08/03/2009 Kendall's Escape

"David was curious when he witnessed Jake comforting Amanda in one of the examination rooms at the hospital. David plucked Amanda's file out of the nurse's hand when she left the room. He was stunned by what he read. David waited until Jake was alone before he offered his condolences to Jake. Jake's confusion turned to annoyance when David admitted that he had read Amanda's chart. David understood the pain of learning a spouse was infertile.

Taylor was reviewing her checklist, to determine why Trevor was crying, when Tad arrived. Tad quickly determined that Trevor needed to be burped. Taylor was embarrassed that she hadn't thought of it sooner. Tad demonstrated the finer points of burping a baby, for which he received a shoulder drenched in spit-up. Taylor broke out in giggles at Tad's expression of disgust.

After Trevor settled down, Tad and Taylor talked about their relationship. They agreed that they would remain platonic friends. Moments later, Amanda walked in. Taylor immediately sensed that Amanda was troubled. Amanda insisted that she just needed to spend some time alone with her son. She offered to watch the baby while Taylor and Tad went out.

Amanda's spirits lifted when Jake called to tell her that David had bought their latest lie. After Amanda ended the call with Jake, she revealed their plan to "adopt" a baby. According to Amanda, they had convinced David that Amanda couldn't have children in order to pave the way for Jake and Amanda to pretend to adopt a child. It was Jake and Amanda's hope to pass Trevor off as their adopted son.

Amanda was oblivious to Taylor's disappointment. After Taylor quickly excused herself and left, Tad joined Amanda on the sofa. He confessed that all of Jake and Amanda's lies had given him a headache. Amanda realized that they had put Tad in a difficult position; she thanked him for all of his help. Tad admitted that he was concerned about Taylor. He explained that Taylor had grown attached to Trevor.

Amanda reminded Tad that the arrangement with Taylor had always been intended to be temporary. She suggested that perhaps what Taylor needed was the distraction of a romance. When Tad realized that Amanda was hinting at a relationship between Tad and Taylor, he insisted that he and Taylor were just friends. Amanda didn't believe him, prompting Tad to remind Amanda that Taylor had just ended an engagement while Tad had recently been through a messy divorce.

Marissa met her mother at ConFusion to cancel their lunch date. Marissa explained that she was expected at court. Krystal assured Marissa that she understood, and wished her daughter luck. After Marissa left, Krystal gathered her things. On her way out, Krystal bumped into Taylor. They awkwardly greeted each other before Taylor made her way to the bar.

As Taylor ordered a glass of iced tea, Krystal joined her. Krystal confessed that Tad had told her that he was dating Taylor. Taylor clarified that she and Tad were just friends. Krystal smiled as she forged ahead. She cautioned Taylor that Tad no longer viewed relationships casually. For that reason, and because Krystal and Tad shared a child and lived together, she thought it might be a good idea for Taylor and Krystal to get to know each other.

A short time later, David found Krystal and Taylor bonding over cheesy fries and amusing tidbits about Tad. David and Krystal quickly realized that Marissa had arranged to have lunch with both of them. David decided to talk to Marissa about her efforts to play matchmaker. Krystal wished David luck; she had attempted to do the same, to no avail.

After David left, Krystal asked Taylor to be good to Tad. Krystal explained that Tad had his fair share of heartbreak, in part because of Krystal's affair with David. Taylor wondered if Krystal was in love with Tad. Krystal confided that she wanted what was best for Tad. After Krystal went to the bathroom, Tad approached Taylor at the bar. They chatted for a few minutes before Tad suggested that they return to the baby. Krystal had overheard the exchange, which prompted her to ask, "What baby?"

Kendall dreamed that she was on trial for Stuart's murder. As Kendall faced the jury, Stuart stood up and accused Kendall of causing his death. Natalia woke Kendall from the nightmare to tell her that it was time for Kendall to go to court.

Before Kendall was transferred to the courthouse, she was taken to Jesse's office. When Jesse sensed that Kendall was resigned to her fate, he urged her not to give up hope. Jesse reminded Kendall that she had many people on her side. Kendall appreciated Jesse's support, but she remained downcast.

