07/28/2008 Ryan Doubts Annie

"Greenlee demanded to know why Kendall claimed that Ryan loved her. Kendall looked nervous and pretended that she was only joking. Greenlee could tell that Kendall was not telling her the whole truth, so she persisted. Greenlee asked if Ryan said anything to Kendall about loving her. Kendall tried to take the heat of herself and asked Greenlee if she wished Ryan loved her. Greenlee protested that she loved Aidan, but she still wanted to know why Kendall thought that Ryan loved her. Kendall made up an excuse as to why she made the comment. Kendall explained that, because Ryan and Greenlee had a true love story, they would always love each other. Greenlee was surprised that Kendall thought they had a great love story. Kendall stated that they had "fireworks." Greenlee wondered if their love story was better than Kendall and Zach's. Kendall felt that Ryan and Greenlee were a more amazing love story than she and Zach. Greenlee laughed and said that Kendall was very good at "spinning" the past. Greenlee told Kendall to stop her antics because Ryan made a choice to be with Annie. Kendall was upset that Ryan was with Annie. Greenlee felt that Kendall should let up on Annie.

Zach and Aidan were at ConFusion, waiting for Kendall and Greenlee to get off from work. Aidan noted that Ryan should be happy because he retrieved his memory and got his wife pregnant, but said that instead he seemed displeased. Aidan wondered what Zach thought about Ryan's peculiar behavior. Zach quipped that Aidan sounded obsessed with Ryan, like Kendall and Greenlee. Meanwhile, the two men did not realize that Kendall and Greenlee were listening to their conversation. Kendall and Greenlee approached the men. Greenlee said that she had a confession to make. Greenlee stated that she and Kendall were in love with Ryan. Kendall assured the men that Greenlee was kidding since she overheard them saying that they had an "obsession" with Ryan.

Greenlee told Aidan that she loved him. He kissed her and swept her off of her feet. He brought her home from the bar to their penthouse. They made love.

Zach brought Kendall to a beach house as a surprise getaway. Zach poured them each a glass of wine to relax, but he could tell that Kendall's mind was elsewhere. Kendall confessed that she was preoccupied with thoughts of Greenlee and Ryan. She explained that she almost slipped to Greenlee that Ryan was still in love with Greenlee. Zach urged Kendall to mind her own business. Then, Zach began kissing Kendall and she became focused on him. They made love.

Ryan destroyed the tape that Annie recorded of Colby and Cassandra. Annie freaked out and asked why Ryan would do such a thing. He said that the tape did not prove that the teenagers were guilty. She disagreed and reminded him that she overheard the teenagers admit to killing Richie. Ryan did not believe that Annie heard this. She was distraught that he did not trust her. He explained that she was dishonest in the past, so he could not believe her fully. She insisted that she was telling the truth. Ryan was skeptical and demanded to know the whole story. With tears in her eyes, she stated that she wanted to keep the tape to protect herself. He inquired what that meant. She explained that everyone in Pine Valley looked at her as if she was "Richie's psycho sister." She believed that everyone thought she was responsible for Richie's death. She claimed that she did not want to incriminate the teenagers, but instead prove that she was innocent.

Ryan consoled his wife by holding her in his arms. Just then, she became faint. He sat her on the couch and gave her a glass of water. She felt better and put his hand on her stomach. She asked if he wanted the baby. He said that he loved Spike and Emma more than anything else and professed that he would love their baby just as much.

As Annie slept on the couch, Ryan daydreamed and called out, "Greenlee."

Angie was livid with Jesse for assigning a cop to follow Cassandra. Jesse revealed that he did it because he suspected Cassandra and Colby of being involved in Richie's murder. Angie could not imagine Cassandra committing murder. Jesse replied that he was not positive that Cassandra was guilty, but he had to find out. She wondered why he would suspect her daughter in the first place. He divulged that the tire tracks found on Richie's body were from Colby's car. He added that when he saw Colby, Cassandra, Dre, and Pete, they acted very nervous. Angie demanded to know why he did not tell her about the situation. He felt that she was too stressed with Frankie to deal with Cassandra's issues. She reminded him that Frankie assumed Fletcher, Randi's pimp, was the man following their family. She urged Jesse to tell their son that it was a cop, and not Fletcher, that was tailing them. Jesse promised to straighten everything out, but Angie was still irate.

Cassandra was at home drawing a sketch of a man dead in the middle of a road. Cassandra heard someone opening the front door and quickly hid the picture behind the couch pillows. Angie entered and said that Cassandra broke her heart.

Frankie went to see Randi at her hotel room. Randi was alarmed to see Frankie's knuckles bloody and bruised. He stated that he took care of Fletcher and that it was "done." She frantically inquired if he killed Fletcher. He avoided the question by going into the bathroom to wash his hands. When he returned to the room, she asked again if Fletcher was dead. He said that Fletcher had to be stopped because he was following Frankie's sister and his mother. Randi was horrified that Fletcher went that far.

Randi received a call from one of her friends. The friend revealed that, although Fletcher was badly beaten, he was going to survive. Randi relayed the news to Frankie. He could sense that she was relieved and yelled that she should not care whether or not the pimp lived or died. She screamed back that she cared because she did not want Frankie to get in trouble for murder. She further noted that he never should have gotten involved with her, since she was nothing more than a charity case to him. He divulged that she was much more than a charity case. He explained that he felt a "pull" to her from the moment he first laid his eyes on her. She then bandaged his hand. After she was done, she began to take off her shirt and said that she wanted to "thank" him. He stopped her and affirmed that she did not have to "thank" him because she felt indebted to him. He continued that, even though he wanted her, he did not want to take advantage of her. He left the hotel room and she seemed surprised.

Jesse received word from an officer that Fletcher was being brought to the hospital because he was assaulted. Jesse asked for the description of the assailant. The officer gave Frankie's description and Jesse looked concerned."

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