01/12/2009 Tad Confronts David

"Colby went to see Pete at his home. Pete was delighted to see her, but he pretended that he was busy. She asked if he had plans with his new girlfriend, Scarlett. He let Colby think that Scarlet was his girlfriend. He then stated that he had time to talk with Colby. She vented to him about JR's drinking. She was very worried about her brother and asked Pete for advice on how to help him. Pete hugged her as she cried. He proceeded to lean in for a kiss. She was startled and chastised him for trying to cheat on Scarlet. He admitted that Scarlet was a prostitute, not his girlfriend. He further confessed that he hired Scarlet to make Colby jealous. Colby looked confused, so Pete blurted out that he loved her. He said that he was tired of being her friend. He reminded her that they made a connection the night that he was struck by lightening. Colby was flattered, but affirmed that they were just friends. His eyes filled with tears as he asked her to leave. He stated that he could not be friends with her anymore.

Amanda entered David's home to find him playing the piano with a satisfied grin on his face. She saw a gun sitting on the piano and demanded to know where JR was, but David said nothing. She felt the gun and it was still warm. She was worried that David had shot JR, especially since she noticed blood on her yacht. David replied that he had the right to defend himself. She assumed that he killed JR, but he assured her that JR was fine. He explained that the blood she found was his and that JR had taken him hostage. She was furious that he let her believe JR was dead. David slyly smiled and commented that Amanda seemed "hooked" on JR.

Krystal was nervous that Tad believed JR about her relationship with David. JR taunted her and affirmed that the party was over with David. She begged Tad not to listen to JR. She explained to Tad that JR was drinking again and he could not be trusted. Tad was disappointed that JR fell off the wagon. Tad told JR to go home and get rest. Right before JR left, he stated that David was using Krystal to get custody of Little Adam.

Tad asked Krystal if she was having an affair with David. Krystal looked sheepish and did not answer. Tad demanded to know what Krystal was doing while he was in Africa. She divulged that David gave her pills. Tad worried that David drugged and raped her, but she said that was not true. Tad wondered why Krystal was drawn to men like Adam and David. She exclaimed, "They make me feel alive!" He looked insulted. She explained that Tad made her feel safe. Nevertheless, she did not think that Tad understood her grief. She was frustrated that Tad expected her to move on too soon after her daughter died. He claimed that he tried to console her, but she pushed him away. He asked her again if she slept with David and she admitted that they had sex while Tad was gone. He was distraught that she gave up her life with him and their daughters. She affirmed that she still wanted to be with them. Tad grabbed her coat and told her to go with him.

Tad and Krystal arrived at David's home. David saw Tad and snidely noted that he was expecting him. Krystal asked David to explain how he helped her through a difficult time. David assumed that Tad did not want to hear any explanations. David asked Tad what he wanted and Tad replied that he wanted David to get what he deserved.

Tad explained to Krystal that David was using her to hurt him and to gain custody of Little Adam. Krystal refused to believe that David was manipulating her. Tad commented that they must be in love since she was defending him. Tad further noted that Babe would be disgusted with David and Krystal's actions. David grabbed the gun and pointed it at Tad. Tad laughed because he knew David would not shoot him. David lowered the gun. Tad stated that David took Dixie from him, but he would not allow David to take Krystal, because he was willingly giving her to David. Tad stormed out of the house and Krystal wanted to chase after him. David urged her to stay at his place.

Amanda found JR on her yacht. He had a bottle of booze in his hand and he was very intoxicated. She took the bottle away from him as he wallowed in his sorrows. He said that he could not go home because he did not want Little Adam to see him drunk. She understood and told him that he could spend the night with her. JR rambled on about being a bad father to Little Adam and a disappointment to Adam. He felt he should jump off the yacht because he was worthless. Amanda was frustrated with his self-loathing and told him to jump. She then gave him a bottle of liquor and encouraged him to drink it, so he could be an even meaner drunk. He realized that he needed to sober up and asked Amanda for coffee. He promised to try to stop drinking, especially for his son. She was pleased and kissed him.

Bianca secretly watched Zach and Reese through a window. She saw Zach hug Reese and give her a kiss on the forehead. Bianca looked aggravated and left.

Reese was concerned about her relationship with Bianca. She feared that Bianca went to Connecticut to plan the wedding because she wanted to get away from Reese. Zach assured Reese that she and Bianca were going to have a wonderful wedding. Then, Zach got a call telling him that Bianca had been in a car accident.

Reese and Zach rushed to the hospital. Bianca had minor injuries, but they could tell she was very upset. Bianca confessed that she did not go to Connecticut because she wanted to spy on them. Reese realized that Bianca had set her up. Bianca revealed that she witnessed them in an intimate embrace. They swore to Bianca that they were just friends. Zach explained that he was comforting Reese because Erica reamed her out. Bianca was resolute that Reese had feelings for Zach.

Zach visited Kendall, so Bianca and Reese could talk. Reese promised Bianca that she loved her and that she wanted to get married. She told Bianca to trust her, but Bianca could not. Reese was frustrated and did not want Bianca to test her for the rest of her life. Reese asked if the wedding was off and Bianca did not answer. Bianca turned over in her bed and said she was going to sleep. Reese tried to kiss her goodnight, but Bianca moved away.

A nurse brought Bianca a note from Reese. In the note, Reese told Bianca that she wanted Bianca to be happy, even if it was not with her. Reese stated that she was returning to Paris. Inside the envelope, Reese returned her engagement ring.

Zach entered his home and saw Reese's suitcase. Reese held Gabrielle and cried. Reese did not want to leave Bianca, Gabrielle, and Miranda. Zach pleaded with her to stay. Then, Bianca arrived. Bianca apologized and begged Reese not to leave. Reese was elated that Bianca still loved her and they kissed."

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