"Frankie stopped by to see Angie before her prenatal appointment. He asked her to get a sonogram picture so that he could work on an embarrassing nickname. Jesse arrived, and gave some last minute instructions to one of his officers via phone. When Jesse ended the call, Angie asked if Jesse had time for the appointment. Jesse said that nothing could keep him from the appointment. Angie was excited that Jesse would be able to see how much the baby had grown.

While Angie finished getting ready, Frankie and Jesse checked in with each other on the work front. While Jesse gave a good summary of where he was with David's case, Frankie only managed a one-word answer. Jesse had hoped for more, so Frankie admitted that he was concerned about Angie. Frankie said that he wanted to help his mother out more, but knew the help would be rejected. Jesse understood completely.

At the hospital, Jesse and Angie got the chance to hear their baby's heart beat strong and fast. Angie asked Jesse to look at the sonogram screen and describe what he saw. Jesse went to look, but needed help from the doctor. The doctor pointed out the heartbeat and Jesse was amazed. Then, Jesse said that he couldn't see much else, but did know that their baby was alive and moving around a lot.

At the station, Natalia talked to Randi about the exciting day's events for Jesse and Angie. Natalia asked if she would have a niece or nephew to look forward to. Randi said that she and Frankie had talked about it, but decided that they weren't ready. She told Natalia that modeling was keeping her busy, and Frankie was picking up as many shifts as he could at the hospital.

Natalia was glad to hear that Frankie was staying busy, because she wanted her brother to stay out of trouble. Randi asked what kind of trouble Natalia was worried about. Natalia tried to dismiss her comments, but Randi wouldn't let them go. Natalia admitted that she thought Frankie and Madison spent too much time together. Natalia also said that Madison always seemed to need help.

Randi said that Madison had been through tough times, but that Frankie's help was born out of friendship. Randi added that her marriage to Frankie was solid, and that Madison was crazy about Ryan. Natalia agreed, and said that she was likely being too overprotective. Randi said that she needed to get back to work, and left the station.

Once Randi was gone, Brot called Natalia out for what she'd done. Natalia acted as if she didn't know what Brot meant. Brot said that Natalia's words were akin to putting a target on Frankie and giving Randi a gun. Natalia said that she just wanted to prevent anything happening between Frankie and Madison.

Brot reminded Natalia of what Randi had said moments before: the younger Hubbards were madly in love with each other. Brot said that Natalia's cynicism was a good trait on the job, but not one to relish while off-duty. Natalia was glad that she wasn't gullible, and Brot said that he simply had more faith in humanity than Natalia.

Natalia asked how Brot could be so optimistic after everything he'd seen in Iraq. Brot said that because of the horrors he'd witnessed, all that was left to see was the good in people. Brot quoted Churchill and said that if you're going through hell -- keep going. He added that Frankie and Randi would remain happy and strong. Natalia admitted that Jesse had been happy with her mother, and said that happiness didn't always last.

Ryan told Madison that the police were ready to rule David's death a suicide. Ryan said that he'd realized he had much better things to focus on besides questions regarding David's death. Ryan kissed Madison to infuse validity into his words. Ryan said that once the investigation into David's death was closed, they would all be free. Madison emphasized that Greenlee would be free as well.

Ryan apologized if his actions had made Madison feel like she was on the sidelines of his life. Ryan said that with David's case almost closed, they would be free of unexpected visits from Greenlee. Ryan also pointed out that Kendall had signed her plea deal, so Kendall would be moving back into Wildwind. Ryan promised that Madison and his children would be his priority. Madison was pleased with the idea, but asked if Greenlee was aware of Ryan's shift in focus.

Frankie stopped by Fusion to surprise Randi, but she wasn't there. He started to leave, but saw that Madison was having problems with her computer. Frankie offered to help, but Madison initially resisted. Frankie insisted, so Madison caved in.

Once the problem was fixed, Madison explained that she and Ryan were going to finally take a vacation together. Frankie asked if Madison was worried that Greenlee would show up. Madison said that Ryan had promised to focus on his relationship with her. Frankie said that it was time Ryan realized how lucky he was.

