08/06/2009 Erica Tells Kendall To Run

"Marissa saw JR reading in the newspaper about Kendall confessing to Stuart's murder. JR told Marissa that despite Kendall's admittance, he still believed Annie killed Stuart. Even worse, Annie was about to become JR's stepmother. Marissa told JR not to let Adam's impending marriage to Annie get him down. JR told Marissa to stop acting like she knew what was best for him. Marissa told JR that Annie and Adam might really love each other. JR said Annie was only using Adam.

Marissa began to walk away from JR, but JR apologized. He said he was not like Scott, an idealist ready to save the world. Marissa said she did not want JR to be like Scott. JR asked what Marissa wanted from him. She said absolutely nothing and sulked off. Colby came into the pool area and asked JR what he did to upset Marissa. JR told Colby that he and Marissa were talking about Adam and Annie's engagement. Colby was shocked because Adam had not told her about the engagement. Of course, Colby was against the idea.

Adam was pleased when Annie entered, flashing her diamond engagement ring, and announced to Zach that she was marrying Adam. Adam ushered Annie and the security guard out of the room so he and Zach could speak. Zach said that Stuart would not want Kendall behind bars. Adam said Kendall needed to suffer. Zach said Kendall's daily guilt was enough suffering. Annie and the security guard returned to the room as Adam and Zach raised their voices.

Scott interjected into the conversation between Zach and Adam. He said that Stuart would not want Kendall to die for her crime. Annie even told Adam to consider how awful it would be for Ian and Spike to grow up without Kendall. After Zach left, Adam asked Annie if she really wanted him to help Kendall. Annie said that if Adam helped Kendall, Zach might leave them alone.

Liza checked on Kendall at the police station. Liza told Kendall she could have bought Kendall more time with her family, but Kendall said she was ready to stand trial.

Frankie saw the story in the newspaper about Kendall, too. He told Randi that it was hard to believe Kendall was a killer. Randi said that people sometimes did things by accident. Frankie figured Kendall's guilt led to her confession. Natalia stopped in and apologized to Frankie and Randi for burdening them with her suspicions that Jesse was covering something up. Angie emerged from a back room and asked Natalia what she thought Jesse was hiding.

Natalia said she told Jesse that Kendall confessed to the murder, but he ignored it. Randi said Jesse must have had his reasons. Natalia said she did not want Jesse upset with her. Angie said Jesse was nothing but proud of Natalia. Angie took Frankie to the hospital for a check up.

At the hospital, Angie asked Frankie if he noticed how quickly Randi jumped to Jesse's defense. Frankie said that Randi and Jesse had gotten close, especially after Randi's miscarriage. Angie said she confronted Jesse about Henry's death and believed Randi was involved. Angie said she asked Jesse if he was keeping something from her. Angie said Jesse did not deny it, but asked her to trust him.

Madison found Frankie at the hospital. She asked how Randi's baby was doing. Frankie's reaction immediately made Madison realize that Randi had lost the baby. Madison gave her condolences to Frankie, greeted Angie, and left. Angie told Frankie that she had a strange feeling about Madison, Jesse, and Randi.

Natalia told Randi she was not sure what to think of Jesse's odd behavior. Randi said everyone had secrets, including her. Randi said some secrets were better left unsaid. Natalia said that Jesse had an obligation to uphold the law. Randi said Jesse might be a cop, but that he was also a father and husband. Natalia said Jesse would need to learn to separate his work from his personal life. Randi said that Natalia just needed to trust Jesse's judgment.

Jesse told Ryan that Liza composed a list of family and friends that could speak on Kendall's behalf. Ryan was disappointed that he was not the list. Jesse said Ryan's past relationship with Kendall did not make him the best character witness. Erica rushed into the police station looking for Kendall. She went into the holding room, where Liza was speaking with Kendall, interrupted and told Kendall not to say another word.

