07/11/2008 Jesse Questions Annie

"Angie was furious when she discovered Randi in Cassandra's bed and realized that Frankie was responsible. Frankie explained that the hospital was forced to discharge Randi because of her lack of insurance and that all of the shelters had been filled to capacity. Frankie offered Randi a bed until one, at one of the shelters, became available. Angie felt insulted and disrespected. She also believed that Randi was manipulating her son. Randi took offense while Frankie denied his mother's accusations. As the argument escalated, Randi decided to leave the apartment. Frankie was determined to stop Randi, fearing for her life, and followed her out. As Angie watched her son go, she had a change of heart. She called out, saying that Randi could stay for one night, but it was too late. Frankie returned to the apartment without Randi. She had managed to slip away.

Dre and Cassandra were in Colby's bedroom discussing the accident the night before. None of the teens were certain what Colby had run over, but they feared that it was Richie Novak because he was found on the same stretch of road. They made a pact not to tell anyone about the incident, but Cassandra remained unnerved. She couldn't stop thinking about the accident because Jesse was investigating the crime and it was all he talked about. Eventually Colby and Dre calmed Cassandra's fears and went downstairs. Colby was surprised when she answered a knock at the door and found Petey Courtland standing on her doorstep.

Petey was the epitome of geeky-nerd in his slacks, button-up checkered shirt, glasses, and braces. His crush on Colby was very evident. Cassandra whispered to Colby, asking who he was. Colby explained that he was the son of her father's rival. Colby went on to confide that Petey had been infatuated with her for years. Colby then introduced everyone. Petey asked to be called Pete. He also tried to fit in with the teens but it was clear that he didn't. Colby tried to hustle Pete out the door but Pete kept stalling. The teens became uncomfortable when Pete mentioned that Colby's car needed bodywork. He recommended someone to Colby and then advised Colby to have the front bumper looked at. Pete said he noticed that it was splattered with what appeared to be blood.

Ryan found Zach reading a newspaper on the veranda at the marina. They discussed Richie's death and what each would say when Jesse questioned them. Their conversation then drifted to Ryan's memory loss. Ryan was frustrated that his memories of loving Annie had not returned. Before Zach departed, he offered Ryan some advice. Zach suggested that Ryan stop sending out mixed signals. Ryan should decide what he wanted and stick with it.

Elsewhere at the marina, Greenlee decided to take her boat out for the day. She wanted to find perspective about her relationship with Aidan. As she talked to herself, she flashed back to important moments of her relationship with Aidan: falling in love, the proposal, and learning of Aidan's infidelity with Kendall. Her thoughts were interrupted when Kendall called Greenlee to tell her that Jesse was at Fusion to question Annie about Richie's death. Kendall was worried that Annie would implicate Zach in Richie's murder. They spoke for a few minutes then Greenlee ended the call and resumed sailing.

On shore, Ryan bumped into an employee of the marina who was watching Greenlee, making sure that she was safe, since she had taken her boat out alone. Ryan took over and picked up the binoculars and radio the man had handed to him. Ryan watched Greenlee through the binoculars while he radioed her in the boat. Greenlee offered to take Ryan out in the boat but Ryan declined. He said that he felt safer on the shore. Greenlee laughed and told him that she would return to the marina. The moment brought back a memory of the past between Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan seemed amazed that memories of Greenlee kept returning. As Ryan watched, Greenlee stood up in the boat. Suddenly the boat lurched to the side and Greenlee disappeared.

In the den of the Chandler Mansion, Babe vented to JR. Babe was frustrated because Kendall and Greenlee were always off doing other things, leaving Babe and the other ladies to run Fusion. JR listened and offered advice but Babe dismissed it. When Kendall called to ask Babe to attend a meeting, Babe declined. She reminded Kendall that the brainstorming meetings were Greenlee's idea and she wasn't at Fusion either. Babe told Kendall to call her if Greenlee showed up for the meeting. Until then, Babe intended to work from home. JR listened and applauded Babe's gumption. He felt that Babe was ready to run Fusion on her own and offered to buy the company for her. Babe was surprised by the offer but declined it. Babe said that she wanted to move ahead in business on her own merit. The mood shifted and Babe found herself in JR's arms, close to kissing him. She pulled herself back at the last moment and announced that she would go for a swim. JR smiled as he watched Babe walk out of the room.

At Fusion, Annie appeared uncomfortable and, at times, defiant as Jesse fired one question after another at her. Jesse pushed for an alibi for the time around Richie's death. Annie revealed that she had gone to see "Whose Prom Is It Anyway?" at a theater near Memorial Park. When Jesse asked her what time, Annie stumbled and said she wasn't sure. Jesse asked if she had a ticket stub. Annie made it clear she was offended. She began digging around in her purse but became frustrated when she couldn't immediately find the stub. Apparently fed up, she upended her purse and dumped the entire contents on the desk. She froze when she realized that her pregnancy test kit had fallen out, along with everything else. A quick look at Jesse confirmed that he had noticed it

Jesse said nothing while Annie quickly located the ticket stub and waved it under his nose. Angrily, Annie told Jesse the plot point of the movie, a tortured girl at a new school, but in such a way that it almost seemed as if she were talking about herself. She finished her story with, "In the end, the new girl wins!" Jesse remained focused on the investigation and continued questioning Annie. Annie answered the questions but she became increasingly flustered when Jesse focused on the events in the motel room when Richie had knocked her out. Annie lied, insisting that she had gone to see Richie in the hopes of convincing him to turn himself in. Jesse continued to dig until Annie mentioned Zach's name. Jesse perked up and asked Annie to elaborate. Annie reluctantly admitted that Richie had told her that Zach had paid the prison guard to look away while Zach beat him. Annie also told Jesse that Richie had been afraid of Zach because Zach had threatened to kill Richie.

When Kendall overheard Annie's comments about Zach, she stepped forward and immediately defended her husband. Moments later, Zach walked into Fusion. Jesse began questioning him. It didn't go well, so Jesse arrested Zach. Kendall was furious. After Jesse carted Zach off to the Pine Valley Police Station, Kendall turned to Annie. She asked Annie how she could turn on Zach after everything that he had done for her. Annie defended herself; she merely answered Jesse's questions. Kendall accused Annie of intentionally pointing the finger at Zach to cover up Annie's own guilt. Annie produced her ticket stub and declared that she had an alibi. Annie asked Kendall if the same could be said for Zach."

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