09/02/2008 Annie & Emma Move Into The Chandler Mansion

"After Amanda and Randi touched base on how nervous the preparations for the Bella launch party made them feel, Kendall arrived and put a damper on the room as she noted that her employees had rushed into things by holding the party without doing research or focus groups first. She made sure to assert that all expenses should be paid out of the Bella expense account, and clarified that she would be at the party, as the perfume would still be marketed under the Fusion name.

Erica found Ryan on the beach as he tried to remember the things that should be important in his life, and Erica admitted needing to do the same. She asked if he wanted to talk about it, and he confessed that Annie had moved out and taken Emma with her, and that he didn't know what to do about it. When Erica asked if he was still in love with Annie, Ryan felt compelled to tell her that he wasn't sure that he ever had been. He then lamented that he would no longer be living with his little girl, and the worry he had about explaining to Emma what had happened. Erica assured him that he would find a way, especially because he was one of the best men she had ever known.

He then confessed to another factor that led to Annie's leaving, and Erica guessed that he was still in love with Greenlee. She told him that he would never find happiness if he stayed on that road, and he agreed, given how in love and happy Greenlee was with her new husband. Erica commiserated about how hard things would be with young children involved, and encouraged him to make sure Annie didn't leave town. She felt it was of the utmost importance that Emma and the little one on the way not feel that their father abandoned them. Ryan promised that he would never let that happen, but admitted that if Annie did end up leaving, it would be to get away from him. To chase her down would mostly likely make her run even further. Erica then said she hoped he would be able to find a workable compromise.

Annie showed up at the Chandler mansion at Babe's invitation, so that she and Emma wouldn't have to continue to stay at a hotel. Shortly after, Babe and JR came downstairs to welcome them, and Adam joined them and asked what had happened. Annie explained that she had moved out, and JR followed and said that they would be guests until Annie figured out what to do next. While Carmen took Emma to the kitchen to have breakfast with Little Adam, and JR took their bags upstairs, Babe hugged Annie, which allowed Annie to share a knowing glance with the family patriarch. Babe then left for work, and once Annie retreated upstairs, Adam took the opportunity to chide his son for letting the house become Hotel Chandler. JR asked his father to try to have a heart, and noted that Annie's stay wouldn't be long. Adam then asked his son if there had been any further information regarding the Fusion takeover. JR noted that he should soon hear from his PI, but if nothing came of it, he had another option they could pursue.

Babe arrived at work late but was pleased to hear how well arrangements were going for the party. Kendall chimed in with a repeat of her hope that their rush to promote wouldn't sully the Fusion name. Only mildly perturbed, Babe simply retorted that she felt they did a fantastic job given the tight turnaround time that they'd had. Kendall then asked why Annie hadn't come to work, and Babe told the group that Annie had left Ryan and would be staying at the mansion until further notice. Kendall immediately noted how sorry she was for what Ryan must be going through, and Amanda brushed it all off as another relationship that bit the dust. Randi returned at that moment with the advertising to be used for Bella. Amanda then admitted that the art department felt they needed more than one choice. She pulled out the poster that they expected, which featured a medium image of a somewhat humbled Babe, followed by the second option, which featured a much more prominent and sexier image of Amanda. Kendall wasted no time gloating over how much drama that would cause.

Babe and Amanda clashed over which poster would work best and asked Randi for her opinion. The newest employee purposefully removed herself from the line of fire and refused to choose sides. The women finally asked Kendall what she thought, but Kendall blithely noted that since she was not involved with the development, she should not have a say in the advertising. Erica arrived just then and Kendall thought it a good idea to see what the general public would think. Before they left for lunch, the mother-daughter duo effectively tore apart both ads as they disrespected the woman behind each. Erica mused that that a perfume that was designed to be "cheap and easy" was perfectly suited for Babe's face. Kendall noted that men would be all over Amanda's photo like flies on a rotten peach. Once alone again, Amanda admitted to an error in not discussing the other option with Babe, but Babe was done and told Amanda that since it was her money, she should do what she wanted. Babe left for lunch as well, and Amanda gleefully decided that she would use her own image.

Angie visited the Martin household and gave them a surprise break from painting with a batch of brownies she brought. While Krystal and Kathy ran to get first pick, Angie helped clean Tad up as he noted how happy he was that his daughter seemed to be settling in. Tad was then called out to pick which brownie he wanted and Angie pointed out, somewhat to Krystal's chagrin, that Kathy was indeed turning out to be Daddy's little girl.

Tad and Kathy landed back in the living room and played with her dolls-minus the mommy doll, which Kathy told him she lost-while Angie accompanied Krystal on a quick trip upstairs. As they came back down, Angie filled Krystal in on how she and Jesse had been settling back into married life. She also confessed that she'd inadvertently asked him what he'd done for the twenty years they'd been apart, even though she knew he didn't want to discuss it. She admitted that she wasn't sure she actually wanted to know, but knew that until they discussed it, those years would continue to be an elephant in the room. Krystal suggested that Angie give her husband time, with the assurance that he would eventually come around.

Krystal sat with Angie and Tad as she tried to make a sandwich for Kathy the way her mom used to make them. Kathy played along for a while but when Krystal cut the sandwich the wrong way, the little girl protested. Angie chimed in that the sandwich would taste the same, but when Krystal offered to make another sandwich to appease Tad's newest daughter, Kathy angrily said she didn't want another one and stomped out of the room.

Angie bid her friends goodbye and Tad walked her out. Angie reminded Tad that he shouldn't let Krystal get too down on herself for Kathy's behavior and Tad agreed to pass the message along. After Angie headed to her car, Tad spotted a doll in the bushes and picked up the headless version of what was once Kathy's mommy doll.

