09/17/2009 Jake Watches Amanda & David

"As the dance marathon kicked off, JR found Marissa working at ConFusion. Marissa was surprised when JR announced that he had secured a place for them on the dance floor at the charity event. JR wondered if Marissa wanted to join him. Marissa was delighted to accept JR's offer. Scott watched from nearby as Marissa and JR left.

Cameras panned around the room as the couples danced to the lively music in Fusion. Meanwhile Tad, the host, explained to the viewing audience that donations could be made in honor of the couples on the dance floor. Each couple that received a fifteen thousand dollar donation in their honor would be allowed to rest for a short period of time.

Colby giggled when Pete confessed that he deeply regretted drinking lemonade just before the marathon had started. Meanwhile, Natalia lurked on the outskirts of the dance floor watching Annie. Jake offered to help Natalia get closer to Annie. A short time later, Jake cut in on Brot and Taylor while they danced. He asked Brot to dance with Natalia while Jake took over for Brot.

David objected to Jake's shenanigans. He led Amanda over to Tad, who took full advantage of the cameras. David was forced to be civil while Tad asked him to introduce Amanda. Tad was quick to correct David when he referred to Amanda's last name as "Dillon" rather than "Martin." Tad also informed David that there was a fifteen-minute grace period for late entries; Jake was well within the fifteen-minute window.

David's annoyance only grew when Tad smugly revealed that a five thousand dollar donation had been made in Jake's honor. It appeared that David's co-workers had pooled their money together. David bit back his fury as he reminded the viewing audience that he and Amanda were couple number twenty.

Elsewhere on the dance floor, Angie worried about Natalia's assignment to watch Annie. Jesse assured his wife that Natalia was up to the task.

Frankie and Randi softly swayed to the music. Madison stood in ConFusion and watched on a monitor as the camera focused on the happy couple. She quickly called in a donation of twelve thousand dollars in the hopes limiting their time on the dance floor. Madison kept a close eye on Frankie and Randi until they went to ConFusion for refreshments. As Madison lurked just out of sight, Randi ordered some water. Madison carefully poured something from a small vial into a water bottle.

Natalia thanked Brot for his understanding; she appreciated his willingness to help her to keep a close watch on Annie. As Adam and Annie danced and carried on like lovebirds, Tad announced that Adam and Annie had earned a rest. Natalia bristled that a war hero like Brot hadn't received more donations than people Adam and Annie. Brot decided to twitter his friends in an effort to recruit more donations.

Erica and Ryan watched as Annie and Adam left the dance floor. Luckily, Erica and Ryan had received sufficient donations to justify a short break. Erica quickly followed Annie and Adam to ConFusion. Annie and Erica managed to trade a few insults before Ryan joined them. Ryan accused Adam of putting on a show in an attempt to garner public sympathy for Annie. Ryan warned Annie that he wouldn't let her use Emma.

Ryan managed to push Annie's buttons by mentioning Emma. She lashed out at Ryan, but he caught her wrist before Annie had managed to slap him across the face. Adam smiled as he watched the scene unfold. Ryan was disappointed that the cameras had not caught Annie's outburst. Ryan considered it further proof of just how unstable Annie truly was. Annie snatched her hand back and then apologized to Adam. She decided to go to the restroom to freshen up.

As soon as Annie walked away, Erica warned Adam to keep a tight leash on Annie. Erica didn't want Annie to ruin the event with her theatrics. Adam gloated to Ryan that the tide was turning against Ryan. When Adam mentioned Zach's name, Ryan demanded to know what he was talking about. Adam suggested that Ryan question Zach.

Annie stepped into the hallway only to discover a police officer blocking her way. Annie was irritated. The policewoman explained that they wanted to make certain that Annie knew that she was being closely monitored. Annie insisted that she needed some space to breathe. The officer stepped away just as Scott approached Annie. He suggested that she should have stayed at the mansion if she wanted to be alone.

Scott wondered why Annie was really at the charity event. Annie claimed that she just wanted to spend some time with the man that she loved. Scott didn't appear to believe her, but he let the matter drop.

Liza resorted to desperate measures when she and Zach noticed that Adam and Annie had left the dance floor. Liza decided to dance provocatively with Zach in the hopes of raising enough money to earn a break. As she carried on with Zach, the donations flooded in. Within minutes, Liza and Zach had raised enough money to take a short rest.