Frankie tossed out ideas about vacation destinations in Europe. Madison admitted that she didn't have much knowledge about the majority of European languages. Madison suggested South America, and Frankie thought Madison and Ryan could survive by dancing. Frankie stuck a flower in his mouth and elicited raucous laughter from Madison by dancing the tango. Randi showed up and unnoticed, watched the exchange.

Randi made her presence known a few moments later, but neither Frankie nor Madison seemed to pick up on Randi's sour disposition. Madison explained Frankie's antics, and Randi acted uninterested. Randi said that she'd gotten a call about a photo shoot, and asked if Madison would have time to book the travel. Madison said that she would work on the arrangements when she got back from making a delivery.

Randi asked Frankie why he'd stopped by Fusion. Frankie said that he hadn't asked his wife out on a date in a while, and wanted to rectify that. Randi said that she couldn't resist the offer. However, when Frankie wrapped her in a loving hug, Randi looked less than thrilled with her husband.

In the park, Greenlee told Tad that David wrote the letters to her, Marissa, and Amanda. Tad pointed out that no one believed someone as self-involved as David would take his own life, let alone write poignant letters beforehand. Greenlee insisted that David was a complicated and multifaceted man. Tad agreed, but said that something didn't fit.

Tad admitted that he'd watched how Greenlee had acted when she'd comforted Marissa. Tad said that he saw guilt in Greenlee's actions. Tad noted that while false, the letters had done a lot of good, and he understood why Greenlee had done it. He asked her again if she'd written the letters, and with tears brimming behind her eyelids, Greenlee nodded.

Greenlee said that the investigation needed to be over so that the people who loved David could mourn him. Tad said that if he was able to figure out that Greenlee had written the letters, Jesse could too. Greenlee pointed out that Jesse had his own reasons to close the case -- mainly to take stress off of Angie.

Tad asked if Greenlee had been careful when she planted the letters. Greenlee said that she'd worn gloves and that no one had seen her. Tad said Greenlee needed to deal with her own mess, and that he wouldn't lie for her. Greenlee asked if Tad would keep what he knew to himself, and Tad agreed. Before Tad walked away, Greenlee thanked him. Once she was alone, David's specter appeared and asked how Greenlee could lie.

David said that the letters made him look like a coward. Greenlee said that the letters made David appear as a man who loved deeply, but couldn't take the pain of not having his love returned. David said that Greenlee's actions were not motivated by her devotion to David. Greenlee said that although she was sad for David, everyone needed to put David's death behind them. David said that Greenlee's only goal was to save Ryan. David said that Greenlee might succeed, but asked if she could live with the guilt.

David asked Greenlee why she'd chosen to cover up his murder instead of fighting for justice. David said that Greenlee owed at least that to the man who had saved her from death. Greenlee reminded David that he'd also blackmailed her and caused pain to many others. David asked if Greenlee's actions were payback. Greenlee promised to remember the good parts of David, and said she would make sire that Marissa and AJ remembered the good things as well.

Greenlee said that she had loved David as much as she could. David knew that Greenlee had loved Ryan all along, and asked her to admit it, finally. The tears sprang into Greenlee's eyes again, and she admitted that she was in love with Ryan. David was dismayed because Greenlee also believed that Ryan had killed David.

David asked if Greenlee and Ryan could live happily ever after. Greenlee begged for David's forgiveness, and said that she'd never wanted to hurt David. David's ghost disappeared, and Greenlee tried to stop crying. Ryan showed up and said that he'd been looking for Greenlee. Ryan recounted how he'd been focused on saving Greenlee from David, and his relief that he didn't have to worry any longer.

Ryan said that both and he and Greenlee were free. Greenlee asked what Ryan planned to do. Ryan said that he wanted to make Madison and his children a priority again. He told Greenlee that he and Madison would be taking a vacation. Greenlee asked about their destination, but Ryan said he didn't know yet. Greenlee asked if Ryan loved Madison. Ryan said that he knew Madison was very important to him. Ryan said he didn't know if he and Madison had a future together, but he wanted to find out.

