03/20/2009 Annie Tries To Remember Her Birthday Party

"Jack spoke with a doctor about the discovery of Greenlee's body, and signed paperwork that assured her body would be brought back to Pine Valley. The doctor told him that DNA tests were still being processed, but that they would notify him when they were complete. The doctor left, and Erica made her presence known. Jack was skeptical about her return, even though she swore that she had returned to be there for him in his hour of need. Jack believed that she had returned to make a play for the shares in Fusion that Greenlee had left to Ryan, but Erica told him that while she would stay involved, she welcomed Ryan to the company with open arms. Jack told her that she shouldn't worry about his well-being, as he believed she would have her hands full dealing with other matters. Jackson left.

Krystal ran into Angie at the hospital and tried to convince her that David couldn't have been involved with JR's poisoning. Angie refused to believe in David's innocence and told Krystal that she was done giving Krystal the benefit of the doubt. Farther down the hall, Colby placed a frantic call to her father and, as David listened in, she pleaded with her father to return home so that he could help her and JR get through the latest crisis.

Jesse found David and interrupted his eavesdropping. Jesse asked how David had been involved with JR's poisoning. David claimed that he didn't know anything, but Colby, who had ended her call, stormed over and called David a liar. Jesse asked her if she had proof, and Colby pointed out that she saw David driving away as she returned home. When she entered the house, she found JR unconscious. David told her that she should know from past experience that it wasn't a good idea to lie to the police.

David then called a nurse over and asked her to provide him with an alibi, which she easily did. That caused Colby to freak out, but Jesse calmed her down and told her that such behavior wasn't helpful. She stormed off and David quipped that the Chandlers were all about telling lies.

Krystal went to check on JR, and he grabbed her arm and demanded that she tell him what David had done to him. Krystal acted as if David had done nothing and quickly changed tacks to avoid the topic. She pleaded with him to reveal where Adam had taken her grandson and said that she simply wanted to know if the little boy was safe. JR told her that Little Adam was fine, but that he himself was in danger, because David wanted him dead. He then refused to tell her anything further about his father or his son, and Krystal felt backed into a corner.

In more panicked tones, she demanded information regarding the whereabouts of her grandson. She became increasingly insistent when JR asked if it was David or the drugs he fed her that made her so paranoid. Colby rushed in and demanded that Krystal get away from her brother. Angie wasn't far behind and told Krystal that she needed to stop harassing patients. Krystal pled with JR a few moments more before she took her leave.

Out in the hall, Krystal rounded the corner just as Jesse questioned David's innocence. After Jesse realized that he would get nowhere with his inquiries, he left. Krystal informed her husband that everyone knew that David was involved in JR's poisoning. David told his wife to get herself together, and then said that Colby's frantic call to Adam would get them exactly what they wanted, as Adam was probably en route to Pine Valley, with Little Adam in tow.

Jesse paid JR a visit and asked about the possibility that there would be evidence that linked David to the poisoning at the Chandler mansion, but neither JR nor Colby was sure. Jesse departed for the scene after he told them that he would let them know if he found anything. Angie left the room with her husband, which allowed time for Colby to tell her brother that she had called Adam. JR realized that they had played things exactly as David had wanted them to because Adam's return would mean Little Adam would be back in town, as well. JR got in touch with his father and provided an update in time for Adam to reroute his plans. After JR got off the phone and assured Colby that things would be fine, he told her that they needed to be more careful so that David would never get his hands on Little Adam.

Angie passed David and Krystal in the hall and made both her disgust for David and her disdain for Krystal completely clear. David realized that Krystal had lost yet another friend, and apologized for the way he had spoken to her earlier. He told her that he was the only friend she needed. His phone rang then, and he told her that he needed to go.

Moments later, Erica passed by, and Krystal begged her to share information about Little Adam. Erica feigned innocence and said that all she knew was that Krystal and David had plans to steal Little Adam from the only family the little boy knew. She then delivered a sinister promise that neither Krystal not her husband would see their grandson again. After Erica boarded the elevator, Krystal ran off to find her husband. When she located him, she told him about Erica's return to town and said that either Adam was back, as well, or Erica knew where Adam and his grandson were.

