09/11/2008 Ryan Takes Annie To The Hospital

"The security guards held Ryan back when he tried to go upstairs to see Annie and Emma. But according to a restraining order against Ryan, he was not allowed anywhere near them. Adam said his guards would release Ryan as soon as he calmed down. Once in the living room, Ryan told Babe, JR, and Adam that he did not hit Annie. Ryan said she was using the bruises to get back at Ryan for ending their marriage. Adam decided to leave, but as soon as he was out the front door, he locked JR, Babe, and Adam inside the living room. Pete put his hands out, as though to shield Ryan from going upstairs. But one look from Ryan quickly made Pete step aside. Ryan knocked on the door as Annie went through a window into the bedroom. Ryan scooped Emma into his arms once inside. Adam, Babe, and JR asked Annie if she needed anything, but Annie only asked for time alone with Ryan. Ryan told Annie she would not keep him from his daughter, despite the bogus physical abuse claims. Annie fell to the floor holding her stomach. Ryan realized something was wrong with the baby. He took her in his arms and drove to the hospital.

JR told Adam something was not right. JR thought Adam's sudden bond with Annie and interest in Pete were odd. Adam said Pete was hanging around to woe Colby. He wanted Pete's behavior to rub off on Colby. Also, JR wondered why Adam had had such a change of heart about Babe. Adam said he respected Babe for her accomplishments at Fusion. JR walked off, giving Pete the chance to thank Adam for his kind words. Adam told Pete not to believe everything he heard. JR and Babe read Emma a story before putting her to bed.

Annie stood behind a column in Greenlee's apartment. She pointed a gun at the back of Greenlee's head, but could not muster enough courage to pull the trigger. Suddenly, Annie slumped back behind the wall and clutched her stomach in pain. Greenlee looked around when she heard a strange noise, but did not see Annie. Greenlee went back to watching television. Annie snuck behind the fireplace, but knocked down a plant. Greenlee immediately called Jake, worried that someone had broken into her apartment. Jake rushed over to check on Greenlee while Aidan was out of town. Jake looked around the apartment, but it was empty. Greenlee felt silly for probably overreacting. Greenlee asked Jake how things were going with Amanda. Jake said the relationship with Amanda was uncomplicated, which is how he liked it. Greenlee said marriage was wonderful, but she and Aidan had gotten into their first fight. Jake joked that their fight had better not have been about Ryan. Greenlee lied and said broken crystal caused the argument. Ryan called Jake to ask for help with Annie's condition.

Kendall wanted Zach to admit he was mad that she asked Ryan to help Josh escape town. Zach said he was mad that Kendall went against his wishes to let him take care of Josh. Kendall said she was more concerned about Ryan's problems than Josh stealing from them. Zach told Kendall he wanted her to be more concerned about fixing their problems first. Kendall went home, but did not get far before she was stopped by Erica. Erica insisted on talking to Kendall, but did not want Zach to see her at his office. Erica wanted to know where Josh was, but Kendall was not given that information from Ryan and Aidan. Kendall said the only way to keep Josh safe was to never speak to him or see him again. Erica was distraught over Kendall's carefree attitude about the situation. She walked off as Greenlee called Kendall to inform her that something was wrong with Annie's baby.

Zach told his employees to call off the search for Josh. Zach figured Josh living in fear of his life was enough punishment. Zach told his employee that he wanted to take some time off to be with his family. He called Rachael, the babysitter, looking for Kendall, but Rachael said Kendall had gone to the hospital to be with someone.

Erica found Jackson at ConFusion. She immediately explained Josh's situation. Carmen came over, but noticed Erica was upset. Erica felt foolish to think Jackson was alone. Carmen let Jackson and Erica speak privately. Erica said they should go elsewhere to discuss Josh, but Jackson refused to leave. He offered to set aside time on another afternoon to help Erica. Erica felt as though Jackson did not care about her anymore and hurried out. Erica went to Adam for help, but he slammed the door in her face.

The doctors asked Annie several questions to determine her condition further. They ordered blood work and a sonogram before wheeling her into a room. Annie told Ryan to leave because she and the baby were no longer his problem. Ryan found Greenlee sipping coffee in the waiting room. Ryan said Annie filed a restraining order against him on the grounds of physical abuse. Greenlee said she saw the bruises, but did not think Ryan was responsible. Ryan worried that Annie would not handle losing the baby, considering all of the other situations she had gone through in the course of the year. Jake told Ryan that Annie was having her sonogram and he should be there with her. Once Ryan was gone, Kendall approached Greenlee. Kendall was going to let Annie have it, but Zach stopped her."

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