Ryan told Greenlee that he wasn't abandoning her. Ryan said that he needed to focus on his life and his future. Ryan said that the only way that he could do that was by taking a step back from Greenlee and her life. Greenlee asked if Ryan was telling her goodbye. Ryan said that he knew better. Ryan said that moving forward, their interactions with each other would have to be less intense.

Greenlee thanked Ryan for all he'd done to help her. Ryan said that he wished things had turned out differently. Greenlee remarked that people tended to get hurt when they were together. Ryan said he was glad Greenlee wasn't hurt. Ryan knew that it would take time, but said that he couldn't wait for Greenlee to find true happiness. Greenlee was skeptical, but Ryan said that she deserved it more than anyone.

Ryan started to leave, and Greenlee flashed back to Ryan's session with Dr. Frankel, the hypnotherapist. She recalled that Ryan said that he loved Greenlee. Greenlee snapped back to the present and called out to Ryan. Greenlee said that she had to tell him something about his session with Dr. Frankel.

After their appointment, Jesse walked Angie out into the hall. Jesse effusively talked about his excitement over the baby and how proud he was of their family. Jesse's phone rang, and after Jesse answered the call, his mood visibly deflated. When he ended the call, Angie asked what had happened.

Jesse told Angie that the letters David had supposedly written had been tested. No fingerprints were found, which meant that if David had written them, he was wearing gloves at the time. Additionally, Jesse had asked technicians to examine David's signature. The technicians found the signature to be a fake as well. As Tad walked up to them, Jesse announced that the letters had been forged.

Angie said that someone went through a lot of trouble crafting the "suicide" letters. Tad reminded Jesse that both the medical examiner and Liza were prepared to sign off on the idea that David had killed himself. Jesse pointed out that the medical examiner knew what was in David's body but not how it had gotten there. Jesse added that if anything, the letters had blown the case wide open, and said that he couldn't ignore that. Tad asked if Jesse would continue his pursuit if doing so meant putting a friend in jail.

Jesse wondered how Tad could be so sure about the culprit. Tad said that the content of the letters meant that the writer knew David fairly well. From that, Tad presumed that they would know the writer. Jesse was disappointed that the case couldn't be closed. Angie told Jesse that she was proud of him for his relentless pursuit of the truth, despite the degree of difficulty. Tad agreed, and then went to get his car so that he could take Angie to lunch.

After Tad left, Angie asked how Jesse was holding up, in light of the new revelations about David's case. Jesse promised that he would be fine. The sonogram doctor showed up and presented a picture of the baby to Angie and Jesse. When the doctor left, Angie asked some rapid-fire questions about the image. She then told Jesse that the picture would go in the baby's scrapbook.

Tad had to stop by his house before he and Angie went to lunch. As Tad was looking through papers, Angie related how she'd spent the previous few weeks learning how to do her job and navigate through her life without sight. Angie admitted that she hadn't realized how tough it had been on her family. She told Tad that she didn't want to be treated like an invalid.

Tad told Angie that she needed to be patient, and said that her family would catch up to her soon enough. Then, Tad lightened the mood by asking to see the sonogram picture. Angie dug it out of her bag and proudly handed it over. Tad made sad sounds as he looked at the picture. Angie was alarmed until Tad said that the baby looked just like Jesse. Angie thanked Tad for his offbeat sense of humor.

Greenlee told Ryan that she hadn't wanted him to relive the night of David's death. Ryan reminded Greenlee that he wasn't going to see Dr. Frankel again. Greenlee started to talk about the feelings that Ryan had that night, but Jesse walked up and interrupted their conversation. Jesse asked if he could talk with Greenlee privately. Greenlee said that anything Jesse had to say could be shared in front of Ryan.

Jesse said that he needed Greenlee to go to the station with him to review the last night of David's life. Jesse revealed that the letters Greenlee had found were forgeries, and Jesse needed to try to unearth the source. Ryan was shocked that Jesse seemed to believe Greenlee had something to do with David's death. Before Jesse could explain any further, Brot showed up and handed Jesse a vial. Jesse told Greenlee that they'd obtained a search warrant for her car. Jesse hoped that the vial Brot had found didn't test positive for digitalis."

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