09/25/2008 Adam Covers For Annie

"Ryan ushered Emma out of the bedroom. He slipped the gun into his pocket and went downstairs. Babe told JR that she did not care about getting a new engagement ring. Suddenly, Little Adam began choking. Annie rushed to his side and was able to get him breathing again. Frankie and Angie quickly examined Little Adam to make sure he was okay. Frankie said Little Adam did not appear to have sustained any major damage. JR shared the good news with the rest of the crowd. Adam told Annie he was impressed with her calm demeanor as Little Adam was choking. Annie said it was just motherly instincts. Ryan came outside to join Adam and Annie. He pulled out the gun and asked her why it was in Emma's bedroom. Annie pretended that she did not know how the gun got in Emma's room. Ryan accused Annie of lying to him.

Kendall looked disappointed when she heard JR thank Annie for saving Little Adam's life. Kendall told Zach that Annie only helped Little Adam to try to earn back Ryan's trust. Erica scolded Kendall for being so harsh on Annie. Frustrated, Zach walked away. Erica, Zach, and Kendall came outside when they heard Ryan and Annie yelling at each other. Ryan said he found the gun in Emma's room. Ryan handed the gun to Zach. As Ryan pressured Annie to tell the truth, Adam admitted he put the gun in Emma's room. He said he hid the gun to protect Babe while the Satin Slayer was on the loose, and must have forgotten to lock it up in the safe after the murderer was captured. Ryan told Annie he wanted Emma to stay with him because she was not safe with Annie. Annie claimed Ryan wanted to take Emma as a way of getting back at her for losing their baby. Zach told Ryan to come home with him and Kendall and spend time with Spike. Once the trio arrived home, Kendall wanted to call Jackson to see if Ryan could get full custody of Emma. She pushed Ryan to file charges against Annie. Ryan told Kendall to let him handle Annie alone. Kendall told Zach that Ryan was right. It was not her place to meddle in his marriage to Annie.

Jesse arrived at the party a little late. Tad asked Jesse if he was having an affair. Tad said he heard Jesse on his cell phone telling someone he loved them. Also, Tad said he knew that Jesse was not at the police station before arriving at the party. Tad asked Jesse for the identity of the mystery woman. Jesse said he tried to end a relationship with another woman, but the woman wouldn't let him go. Tad said Angie was suspicious of Jesse's behavior. Angie found Jesse at home, but had no idea he had even shown up at the party. Jesse said he needed to talk to her about his past. He said an ex-lover was the one calling and hanging up on him. Angie asked what the woman wanted. Jesse said the woman wanted him back, but he refused to leave Angie.

JR and Babe threatened to leave with Little Adam unless Adam removed all the guns in the house. Adam told Annie he knew the gun was hers, but chose to take the blame as a way to thank her for saving Little Adam. Annie accused Kendall of planting the gun to make her look bad. Adam said Kendall and the rest of the Fusion clan would soon get exactly what they had coming. Erica overheard the word "Fusion" slip from Adam's mouth. She went into the room and asked him what he said about Fusion. Annie said she and Adam were discussing the new Bella perfume.

JR took Babe outside to properly ask her if she would marry him. Babe said yes, but their happiness was disturbed when they heard Annie. Annie was screaming at Ryan, who had Emma asleep in his arms. Emma woke up and asked Ryan where they were going. Ryan said he was taking Emma home.

Frankie told Randi that he had a surprise for her. They went to the Fusion rooftop for a romantic candlelight picnic. Frankie and Randi kissed, but she pulled away when things got a little too intense. Randi said she was not used to being intimate with a man for emotional reasons. Frankie said he loved Randi.

Colby felt guilty for not immediately trying to help Little Adam as he choked. Pete told Colby that she had nothing to feel guilty about. He said that the way she delivered Jennie was heroic enough to him. Colby told Pete to stop talking to her, and left.

The doctor told Aidan that plenty of rest and fluids would make Greenlee feel better. The doctor said the rash was an allergic reaction to seafood, but she would make a full recovery. After the doctor left, Greenlee immediately realized that Aidan was hurt when she called out Ryan's name. When Aidan did not come to bed, Greenlee gave him a big hug and apologized for hurting him. Greenlee told Aidan that he would never make her as happy as Ryan once did. Aidan awoke from the nightmare and saw Greenlee sleeping. Greenlee had a nightmare that Aidan felt foolish for loving her and walked out of the hotel room. Aidan and Greenlee continued to have nightmares and dreams. Aidan envisioned Greenlee pledging her undying love to him. Greenlee dreamed that Aidan accused her of loving Ryan. When Greenlee woke up, she was relieved to see Aidan had not left. Greenlee told Aidan that Kendall had been pushing her to spend more time with Ryan. Greenlee said Kendall felt she was the only one who could help Ryan through the miscarriage. But Greenlee was not willing to risk her marriage to help Ryan."

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