03/12/2007 Ryan Loses The Company

"Ryan went to the police station to see Alexander. Ryan stated that because Alexander was still alive, it made his will invalid. Therefore, Ryan was no longer the head of Cambias Industries. Ryan, however, was pleased to no longer work for Cambias because he wanted nothing to do with Alexander. Ryan said his children mattered more to him than money and power. Alexander did not care about Ryan's indifference toward the company because he had already chosen Ryan's successor.

Zach and Kendall stormed in. Zach threw down the papers a messenger had delivered to him earlier. Zach told his father to take his company "to hell" with him. Alexander said Zach had to take over Cambias Industries. Otherwise, Alexander would wipe out Kendall. Zach leaped at his father and grabbed his neck. Zach warned Alexander never to threaten Kendall again.

Kendall and Ryan pleaded with Zach to let go of Alexander, and he did. Alexander proceeded to explain that Fusion would not survive if Zach did not take over. Alexander also threatened to turn Cambias Industries into the Michael Cambias Foundation. The foundation would help criminals escape prison time by providing them with expensive defense attorneys. Zach and Kendall were disgusted and walked out.

Ryan stated that he and Zach were survivors because they'd had to overcome terrible fathers. Meanwhile, Zach and Kendall went home. Zach was distraught over his choice. Zach did not want to take over Cambias Industries, but he also did not want to ruin Fusion or foster criminals. Kendall said there might be a reason for Zach to take the position. Kendall then proceeded to announce her pregnancy. Zach just stared at her.

Di, Julia, and Annie were discussing Annie's love life. Di and Julia wondered why Annie had not said yes to Ryan's marriage proposal. Annie explained that Ryan had never said he loved her. Annie also worried that Ryan might miss the kind of woman that drove him crazy, like Kendall.

Ryan went to Wildwind. Ryan said he had good news and bad news. The good news was that they had a lot of free time, but the bad news was that they were unemployed. Ryan explained the situation, and Annie laughed. Annie did not care about her job but wondered if Ryan was sad about his. Ryan did not seem too worried.

Ryan looked at Annie and said that she drove him crazy. Annie was very pleased by the comment. Ryan asked for an answer to his marriage proposal. Annie was silent.

Erica announced to JR and Tad that Babe was alive. JR called Erica sick, but she insisted it was true. Erica said they could ask Jeff, Joe, Kendall, Zach, Jack, or Krystal to prove it. Then, JR remembered Little Adam saying that Krystal had taken him to see his mommy. Erica went on to explain that Babe's fake death had been staged to protect her from the killer. Erica also admitted that Josh was treating Babe.

JR demanded to know where Babe was, but Erica wanted JR to understand that Josh had saved Babe's life. JR said he understood, so Erica told him where to find Babe. JR left, and Tad asked Erica why she had really told JR about Babe. Erica said Tad would have to ask Babe, and she left. Tad saw Krystal leaving with Little Adam. Tad said they would have to put their trip to see Babe on hold. Krystal looked shocked, and Tad explained that he knew everything.

Adam walked in and heard that Babe was alive. Tad left as Adam questioned Krystal. Adam was upset that Krystal had lied to him about Babe. Krystal insisted that she had been protecting her daughter but apologized for lying to Adam. Adam accepted the apology. Adam then wished that JR and Babe would get back together, but Krystal was skeptical.

Babe was very sad about leaving her mother as she recalled the last time she had run away. Babe stated that she had been a different person then. Josh promised to take care of everything and to provide Babe and Little Adam with a good life. Josh left, and JR entered. JR and Babe just stared at each other.

JR began to cry and declared that it was the miracle he had prayed for. Babe asked if JR remembered how much he had hated her before she had been attacked. JR stated he was a new person and wanted a second chance with Babe. Babe asserted that she wanted a divorce and expected JR to threaten her.

JR regretted that he had made Babe expect the worst of him. JR explained that even if they got a divorce, he still would not tell Krystal's secret. JR then reminded Babe that she had asked for a second chance after he had jumped out the window. JR wanted to take things one step at a time, like Babe had suggested after his accident.

Meanwhile, Erica went to see Josh in the casino, just as he bought Babe's fake passport. Erica tried to explain that Josh's plan to leave with Babe was foolish, since Babe always chose JR. Josh said Babe would not take JR back again because JR had been blackmailing her. Still, Erica insisted that Josh's plan would not work.

Josh asked if Erica had told JR about Babe. Erica said she'd had to protect Josh. Josh was enraged and rushed to Babe's room. When he arrived, JR was holding Babe's hand. Meanwhile, Tad went to the casino and saw Erica. Erica informed Tad that JR was blackmailing Babe. Erica asked Tad to help her find out what he was blackmailing her with."

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