12/19/2008 A Carnival For Myrtle

"Zach looked over the obituary for Myrtle in the paper, and then made a toast to his dearly departed friend. He thought back on a time when they shared Bloody Marys and he confessed that Kendall did indeed love him. An employee shook him out of his reverie, although he had asked not to be disturbed, and delivered a package - from Myrtle.

As Bianca tried to blink back tears while she read Myrtle's obituary, Reese held her close and apologized for hiding the truth about Kendall. Bianca brushed it off and said that she understood that both Reese and Zach were trying to protect her. She added that the last thing that she wanted to do - especially at a time like this - was tell her mother that her oldest child was slipping away. Then, Reese noticed a mystery box, and when she asked about it, Bianca knelt down and revealed that the box was from Myrtle.

Opal opened her front door and gasped when she saw that she had received a box from Myrtle. She flashed back to a visit she had paid Myrtle at her boutique, in search of the advice the old carnie was always willing to give. Pete raced down the stairs to find out if his mother was all right, and when he saw what his mother held in her arms, he asked if she planned to open it. Opal resisted at first, as she was not ready to say goodbye, but she finally gave in. When she cracked the lid, she realized Myrtle had bequeathed her crystal ball from back in her traveling days. As they looked deep within the crystal, they gazed upon Myrtle's past run-ins with some of Pine Valley's elite.

Jack accompanied Erica to the boutique Myrtle once owned, and was shocked to see all of the changes the new owners had made. She then noticed a dress box with a satin ribbon on a nearby counter and noted that special touches like that were hardly seen anymore. She glanced at the attached note card and realized that it was addressed to her. When she opened the envelope and extracted the card from inside, she saw that the gift came from none other than Myrtle herself.

Zach went to the hospital, intent on not being alone when he opened the box he received. He sat by Kendall's bedside and explained that Myrtle had passed away, and then lifted the top of the box and saw a photo album emblazoned with the phrase "It's All Worth It," something she had said to him more than once. He opened the cover and a program from the opening reception of the Miranda Center fell out. It brought to mind the first time he and Myrtle met and how, a short time afterwards, she made a point to introduce herself and warn him that he would be in trouble with her if he hurt anyone she loved. The next page showed a picture of them sitting across from one another, and he revealed that to be one moment of the many where she set him straight on love. After he mentally reminisced a little while longer, he told her that the last lesson Myrtle left with him was one of learning to be patient. He promised Kendall that he would try to honor that lesson, as that was all she needed to regain consciousness.

A short time later, he exited Kendall's room, only to be stopped by David before he could leave the hospital. David asked him if he'd told the rest of the family that it was only a matter of time before Kendall would expire, and Zach told him no. When David asked why, Zach told him that there was always hope, and that Kendall just needed a little more time. He then headed to the construction site and told the workers to stop what they were doing. He told them that the carnival was coming to town, and handed over a set of instructions.

Bianca went to the boutique and, upon her entrance, Jack announced that Erica had gotten a surprise gift. Bianca walked in with the one she received and after Jack made the choice to leave them alone, Bianca revealed that she had been gifted with a music box much like the one that Myrtle had given to Bianca at Miranda's baby shower. Erica noted that Myrtle shared a lot of magic with the people that she knew by the way she loved them. Erica then confided in Bianca that she believed years earlier, her mother and Myrtle had made a pact to make sure that Erica always had someone to take care of her. She alit on a few times through the years when Myrtle literally held her hand through the toughest of times. Bianca picked up on her mother's concern that she would be left with that need unfulfilled when she went over and stepped in as hand-holder.

Bianca then recalled how Myrtle had been there for her through the toughest time in her life - when she came out to Erica and was afraid that her mother would never forgive her. Myrtle told her that she had nothing to fear because Erica would always love her. Erica confirmed that, and then said that Myrtle would want them to focus on happier times. Bianca agreed and reminded her mother of the time the three of them, along with Opal, got arrested. After a good laugh about that memory, Erica decided that she was ready to open her box. When she did, she found the dress that she thought she had ruined years before and was both shocked and pleased that Myrtle had somehow managed to restore it.

The Hubbard family stopped by the boarding house that Myrtle ran for many years, and Angie and Jesse talked briefly about how Myrtle had stood up to Angie's father once upon a time. They also noted that nobody could get away with much under Myrtle's roof, and Frankie had to agree. He pointed out that Myrtle always had great advice, and Amanda, the newest arrival to the front porch, agreed wholeheartedly. They all flashed back on their various memories until Greenlee and Ryan arrived. Ryan told the youngest of the crowd about how he stayed there when he first came to town, and how Myrtle attempted to set his moral compass in the right direction.

They all noted that Myrtle had always maintained an open door policy, and Greenlee shared her story of how she had to be the only person that didn't fit that bill. Ryan reminded her that Myrtle eventually warmed up to her. He then pointed out that Angie and Frankie had to have known Myrtle the longest, but a voice piped up from out in the yard to disprove that. Angie leapt up, hugged the newest arrival and then introduced Kelly Tyler to the group as someone who had been like a daughter to Myrtle. Kelly shared a few words, and then placed the flowers she'd brought with her in front of the house, placed a kiss on the door, and noted aloud just how much Myrtle would be missed.

All of those near and dear to Myrtle gathered at the casino in the newly christened Fargate Carnival Room and, as Bianca serenaded the group with the song "Once Upon A Time," they all alternately mourned their loss and celebrated her life. Erica fought through the tears that had welled up and was able to talk more about her old friend and the gifts she possessed and shared throughout her time on earth. She then asked Zach if he wanted to speak for a few moments, but quickly realized that the mogul had gone missing. At that same moment, Zach stopped the operation of the elevator and sat on the floor inside to grieve alone. He came back a short while later as the gathering dispersed, and confirmed that he was fine. He bid all a good night, and then mentally recited a poem to the memorial photo of Myrtle before he placed a yellow rose on the edge of the easel, and walked away.

Now who will lead our carnival
And who will make us stronger
Who will mend our broken sleep
When she is here no longer
For whose part do we stand and bow
What stories do we tell
And will we memorize the day
When great and greatness fell
Say will this valley overcome
And will these shadows fade
And will we lift our eyes to see
The beauty that she made
The disappearing last of her
That leads to worlds unknown
Has left a path to softly tread
When sadness wanders home
I’ll meet thee where the highland winds
Divide wild mountain thyme
Where I will be forever yours…and you forever mine."

- Soap Central