Annie called Aidan back to the hospital and told him that he needed to break her out of the hospital. Aidan told her that he would get her out in time and in a legal way. She explained that it was Emma's birthday and that she'd never missed a celebration with her daughter since Emma's birth. Aidan assured her that Emma knew her mother was in the hospital to get better and said that they could have a birthday party for the little girl once Annie was released. Saddened, but content with the decision, Annie gave Aidan a present that she had made for Emma, and asked him to deliver it before the end of the day.

Tori met up with Annie after Aidan's departure and apologized for the mean things she had said about Ryan earlier. She lamented that she might not become a successful therapist if she couldn't learn the right things to say. Annie forgave her, but said they needed to determine some ground rules so they would know what they were able to talk about, and what was off-limits. They focused on the birthday party that Annie would throw for Emma once Annie was released from Oak Haven, and Tori recalled many happy memories from birthday parties she'd had growing up.

Annie said that said that she couldn't remember any parties of her own, and Tori thought that there might be painful memories connected to them that Annie didn't want to think about. Annie said that she needed to remember them in case they helped her to get better. They tried hypnosis but in the instant that Annie started to remember something unpleasant, she snapped out of her trance.

Reese woke up agitated by flashing lights that she perceived behind her closed eyes. Angie told her that they could be attributed to her nerve reconnection and said that it was important for her to rest and let herself heal. She gave Reese medication to help her sleep and, once Reese drifted off, she dreamt that her parents were back in her life and were attempting to reunite her with Simon. Reese told them that she was in love with Bianca and that they needed to accept that she was a lesbian, but they told her that she needed to open her eyes and accept who she really was.

Ryan went to the Slater house and, even though Kendall told him that it wasn't a good time, Ryan said that he needed to apologize for the way he had treated her. As Zach bore witness, Ryan laid a kiss on her. When they parted and Ryan realized that they had been discovered, he stepped back to allow Kendall to try to fix things. Zach wanted to leave, but Kendall insisted that things weren't as bad as they seemed. Zach believed that Kendall simply wanted him to react more dramatically and he told her it wouldn't happen. He stated his assumption that things in Connecticut had gone well, and then asked Ryan if Kendall let him sleep with her.

When they offered no response, Zach noted that he'd forgotten how Kendall dealt with pain. Hurt at the reminder, she told him that he should leave. Before he did as she asked, he asked her if she thought that Ryan slept with her out of love for her, or hatred for Zach. Ryan started to defend her, but Zach told him to calm down, as there was nothing left to fight over.

After Zach's departure, Ryan tried to make things better by telling Kendall that she saved him from going over the edge after Greenlee's death. Kendall couldn't deal with anything other than what seemed like the imminent destruction of her marriage, and Ryan asked her if she wanted Zach back. Kendall wasn't sure of anything except that she needed time alone.

Ryan opened the door to leave, and found Erica at the threshold. Erica expressed her sympathies about Greenlee and welcomed Ryan to Fusion in the same breath. He thanked her and then took his leave, which gave Kendall the opportunity to confess that instead of fighting for her marriage - she had instead fought against Zach. She also confessed that she'd slept with Ryan and, although dismayed, Erica assured her that she and Zach could still make things work.

Kendall told her mother that she wasn't certain that Zach loved her enough to get through their problems, and Erica asked whom Kendall truly loved. Kendall said that she loved both Zach and Ryan, so Erica told her that she needed to decide whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Ryan returned to Fusion and sat in the dark for a few moments before Aidan joined him. Aidan gave Ryan the gift that Annie made for Emma's birthday, and found out that it was actually Annie's birthday.

Jesse returned to the hospital and admitted to Angie that he had been unable to find any evidence at the Chandler mansion that linked David to the poisoning. Just then, David found the police chief and told him that Erica had returned to town. He told Jesse to do his job and question Erica to uncover the whereabouts of David's grandson.

In her dream, Reese ripped the bandages off of her eyes, which woke her up. She found Zach trying to keep her from doing the same thing in reality. His protests stopped when she told him that she could see. She then told him about her dream, and that she realized she no longer needed approval from her family or Bianca's - she just needed to love Bianca. Zach celebrated that she could see again, and then remarked that everyone else was still in the dark.

Angie returned to JR's room and told him about the lack of evidence, and that Erica was back in town. The young man attempted to get out of bed so that he could intercept a confrontation between Erica and David, but Angie refused to let him go. At that same moment, across town, David and Jesse showed up at Kendall's house, and David demanded information on his grandson. Even though Jesse warned her that he could take her downtown for official questioning, Erica swore that she had nothing to share."

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