In ConFusion, Ryan confronted Zach about Adam's comment. Ryan worried that Zach was using Emma to punish Ryan for taking Spike. Zach denied that he had secretly arranged meetings between Emma and Annie. Zach suggested that Ryan spend time with Emma if he was concerned about her welfare.

Ryan refused to be baited into an argument with Zach. Moments later, Erica approached Ryan to remind him that their time was up and that they had to return to the marathon. After Ryan and Erica left, Liza walked up to Zach. Zach excused himself for a moment. As he walked away, Liza's cell phone rang.

Kendall sat in her secret room watching the marathon unfold on television. When the camera showed Liza's sexy dance with Zach, Kendall fumed. She ranted at the television as she complained that Zach and Liza didn't appear to be focused on Annie. Eventually, Kendall couldn't take it any more. She snatched up the cell phone to call Liza. Liza was stunned when Kendall demanded that Liza put Zach on the phone. Liza didn't immediately comply, prompting Kendall to ask Liza who was watching Stuart.

When Zach returned to Liza's side, he noticed the look on her face. He quickly took the phone as Kendall continued to berate Liza. Kendall was unapologetic as Zach inquired why Kendall had called. Kendall informed Zach that while he and Liza had been in ConFusion, Annie and Adam had returned to the dance floor. To Kendall's shock, Zach disconnected the call without further comment.

Tad announced that a special donation of twenty thousand dollars had been made with the request that every couple perform a dance similar to the chicken dance. After Tad explained the steps, everyone began flapping their arms, snapping their fingers, and then spinning to a polka melody.

After the group dance, the couples paired off again. When Amanda spotted the nanny with Trevor, she and David twirled over to their son. Jake watched them. Taylor felt awful for Jake; she wondered why he continued to torture himself. Jake admitted that he was determined to be there for Amanda when everything crashed down around her.

Elsewhere on the dance floor, JR confessed that he had thought that Marissa would have invited Scott to the dance marathon. Marissa was curious until JR admitted that he'd seen Marissa with Scott at ConFusion. From what JR had observed, he'd assumed that Scott and Marissa had grown close. Marissa clarified that she and Scott were just friends; Marissa admitted that she was falling in love with JR.

JR was speechless. The idea that Marissa loved him scared him. JR confided that he was also falling in love with Marissa. Marissa beamed with joy. As the two kissed, the spotlight landed on them. David was furious when he saw his daughter and JR, but Amanda persuaded David not to act on his anger. Scott also witnessed the kiss as a touch of sadness crossed his expression.

A short time later, JR and Marissa walked off of the dance floor. They went to the rooftop where they resumed their kissing.

Annie was enjoying herself immensely on the dance floor. In her enthusiasm, she kissed Adam. Adam was suddenly assailed by vivid images of Annie and Emma on the night of Stuart's murder. Adam recalled running from Annie and then witnessing Stuart's collapse. Annie noticed Adam's ashen complexion. She asked him what was wrong, but Adam insisted that he was fine.

As Ryan and Erica danced, Ryan admitted that he was concerned that Zach might be helping Emma and Annie sneak visits. Erica sensed Ryan's concern; she urged him to go home to his daughter if he believed that Emma needed him. Ryan made it clear that he was determined to find out what Annie was up to. Erica glanced over at Annie and Adam. When Erica noticed Adam's slightly dazed expression, she suggested that Adam might be on the brink of dropping out of the marathon.

Erica quickly faked a sprained ankle in an effort to free Ryan up to dance with Annie. The trick worked to perfection. Within moments Annie reluctantly accepted Ryan's invitation to dance.

When Adam joined Scott on the sidelines, Scott asked if Adam was okay. Adam admitted that he was having flashbacks of the night that Stuart had died. Adam noticed that nearly everyone on the dance floor appeared to be watching Annie. Scott was certain that they kept a close eye on Annie because they suspected her of murdering Stuart. He wondered if Adam believed that Annie was guilty of the crime; Adam insisted that Annie was innocent.

Annie didn't try to hide her distrust of Ryan. She was curious if Ryan intended to force a confession from her. She seemed pretty confident that Ryan was doomed to be disappointed. Ryan suggested that perhaps Annie should be more cautious."

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