01/29/2007 Dixie Is Brought To The Hospital

"Bianca was at the park with Miranda, Spike, and Emma when Julia and Kathy walked up. Kathy went to play with the other kids, and Bianca asked how Julia and Kathy were related. So, Julia explained the situation with Jim and Linda. Julia also expressed her worries about being a new mother. Bianca suggested Julia bring all of Kathy's belongings to Pine Valley, so she could have continuity. Julia thought it was a smart idea.

Bianca expressed her doubts about letting Maggie back into her and Miranda's life again. Then, Kathy hurt her finger and Julia eased her pain by giving her a checkup and whispering something into her ear. Kathy smiled and ran off. Bianca asked what Julia had whispered and Julia revealed that she said, "I love you!" Bianca believed Julia knew exactly how to support this little girl and did not need to worry. Julia then stated that adults needed support, too, not just children.

Bianca looked enlightened and asked Julia to watch the kids because she wanted to see someone. Bianca left.

Ryan and Annie were in the penthouse. Ryan asked why Annie did not want to find out who Emma's biological father was. Annie stated donors were anonymous for a reason. Ryan suggested that maybe the donor wanted to be a father. Annie said that was her worst nightmare. Annie then explained that she had to fight for every moment she had with Emma.

Annie was nervous that the donor might bring her to court and try to take Emma away. Annie asserted she would never go to court over Emma again. Ryan asked if Annie would ever share moments with Emma. Annie said she would with people like him because Emma and Ryan had a special connection. Ryan smiled and promised he would never let anyone take Emma away from Annie. Then, Ryan announced he was Emma's father! Annie looked stunned!

Kendall looked distraught over the portrait and Zach was upset that Kendall saw it. Derek stated that it was evidence, and Zach informed him that the dart was not there when he found it in the warehouse. Everyone was concerned because the killer was very fast. Derek, Tad, Josh, and Jack started discussing the suspects and who was most likely the killer. Josh believed the love letters Zach found were a big clue.

Kendall announced that Josh drugged Zach to get the letters. Jack asked if Kendall wanted to press charges, but she did not. Zach pulled Tad aside to inform him that Josh knew he killed Dr. Madden. Tad then understood why Josh was acting hostile towards him. Derek got a phone call from Adam saying that there was an attack at the Chandler Mansion. Josh thought it was Babe, but Derek stated it was Dixie.

Everyone rushed off, except for Zach and Kendall. They stayed and discussed their next move. Kendall asserted that they were a team and she would not leave Zach. Zach said he did not want Kendall out of his sight. Then, they hugged.

Kendall and Zach went to the warehouse to try to jog Zach's memory. While Zach looked at objects, he remembered a conversation he had with his mother. Zach's mother said that he and baby Michael were going on a trip with her. Zach asked if their father was coming and she said no. Zach then wondered if Michael would have been a respectable man if their mother were still alive. Zach also wondered if he really was responsible for his mother's death. Kendall assured Zach it was not his fault, and they embraced.

Babe called for help because Dixie looked ill. Dixie said she felt hot, but thought it would pass. Then, just as Krystal and JR entered, Dixie collapsed. Krystal called 9-1-1 and JR and Babe gave Dixie CPR. Then, Adam walked in and was horrified. Zoe arrived next and announced that she found a box of gardenias outside. Adam accused Zoe of poisoning Dixie.

Meanwhile, JR was next to Dixie as he pleaded with her to stay alive, especially for Tad' sake. Dixie then whispered that JR needed to give Tad his child. JR promised to never stop looking for Kate. Dixie said she was not talking about Kate, and informed JR that Tad was the father of Krystal's baby. The EMTs arrived and took Dixie to the hospital.

JR and Krystal left, but Babe, Zoe, and Adam stayed. Adam grabbed Zoe and called her a murderer. Babe defended Zoe and then Josh pushed Adam off of Zoe. Jack and Derek arrived to question Babe and Zoe. Zoe denied any part in the attack. And, Babe realized that Dixie ate the pancakes intended for her. Just then, Bianca entered.

Tad, Jamie, Krystal and JR arrived at the hospital and watched as the doctors worked on Dixie. Krystal and Jamie went to call relatives, while JR and Tad talked. JR said Dixie was thinking about Tad. Tad asked how he knew that, but JR said nothing. Then, Di, Del, and Opal arrived. Everyone waited anxiously as Tad went to see Dixie.

At first, Joe and Jeff told Tad to leave, but eventually allowed him to speak with Dixie. Dixie was unconscious as Tad spoke to her. Tad begged Dixie to beat death again for her family and for him. Tad also said Dixie was his one and only. Then, Dixie opened her eyes and fumbled to remove the oxygen mask from her face. In a weak voice, she uttered the word "Together." Tad smiled and said, "Together. Forever."

Then Dixie's eyes closed and her head slumped to the side. A monotonous tone rang out as her heart monitor flatlined. Tad's face grew serious as he called out Dixie's name."

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