08/12/2008 Greenlee Dances With Ryan

"Adam was overjoyed to see Krystal at his home. He thought that Krystal wanted to rekindle their relationship. But Krystal wanted to say goodbye to Adam. Adam told Krystal that she had tried to end it with him in the past, but always came running back. Krystal said she was suddenly hit with the realization that the connection she once shared with Adam was gone. Adam thought their love was still alive, but Krystal claimed she no longer loved him. Adam called Krystal a liar. To prove his point, Adam drew Krystal in his arms and kissed her. When the kiss was finished, Krystal said she was devoted to Tad.

Frankie went to a bar to cool down after the argument with Randi, and found Jake having a beer. Frankie told Jake that Fletcher wanted him to "buy" Randi or else he would hurt her. But the problem was that Randi did not know he was trying to protect her, Frankie added. Frankie said he could not tell Randi about Fletcher after seeing that she so was happy to get a job offer from Amanda. Frankie urged Randi to get away from Pine Valley, but Jake said that translated to "get away from me." Frankie just wanted to keep Randi safe, but Jake said she would not see it that way unless Frankie was honest about Fletcher's threats.

Randi saw Carmen inside ConFusion. Carmen told her that she walked away from a job at Fusion so Randi could take the position instead. Randi said she did not owe Carmen anything. Carmen sensed that Randi was upset about a man. Randi admitted she had fallen for a doctor, but no longer trusted him. Men could never be trusted, she added. Carmen said Randi should give the man a chance, but Randi claimed she was just kidding about meeting a doctor. Carmen went to the Chandler mansion as Krystal left. She poured Adam a drink and handed him the glass.

Randi saw Frankie talking to Jake at the bar. Randi kissed Frankie and walked out.

Ryan, Annie, Kendall, and Zach went to the casino to celebrate Greenlee and Aidan's wedding. Annie caught Greenlee's bouquet when she threw it to a group of ladies in the casino. The friends went to play poker and cheered when the dice landed on Annie's chosen number-her baby's due date. Aidan grabbed Greenlee and swung her onto the dance floor. Pretty soon, Annie and Ryan were dancing, until Kendall cut in to talk to Ryan. Kendall asked Ryan how he was handling Greenlee's nuptials. Ryan told Kendall to stop pressuring him to tell Greenlee that he still loved her. Greenlee decided to dance with Ryan, while Kendall and Aidan danced together. Greenlee told Ryan that she wanted him to be as happy as she was. Ryan said he was happy with Annie and their family. Annie snagged a stranger to take a picture of everyone. Greenlee looked longingly at Ryan in the pictures. Annie told Zach that she wished Richie's memory would stop haunting her. Greenlee and Aidan fed each other a few bites of cake to top off their Las Vegas wedding reception."

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