07/30/2008 Erica's Dinner Date With Samuel

"Randi was in her hotel room picking out an outfit to wear. She seemed nervous and could not decide what to put on.

Frankie met Jake at BJ's for lunch. Jake immediately saw Frankie's bruised hand and inquired about what happened. Frankie did not want to talk about it, but Jake demanded to know the truth. Frankie explained that he got into a fight with Randi's pimp. Jake called Frankie "stupid." Frankie assumed that Jake did not want him to get involved with Randi because she was a prostitute. Jake said that was not the case. Jake revealed that his former mother-in-law was a prostitute and that he did not pass judgment on her. Jake then reminded Frankie that he was a doctor and needed to protect his hands.

Randi entered BJ's and asked for the manager; she was there for an interview. The manager began to interview Randi for a position as a waitress. After he learned that Randi had no prior experience, he denied her. Frankie saw this and wanted to talk to the manager, but Jake stopped him. After Randi left, Jake encouraged Frankie to ask Randi out on a date. Frankie was happy that someone was supportive of his feelings for Randi.

Aidan went to the former office of the doctor that performed Ryan's fake vasectomy. Aidan pretended to be Ryan' lawyer and interrogated the receptionist as to why Ryan was not informed that his vasectomy was never completed. The receptionist was new and did not know about the scandal that occurred prior to her hiring. The receptionist promised to find out why Ryan was not contacted.

Annie told Emma that she was pregnant. Emma was happy and asked if it was a boy or a girl. Annie explained that she did not know. The little girl asked if Ryan loved the baby. Annie looked startled by the inquiry, but assured Emma that Ryan was going to love the baby very much.

Aidan went to the penthouse to see Ryan. Annie explained that Ryan was not home. Aidan asked Annie how she was feeling. She said that she was tired, but excited for the baby. He commented that it must be hard for Annie to handle everything herself. She wondered what Aidan meant by the comment. He explained that Annie was a busy woman and he was curious if she had a nanny. She said no, but planned on getting a nanny once the new baby arrived. She felt like he was questioning her, so he apologized. He claimed that his special ops training made his attempts at small talk seem like an interrogation. She smiled and accepted the apology. After Aidan left the penthouse, he had a suspicious look on his face.

Ryan met Greenlee at ConFusion. Greenlee joked that she was going to make Ryan a drink called "unconscious girl on the beach." He laughed. She proceeded to thank him immensely for saving her life when she had her boating accident. Then, she revealed that the accident was a blessing in disguise since Ryan got his memory back and she realized that she wanted to be with Aidan. Ryan could tell that Greenlee was very pleased with her life. He noted the she appeared "Zen-like." She laughed and told him that she even urged Jack to get back together with Erica. Ryan was shocked, but he was glad that Greenlee was at peace. She asked him if he was happy with Annie. He pretended that his relationship with Annie was going well. Greenlee commented that Ryan belonged with Annie. Ryan just smiled and continued to act like he was in love with Annie instead of Greenlee. Just as Greenlee touched Ryan's hand, Annie walked in and saw it.

Erica got ready for her dinner date with Samuel. As she looked in the mirror, she wondered why she was very nervous, since it was only dinner. Then, there was a knock at her door. She was surprised to see Kendall and Zach, instead of Samuel. They had stopped by to bring Erica to dinner to celebrate her release from prison. Erica stated that she already had dinner plans. Kendall assumed that Erica was meeting Jack, but was shocked when Samuel came to pick up Erica. Erica suggested that they all have dinner together. Kendall pulled Erica aside and asked why her mother was going on a date with a man that had put her in jail. Erica assured her daughter that she and Samuel worked out their issues. Erica added that it was her way of moving on from Jack.

Carmen met Jack at the Yacht Club for dinner. Jack tried to discuss Carmen's case, but she only wanted to talk about his relationship with Erica. Jack stated that he was satisfied with his relationship with Erica because there was no more drama. Just then, Erica, Samuel, Kendall, and Zach arrived at the restaurant. The paparazzi swarmed Erica and began to take many pictures. Carmen saw Erica and got very excited. Carmen yelled to all of the restaurant patrons that Erica was free from jail.

Carmen urged Jack to talk to Erica, but Jack was hesitant. Carmen warned Jack that he might lose Erica to Samuel if he did not act fast. Jack went to greet Erica. Erica asked Jack if he and Carmen would like to join their dinner party. Jack said yes.

During dinner, Carmen continually mentioned Erica and Jack's past. Carmen discussed their fairy tale wedding and how in love they were. The atmosphere at the table was intense. Finally, Samuel told Erica that he was leaving, so she could spend time with her friends and family. Samuel said that he wished to have dinner with her again, but just the two of them."

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