Adam reconnected with Annie and gave somewhat sincere sympathy for the emotional hardship she would endure after her split with Ryan. Unbeknownst to them, Carmen approached the living room doors and overheard Annie agree to continue to help with the Fusion takeover. That said, Adam agreed to let Annie stay in his house as long as she needed. He left the room, and Carmen followed him in short order. Moments later, Richie made an appearance and applauded his sister for what he felt was a gutsy move. She told him that it might have been, but it also might have cost her Ryan for good.

Erica and Kendall decided to have lunch at ConFusion, and as they waited to be seated, Erica congratulated her daughter on letting Babe and Amanda run with their ideas, as they would learn a valuable lesson when they failed. Kendall partially agreed, but then admitted that she needed to get her priorities in order. She told her mother that while it drove her crazy to not be at the wheel on the new project, she couldn't seem to let go when Zach wanted some alone time with her. She chalked it up to how she normally was and said that Zach would understand, but Erica told her not to take his efforts so lightly. Because she believed that men didn't normally wear their hearts on their sleeve, Erica felt it was important that Kendall find out what Zach really wanted to say instead of finding out after it was too late-and Zach did something like fall into bed with Carmen.

Kendall realized that Erica had again displaced Kendall's drama, and asked how Carmen's liaison with Jack made her feel. Erica initially tried to act as though it didn't bother her, but realized quickly that she couldn't pull one over on Kendall. Kendall asked Erica if she'd decided that she wanted Jack once and for all, or if she wanted to be with Samuel, but saw immediately in her mother's face that she wanted both. Kendall told her that since she couldn't have the best of both worlds, she needed to make a choice. She followed that point with the assertion that if Erica couldn't handle Jack being with someone else, she needed to make that clear to Jack.

Erica swore that she was fine with Jack's new relationship and that she wasn't jealous of Carmen or what she viewed as an encounter that would not last. Kendall pointed out that Carmen had proven herself to be an upstanding woman and had even shown that she could handle the likes of Adam Chandler. At the mention of his name, Erica sounded completely put off, and told her daughter that Adam Senior had become more annoying as the days had passed. She gave her daughter an overview of how Adam had delighted in tormenting her, but instead of being outraged, Kendall was amused. Erica said that Adam would find himself on the business end of her wrath if he didn't cease and desist.

Pete paid a visit to the Chandler Estate with the express purpose of asking to be Colby's date at the Fusion launch event. The young girl in question, who came down to the foyer at his arrival, turned him down repeatedly, even though Adam, who joined them from the living room, encouraged her to be a nicer person. Pete continued to hint that Adam should help him out in this regard as payment for the havoc he planned to wreak with Fusion perfumes, but none of the discussion won Colby over. She stalked away, but not before she heard her father invite Pete as their guest. Adam then cut Pete off at the knees and sent him scurrying back out the door. There was a knock mere moments later, and when Adam angrily answered it, he found Ryan at his threshold. Ryan asked to speak with Annie and, in the living room, Annie overheard and had hope.

Annie put her game face back on, went into the foyer, and told Adam that she would talk with her husband. Adam made himself scarce and Annie asked Ryan what he wanted. He told her that he wanted to check on her and their daughter to find out how they were doing. Annie painted him a less than happy picture of his girls and then said that, although she hadn't told Emma what happened, she would. She encouraged him to leave, as she needed time to clear her head and figure out her next steps. Before he could make it out of the door, Emma appeared from the kitchen and charged at her father. He picked her up quickly and relished in the hug his child gave him in return.

Emma immediately asked if they would return home soon as a family, which forced the newly separated duo to have the discussion they had tried to delay. Ryan confirmed that they would live apart, and Emma reminded him that he promised he would never leave again. He then told her that despite that, both he and Annie still loved her the same way they always had, and that she would be able to see either of them as much as she wanted. He left a short time later, after he told his little girl to be brave and that he would see her soon.

JR heard from his PI and found out that Kendall and Greenlee had spent their money wisely when it came to their products, and didn't use anything shady in production. Although dismayed, Adam asked about JR's other idea and found out about the new perfume that was put into production without Kendall or Greenlee's approval. Adam initially thought that JR wanted to use that to get the distributors to push for a buyout, since Kendall and Greenlee were not supportive, but JR wanted to take a different tack. He suggested that they let Babe prove herself from the inside, and thus avoid any dirty work. Adam surprised him when he offered his ready agreement.

Babe returned home in a foul mood and filled her ex-husband in on the details of her run-in with Amanda. He asked if she had any say, and although she did, she told him that because Amanda paid for the development, she felt she couldn't fight too hard. JR encouraged her to keep her eyes on the ultimate goal, but she told him that she needed to make sure the product was a success, lest her career be destroyed. He told her that she had no worries and then soothed away the rest of her fears when he seduced her into some noontime fun.

Afterwards, as they lay in bed, JR told Babe that he'd revealed the new product to his father with a measure of success. Babe thought that Adam probably disregarded his former daughter-in-law as usual, but was surprised to hear that Adam thought it was a good idea. She thought perhaps he had turned over a new leaf, but JR wasn't so sure. He thought they needed to proceed carefully, as it might be possible that Adam had something else up his sleeve.

Annie sent Emma off and found Adam as he lurked once again in the living room. She asked him about his plans for the launch party and he told her that all she needed to know was that the party would be a blast, and that blast would lead to Kendall and Greenlee's downfall.

As her youngest daughter slept on the floor nearby, Krystal climbed a ladder in the living room and got back to work. Kathy returned to the room unseen and shook the ladder and sent Krystal careening off and headed directly at Jenny."

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