10/16/2008 Erica & Adam Are Trapped

"Ryan punched a police officer after he was pulled over. The cop was unconscious and Ryan looked nervous, so he helped wake up the officer. The cop immediately handcuffed Ryan and called for backup. Jesse arrived on the scene and asked why Ryan was being arrested. Ryan admitted that he punched the officer. Jesse chastised Ryan for constantly getting into trouble. Jesse urged Ryan to go home to his daughter, especially because Annie was worried Emma was in danger. Ryan assured Jesse that Emma was safe. Then, Jesse was informed over his radio that a tornado watch was in effect for Pine Valley. Jesse told the cop to make sure that everyone in the town was off the roads. Jesse proceeded to let Ryan go with a warning. Ryan rushed off and Jesse assumed that he was going to find Greenlee.

Aidan and Annie were outside of the Comeback. Aidan stated that they were both "road kill from the Greenlee and Ryan truck." Annie affirmed that Aidan was in the same situation as her. He smugly noted that he was nothing like Annie. She asked if he would help her get Emma back. He refused to get involved in anything that involved Greenlee or Ryan. He further stated that he was moving on with his life. Annie was skeptical because she knew that Aidan was not over Greenlee.

Jesse ran into Aidan and Annie. He told them about the tornado watch. Annie feared for Emma's safety, but Jesse informed her that Ryan said the little girl was safe. Annie asked if Emma was with Ryan and Jesse said no. Aidan assumed that Ryan was searching for Greenlee.

Annie broke into Ryan's apartment to look for Emma. Annie saw a newspaper that was opened to the movie listings. She realized that Corinna had taken Emma to a movie and rushed to the theater. Corinna and Emma exited the theater and Annie accosted them. After Annie and Corinna argued about Emma's safety, they realized the little girl was gone. Annie worried that her stalker had kidnapped Emma.

Erica visited Adam at his mansion. She scolded Adam for using subpoenas to manipulate JR into returning from San Diego. Just then, JR, Babe, and Little Adam entered the home. JR was anxious to get their depositions finished, so they could return to San Diego. Erica revealed that Adam was using the lawsuit to get JR to come home. JR asked if that was true. Adam confessed that he was upset with how they left things. Adam pleaded with his son to stay in Pine Valley. JR was aggravated that Adam lied to him. JR declared that he was going to stay at the Pine Valley Inn, not the mansion.

After JR, Babe, and Little Adam left, Adam threw a glass across the room. He exclaimed that JR was a pig-headed fool. He admitted that he missed JR so much it hurt. He then blamed Babe for turning his son against him. Erica consoled Adam by suggesting that they take a trip to New York together. In turn, he suggested that they go to the Caribbean instead. She agreed, so Adam text messaged Colby to tell her that he and Erica were leaving town. Meanwhile, Erica called Kendall to let her know that she was about to go away with Adam to find out more information for her.

Adam and Erica were about to leave when the power went out in the mansion due to the storm. As Adam searched for a flashlight, they saw a person run into the mansion's secret passageway. Adam and Erica were determined to find out who was in the house, so they went into the passageway. They opened the door to a secret room and were alarmed to see that someone was living there. They found food, newspaper clippings of JR and Babe, and Little Adam's football. They wondered if Annie was telling the truth about her stalker. Then, the door slammed shut behind them and they were locked in the room.

Opal, Pete, and Colby went to the Comeback. Opal strongly encouraged Krystal to close the bar and warned that death was at the door. Krystal looked concerned, but Tad yelled at Opal to stop frightening everyone. Opal then grabbed her chest and collapsed. Angie and Frankie ran to her and administered CPR. They restored Opal's pulse just as an ambulance arrived. Tad felt guilty for yelling at his mother. Tad said that he was going to the hospital with Opal, so he asked Pete to stay with Colby.

Angie, Frankie, Randi, Krystal, Babe, JR, Little Adam, and Cathy were at the Comeback. Jesse informed everyone that the tornado watch was upgraded to a warning. They prepared to spend the night at the bar.

Natalia entered the bar and Jesse looked nervous. She wanted to go see her mother. He explained that they could not go anywhere because of the tornado. Angie saw them talking and asked what was going on between them.

JR told Colby about his encounter with Adam. Colby worried that Adam was upset, so she and Pete went to the mansion to check on him. When they got to the mansion, the lights were out.

Kendall tried to comfort Greenlee, but Greenlee was distraught. Greenlee cried and explained that she could not make it work with Aidan or Ryan. Kendall disagreed and urged Greenlee to give Ryan another chance. Zach entered the room and saw Greenlee crying. He quipped that she must be talking about Ryan if tears were involved. As Kendall made tea, Zach poured Greenlee a glass of liquor. She declined it, so he drank it. She confided that she did not know what to do about her love for Ryan. He told her that she needed to make her own decisions and not allow Kendall or Jackson to make them for her. She agreed, and left.

Kendall and Zach played board games. She gloated about winning and said that she wanted s'mores as her prize. Zach left the beach house to buy groceries. After he left, Kendall noticed that the weather was getting very bad. She wished that Zach had not left.

Ryan found Greenlee at their "special place." Greenlee said that she wanted to be alone to think. He professed his love for her and begged her to give their love a second chance. Ryan held out his hand and Greenlee grabbed it. Then, the clouds parted and a tornado formed in the sky."

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