When Natalia arrived to notify Jesse that the security detail had arrived for Kendall, she asked Jesse if she could join the transport to the courthouse. Jesse reluctantly agreed, however, he made it clear that Natalia was only to observe.

Liza was concerned when she spotted Ryan and Zach outside of the courtroom. She explained that Ryan couldn't be present for the jury selection because he was scheduled to testify during the trial. A.D.A. Willis approached a few minutes later. He informed Ryan that he had obtained a subpoena for Emma's testimony. After Willis entered the courtroom, Liza accused Ryan and Zach of plotting something. She warned them not to jeopardize Kendall's case. Liza feared that it would make matters worse for Kendall, not better.

Ryan took Ian to the hospital for a check-up. Jake was surprised that Ryan, not Zach, had taken Ian in. Ryan explained that he was helping Zach out. When the nurse informed Ryan that Ian's appointment was scheduled for the following week, Ryan persuaded Jake to do the examination. After Jake gave Ian a clean bill of health, he asked Ryan what name he wanted Ian's prescriptions under.

Ryan pretended not to understand the question. Jake pointed out that Ryan's unscheduled visit with Ian suggested that Zach intended to flee with Kendall and the children. Jake didn't think it would be wise to write the prescriptions in Ian's name if the Slaters wanted to remain undetected. Jake surprised Ryan with an offer to help.

Shortly after Kendall's arrival at the courthouse, the jury selection began. Zach assured Kendall that everything would be okay, but Kendall remained troubled. When the proceedings wrapped up for the day, Zach whispered to Kendall to go to the bathroom. A guard ordered Zach to back away from Kendall, precluding her from responding to Zach.

In the hallway, Kendall asked to use the bathroom. Initially the guards denied her request. Outraged, Kendall threatened to file a complaint against the officers. They eventually capitulated, but warned Kendall that she would only have a few minutes. Alone in the bathroom, Kendall was startled when Ryan opened the window and poked his head inside. He implored Kendall to climb through the window before the guards fetched her.

In the hallway, Aidan approached Zach. Aidan was hopeful there would be at least one juror sympathetic to Kendall. Zach was leery of Aidan's support. Aidan insisted that he wanted to help. While Zach and Aidan talked, Natalia approached Kendall's guards. When she announced her intention to go to the bathroom to check on Kendall, Zach asked Aidan, "Do you still want to help?" Before Aidan could respond, Zach punched him.

As expected, the attack drew the attention of the guards. It took several minutes for the security detail to give chase after Natalia returned from the bathroom with news of Kendall's disappearance. Liza was livid as she realized that Zach had orchestrated Kendall's escape. She begged Zach to tell her where Kendall was before it was too late. Zach remained silent.

In the courtroom, Jesse confronted Liza. He suspected that Liza was behind Kendall's flight from custody. Liza denied any knowledge of the escape, but Jesse didn't believe her. He reminded her that she didn't have any credibility because she had disappeared years earlier with Colby. After Jesse walked out, Liza's gave in to her frustration. She pounded on the table and was in the process of throwing her briefcase across the courtroom when she accidentally struck David in the head.

Jake, Spike, and Ian were waiting when Ryan and Kendall arrived at a warehouse. After Kendall was reunited with her sons, Jake left. Ryan explained that Kendall had to hurry; Erica was waiting with a boat to sneak Kendall and the boys out of town. Kendall was stunned to realize that her mother was involved in the plot.

Kendall was moved by Ryan's emotional farewell with Spike. As she watched Ryan and Spike, she recalled special moments over the years with Spike. She realized that she couldn't separate her children from their fathers. To Ryan's surprise, Kendall refused to leave. Moments later, Zach arrived. He was shocked to see Kendall in the warehouse.

Zach explained that he had barely managed to slip away from the police. As sirens wailed in the background, Zach begged Kendall to leave, but she refused to budge.

Jake went to Taylor's to see Trevor. Amanda apologized when Jake walked in; she explained that she couldn't stay away from the baby. Jake didn't hold it against Amanda because he couldn't stay away from Trevor, either. As Jake and Amanda settled on the sofa, Amanda thanked Jake for everything he had done for her. She looked forward to being able to openly spend time with her son."

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