06/14/2007 Everybody Wants To Be A Martin!

"Tad comes downstairs from his loft and says that he had trouble sleeping. He says the line between fantasy and nightmare is thin because he has been living that way for years. He looks up at the sky as Krystal sings to her baby. Krystal envisions that Adam comes by begging for a chance to save their marriage. She lets him inside, but backs away when he tries to touch the baby. Adam promises not to hurt Jenny and proclaims his love for her. Babe and Colby come over and take turns staying up with Jenny. As Colby holds Jenny late that evening, she envisions Sean getting out of jail and running into her arms. When it is Babe's turn to look over Jenny, she pretends seeing herself giving the valedictorian speech at her high school graduation. Jamie congratulates Babe on her speech and gives her a kiss. Babe snaps back to reality and wakes up from the dream.

JR has a dream that his father stands at the foot of the basement stairs and refuses to pay his ransom. JR tells him that he is no longer a Chandler and will change his last name to Martin. Tad and JR break into a song and dance number, with Jamie and Joe joining in the skit. Krystal, holding Jenny, Babe and Colby pop by to sing about how great it is to be a Martin.

Adam wakes up after having a nightmare that JR is lying dead on the ground (after the musical number) with blood dripping from his mouth and a tear falling down his cheek.

In Greenlee's dream, Annie, Ryan, Kendall and Zach push Greenlee over the edge of the Fusion building rooftop. Greenlee nightmare turns into a fantasy when she wakes up and thinks about her wedding with Ryan. She also sees Kendall handing over Spike to them and wishing them luck. When Ryan leans down to kiss her, he disappears and Spike is gone.

In Ryan and Annie's bed, Ryan dreams of him and Annie running through gardens on their wedding day. They declare their love for each other and decide to name their first-born child Emma. For Kendall, her dreams consist of she, Greenlee, Ryan and Zach launching their new Fusion line at a press conference. Kendall and Greenlee compliment each other, but Kendall brags about Spike and Amelia (Zach and Kendall's child). Kendall and Annie immediately wake up as Greenlee cries clutching her pillow.

The audience votes that Erica and Jackson are divorced and must stay away from each other for the rest of their lives in Erica's dreams. In her sleep, Kendall and Josh play hosts of a talks how that reveals three men are competing for the chance to become her next husband after the divorce. The three bachelors are William Bates, a millionaire, Robert Cannon, a politician, and Mr. McDreamy, a spin-off from a character on Grey's Anatomy. Jackson walks in and tells Erica she has already chosen by planting a kiss on her. Erica's dream is disturbed by a call from Jackson claiming he knows she is thinking of their real kiss.

Julia comes downstairs and begins watching television. She comes across a baby show and envisions Jamie, a doctor, telling her that she her pregnancy is just bad digestion. Julie turns off the television and leaves Jamie and Jonathan sleeping on the couch. Jonathan dreams of him building Lily a new tree house, but she tells him all they need is each other and kisses him. Jonathan shoots up wide awake from his dream.

The next morning, Tad wakes up and makes a cup of coffee. He says that he had a dream about Kate coming home, but it never comes true. Tad says that he feels powerless because he doesn't know how to make his dream come true.

When Krystal opens her door the next morning, she gets the paper and tells Colby good-bye. Babe carries Little Adam around and tells him that JR will be home soon. JR awakes with Amanda in his arms. JR tells Amanda they will get out of kidnapping alive and kisses her. Adam is awoken by a phone call from the kidnappers asking for $100 million in 36 hours or JR dies. Jamie kisses Julia good-bye, but she brushes it aside and tells him they need to talk about their relationship later. Erica tells her producers she has a new idea for the show which will give Jackson hope. Emma pounces on Ryan and Annie's bed because it the first day of their vacation. After waking up, Kendall tells Zach the cries she thought she heard were Greenlee's. Greenlee looks over the custody papers before heading into the office."

- Soap Central