. Garner