Erica told Kendall she had a plane standing by, ready to whisk her and the children off to a safe place. Kendall said she was not able take her children away from their fathers. Erica said Kendall still had time to run away before the trial. Kendall refused to run off, and asked her mother not to go to the trial. Kendall said that Erica was no longer a character witness. Kendall begged her mother to spend time with her children instead of in the courtroom.

Erica hugged Kendall and went back outside to join Ryan and Jesse. Erica told them that Kendall wanted her with the children, not in the courtroom. Jesse said he agreed with Kendall. Ryan said he was also not allowed at the sentencing. Erica caught Zach as he arrived at the station. She asked Zach to make Kendall allow her in the courtroom. Zach ignored them and went straight in to see Kendall. Kendall asked Zach not to look at her in the courtroom. She wanted to remember the love and happiness in his eyes. Kendall told Zach she was lucky to be a part of his life. Zach said Kendall was the best part of his life. They shared a kiss and Zach left.

As Kendall requested, Erica watched Spike and Ian, but the babysitter had taken them to the park. Ryan stopped by to see how Erica was handling Kendall's legal woes. Ryan told Erica that they needed to accept that there was nothing more to do to help Kendall. He said Kendall was on her own. Erica admitted that, initially, she worried Zach would ruin Kendall's life, but she saw how committed he was to his family. Erica said she was worried the judge would sentence Kendall to death. Ryan was confident Kendall would not get a death sentence. Erica said Annie should be the one on trial.

Zach was first to take the witness stand at Kendall's trial. Zach said Kendall was an excellent mother who did not deserve to be taken from her children. He told the crowd that Kendall was grieving after almost losing her son, and not in the right state of mind when she went to the Chandler mansion.

Scott told the judge that Stuart was a man who saw the good in everyone. Adam agreed with Scott on the stand. Adam said that Stuart was dead because of his mistakes. Adam said he could not bring Stuart back, but would honor his memory by asking the judge for leniency. Marian walked in, looked at the judge, and said that although Stuart might have forgiven Kendall, she had not. On the stand, Marian said that no one knew what Stuart wanted, because Kendall killed him. As Marian got visibly upset, Liza got up to console her, but Marian pushed Liza away. Marian said Liza should be ashamed for defending Stuart's killer. Marian said she hoped Kendall suffered for the rest of her life and rotted in hell.

Annie rang a bell to get a maid's attention. The maid entered the living room, where Annie was lounging on the couch, reading a magazine and eating chocolate. Annie asked the maid about wedding dresses, but the maid was not very eager to help. The maid made a comment regarding Annie and Adam's age difference. Annie snapped at the maid to get back to work.

JR went to the Chandler mansion and found the maid annoyed with Annie's constant demands. JR told the maid to take a break and took Annie her coffee. Annie told JR that she was going to be the next Mrs. Chandler, whether he liked it or not. JR said, "I guess that's that," and helped himself to a cup of coffee. JR said he wanted Annie to admit that she was using Adam. JR found it hard to believe that Adam's older age turned Annie on. Annie said she was very attracted to Adam. JR leaned in and kissed Annie.

Everyone gathered outside of the courtroom after the testimonies. Marissa told Scott he did well on the stand. Marian told Adam she thought he would be more of a comfort to her during Stuart's death. Instead, Marian found nothing in Adam. Marian said she would be moving. Liza apologized to Zach for Marian's outburst. Zach said he understood that Marian was in pain.

Everyone returned to the courtroom to hear the judge's decision. The judge asked Kendall to rise so she could hear the verdict.

Madison passed Randi in the hallway. Madison said she ran into Frankie, and offered condolences for the loss of the baby. Randi told Madison to stay away from Frankie. Madison jokingly said she and Randi were supposed to be friends. Randi said friends didn't send each other twisted messages. Madison retorted that friends didn't kill each other's husbands, either. Randi was taken aback by Madison's accusation. Madison said Randi's secret was safe with her. Angie saw Madison and Randi tensely walk away from each other."

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