06/02/2008 Adam Tells Tad Kathy Is His Daughter

"Guests began arriving at Kendall and Zach's house for Spike's birthday party. Kendall greeted Annie and Ryan with hugs, but was not pleased to see Greenlee at her front door. Greenlee dropped her gift on a table and went to see Zach, Ryan, and Josh. Annie asked Ryan what was bothering him, but Ryan ignored her question by playing with Spike. Annie asked Greenlee if Aidan was coming to the party. Greenlee said she dumped Aidan. Zach checked on Annie, who watched Greenlee interact with Ryan and Spike. Annie said she felt like an outsider at the party because so much had changed in the year since Spike's last birthday. Annie said Greenlee could try to repair her relationship with Aidan, but Greenlee insisted she would not get past Aidan and Kendall sleeping together. Annie said if Ryan slept with another woman, she would fight to keep him in her life. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Spike while Greenlee watched from across the room.

Jackson visited Erica and told her that Tad was in stable condition, but the few hours right after surgery were critical for his recovery. Jackson said that he told Greenlee that Aidan and Kendall slept together. Erica said she was worried Kendall and Greenlee would not be able to get past that bump in the road like they had with so many other problems. Erica said she did not know her family would need her so much while she served her time in prison. Jackson said Erica was needed at the prison too. Already, she had changed many other inmates' lives, he added.

JR worked on a contact list to keep people updated on Tad's condition. JR said that he understood why Krystal did not want to tell Kathy about Julia's death immediately. Babe asked where Adam was. JR said he only saw his father rush out of the house without any explanation. Colby entertained Kathy and Little Adam by marching with them around the house. Babe said she was concerned about how Kathy would adjust to living with Maria's family. It made her feel lucky that Little Adam had two parents in his life, she added.

Adam tried to get into Tad's room, but Jake and Aidan would not let him inside. They ushered Adam away and Krystal slipped into Tad's room. Adam asked Krystal if he could see Tad because he wanted to tell Tad something important. Krystal said Adam hated Tad and would never want to help him. Adam said what he wanted to tell Tad could save Tad's life. Krystal told Adam she would not forgive him if he bothered Tad. As soon as Krystal was gone, Adam called out for Dixie's help, but she did not respond. Adam called JR and told him to bring Kathy to the hospital. Thinking Dixie was listening, Adam said he would take Kathy to Tad's bedside, but nothing more. Adam said Tad would get the final piece of his family, and he would not lose his family. Adam pulled out Kathy's adoption papers from his pocket. When Krystal saw Kathy, she told JR to take the child home. JR and Babe took Kathy to get a snack. Krystal scolded Adam for bringing Kathy to the hospital where Julia died. Adam showed Krystal the adoption papers to prove Kathy was really Kate.

In Tad's mind, he was preparing to go to heaven with Dixie. But Dixie told him he could not go with her. Tad said he did not want to lose Dixie all over again. She promised to be in his heart forever, but Tad said that was not enough for him. Tad gave Dixie a kiss to prove that she wanted to be with him too. Dixie told Tad that he had a life in Pine Valley, but Tad insisted that Dixie was his life. Dixie said Tad needed to be with his children. Tad said JR and Jamie were adults, but Dixie reminded Tad that he needed to be with his daughters. Tad remembered Jenny had just celebrated her first birthday. Dixie reminded him that Kate needed her father too. Dixie said Kate was alive and had been cared for by wonderful people. Tad asked Dixie where Kate was, but Dixie said she was not allowed to tell him. Tad heard Adam saying that Kathy was Kate as Dixie disappeared into the light."

- Soap Central