01/08/2007 Kendall Tells Zach Her Secret

"Colby and Sean were at the police station when Adam and Krystal arrived. Adam told Colby he would get her out of trouble. Then, Jack arrived. Sean asked how Erica was and Jack stated she moved out again. Sean was upset, but Jack explained Sean had bigger problems due to the serious charges he was facing. Then, Colby and Sean were taken away for processing. Adam asked Jack how he was going to get Sean off the hook. Jack said he was not going to bail out Sean because he needed to face the consequences. Jack left and Krystal agreed that Colby also needed to face consequences. So, they left as well. And, when Colby and Sean returned, they realized that no one was there for them. Colby then told Sean that if Adam and Krystal did not want her then she would join Sean the next time he went on one of his road trips.

Danielle went to see her father, Derek, at the police station. Derek said that her mother, Mimi, wanted Danielle to move to New York because she would be safer there. Danielle, however, believed it was Derek's idea to send her away. Derek admitted she was right, but still urged her to leave. Danielle refused to leave Pine Valley. So, Derek made her promise to let him know where she was at all times. Danielle then said she going home to do work and then going to her Aunt Olivia's house. After Danielle left, Derek was handed new information on the serial killer and looked shocked. Meanwhile, Danielle was at home and two undercover cops were outside. Danielle got ready to do work, but did not realize someone was inside watching her!

Annie told Ryan that Jonathan might be in trouble. She explained how upset Jonathan was about Zarf being taken into custody and then being let go. Ryan said Jonathan had a violent past, but was a changed man. Still, Annie believed Jonathan had been under distress lately because of Lily, T, and Erin. So, Ryan wanted to check on Jonathan and Annie said Jonathan went to the Pine Valley Inn. Meanwhile, Babe was comforting Zarf in his hotel room. Babe asked how Zarf spelled Zoë and they hugged. Then, there was a knock and Babe opened the door. It was Jonathan! He barged in and was very upset. Jonathan asked what kind of a freak Zarf was as he looked at the dress Zarf was wearing. Zarf taunted Jonathan and asked what kind of a freak Jonathan wanted him to be. Jonathan then lost it and grabbed Zarf and ripped her dress! Babe tried to help Zarf and calm Jonathan down, but Jonathan grabbed Babe. Then, Josh and Babe's bodyguard ran in. Josh restrained Jonathan as the bodyguard pointed a gun at him. Then, Ryan walked in and demanded Josh let Jonathan go. Then, Jonathan relaxed a little and admitted to Ryan that he was out of control. Jonathan apologized to Zarf and then Ryan and Jonathan left. Josh stayed, but the bodyguard left and switched with another. Josh then confronted Zarf and asked if Zarf was transgender. Zarf looked distraught and began to take his clothes off. Zarf yelled at Josh to look at his naked body. Zarf stated that the woman was destroyed and that it was obvious that he was a man because he had a penis. Josh demanded that Zarf stay away from Bianca and Babe. Babe was annoyed with Josh, however, and refused to leave. So, Josh waited outside. Babe then told Zarf that she hoped to see Zoë again. They hugged and Babe left. When Babe saw Josh, she told him to leave her alone. Yet, Josh stated that their kiss proved they still loved each other and he vowed to fight for Babe. Babe walked away and headed straight for Erica's hotel room. Babe pounded on the door and Erica was annoyed to see Babe. Still, Babe walked right into Erica's room. As this happened, Zarf looked outside his door to make sure no one was there and then left. Meanwhile, Ryan brought Jonathan to the penthouse. Jonathan did not want to be there because it reminded him of Erin. However, Ryan believed they needed to live there because it would help them get over their loss. Ryan explained his sorrow over Erin's death. Ryan also stated he was angry, but pleaded with Jonathan not to give into the anger. Then, Annie came in and Jonathan apologized to her and left. Annie continued to express her concern for Jonathan when Ryan got a phone call. It was Derek requesting to see Ryan about a development in Erin's murder case.

Zach asked Kendall why she was so upset over Annie and Ryan. Kendall claimed that Annie was a jinx and she did not want Annie taking care of Spike. Still, Zach believed there was more to it. Zach stated that he trusted Kendall and told her his secret. He then asked for her to do the same. So, Kendall explained all of the details about Ryan being Emma's biological father. Zach assumed Kendall did not plan on telling Ryan. Kendall admitted she did not want to tell for fear of Spike losing his father. Kendall then asked if Zach was going to force her to tell. Zach said he could not make Kendall do anything, but did not agree with her decision. Zach recalled his sadness that his son was taken away from him. Kendall said Ryan's situation was different because Ryan was an anonymous donor. Still, Zach said his biggest regret was losing Ethan. Then, Zach got a call from Derek. Derek requested that Zach come to the station to discuss a development in the murder cases. Zach left and then Josh knocked on the door. Josh announced that he loved Babe and was willing to forget about Ryan and Emma if Kendall would help him.

Zach and Ryan arrived at the police station. Ryan thanked Zach for backing him up in regards to Spike staying at the penthouse. Zach stated it was the right thing to do because Spike would be safer and because Spike was Ryan's boy. Ryan then said he could not imagine missing a moment of his child's life. Zach looked concerned.

JR was watching Josh's hotel room on his computer when Dixie walked in. Dixie asked what he was looking at and JR admitted to spying on Babe. Dixie encouraged JR to have faith in Babe because his wife loved him. JR said he hoped Babe was no longer seeing Josh, but could not trust her until he knew for sure. Then, Jamie, Julia, and Kathy came in. Julia introduced Kathy and informed them that she was having a play date with Little Adam. So, Julia gave JR acupuncture as Jamie and Dixie played with the kids. Dixie and Kathy got along very well and made a card for Linda. Meanwhile, Julia told JR he needed to relax more. JR wished he could and then Babe's bodyguard came in. So, Julia left for the playroom. Then, the bodyguard informed JR that Babe was just with Josh and that they kissed on New Year's Eve. JR looked angry and called his lawyer. JR asked how he could get sole custody of his son. Meanwhile, Julia got a phone call from the hospital telling her that Linda had taken a turn for the worse!"

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