09/23/2008 Frankie Is Arrested For Drunk Driving

"Greenlee told Aidan that she wanted to quit Fusion after arguing with Kendall. Aidan asked what the disagreement was about, but Greenlee said it was simply a business matter. She did not tell Aidan that the fight was really about Ryan. Aidan ordered a special gift for Greenlee while eating breakfast at BJ's.

Randi asked Angie how Frankie was doing since he got pulled over for driving drunk. Randi thanked Angie for telling her about Frankie, but asked why she bothered to say anything, since they weren't exactly the best of friends. Randi assumed that Angie blamed her for Frankie's actions. Angie said that Frankie's life had turned upside down since he met Randi. Angie asked Randi if she was with Frankie the night he got arrested. Randi said she saw Frankie at a bar with some of his military friends, but felt uncomfortable around them, and left. Angie tried to apologize, but Randi left to go to Fusion.

Frankie apologized for driving drunk, but Jesse said those words were not good enough. Jesse wondered if Frankie's decision was a way to get out of redeployment to Iraq. Frankie wanted to go to the hospital and start his shift, but Angie said she had arranged for someone else to take over for Frankie. Frankie told both his parents to stay out of his life, and walked out of the office. Jesse said he did not think Frankie realized the serious violations that came with drunk driving. Angie said Frankie being in jail was a better option for him than going back to war. Jesse's phone rang, but he did not answer it. Angie picked up the telephone, but no one responded on the other end. She asked Jesse who was calling and hanging up on him. Jesse said he did not know who the caller was, but Angie did not believe him. Jesse promised Angie would never lose him again to anyone or anything. She received a page from the hospital and left.

Amanda was surprised to see Kendall working on the Bella perfume boxes alone. She jokingly asked Kendall if all the staff had gotten fired. Kendall said that she just wanted to finish up a few packaging details. But Amanda knew Kendall was at work to avoid something else. Amanda explained that Pete was struck by lightening, but the Bella packages had managed to avoid getting fried. Randi rushed into work a little late. The promotional Bella perfumes arrived, but Amanda noticed one of the boxes looked like it had been opened already. The deliveryman said the shipment was secure when it came to him. He left after Amanda saw that all the bottles were in the boxes.

Pete went to the Chandler mansion to see if Colby wondered how he was doing since being struck by lightening. Colby said she had forgotten about the incident, but Pete remembered her visiting him at the hospital. Pete was tickled that Colby seemed to care about him, but she pretended to still be disgusted by his presence. Pete told Colby he needed to leave for a "top secret mission" and scurried off.

Tad and Krystal went to the Chandler mansion after getting a phone call from Babe. Babe and JR came downstairs to announce their engagement. Tad and Krystal congratulated Babe and JR. Colby heard the news as soon as she walked into the living room. Adam also congratulated Babe and JR. Babe, Colby, and Krystal went outside. JR told his father he expected him to be upset about the engagement. JR accused his father of hating Babe. Adam offered to throw Babe and JR an engagement party at the mansion.

Babe found a worried Amanda trying to keep everything in order at Fusion. Babe announced her engagement. Kendall was the one only who did not seem excited for Babe. Greenlee came into work, but her reaction to the news was the same as Kendall's. Greenlee told Kendall they needed to set aside their personal problems to run Fusion successfully. Greenlee asked Kendall if Erica had found out about Adam's plan to take over Fusion yet. Kendall said Erica was still working on it, but Greenlee got annoyed that Erica's plan had not worked. Pete arrived at Fusion. He peeked into the open box while packers started loading up the Bella perfumes. Krystal came by Fusion to tell Babe about the engagement party. Aidan came by Fusion to surprise Greenlee with a honeymoon trip. Babe gave Greenlee a bottle of the tainted Fusion to use on her honeymoon.

Frankie came by Fusion to see Randi. Randi said Frankie was a different person around his military friends. Frankie said he thought seeing his buddies would prepare him for going back to Iraq, but he also wanted to spend time with Randi. Frankie said it was unwise to try to mix the different personalities and relationships together. He said that he drove around looking for Randi when he noticed she had left the bar. Frankie hated the idea of leaving Randi behind in Pine Valley. He told Randi he was falling in love with her.

Pete called Adam to let him know the tainted Bella bottles were being shipped out.

Tad sat down with Aidan to eat breakfast. Aidan said he found Jesse's phone records. The phone records showed several calls from a blocked number that seemed to last the same amount of time. Aidan said the outgoing calls showed he probably called the blocked number. Aidan said it was possible Jesse was having an affair. Tad went to the police station and overheard Jesse talking to a stranger on the phone. Jesse said the person needed to stop calling him because Angie was getting suspicious. But Jesse promised he would see the person again soon. He said he loved the person and hung up."

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