01/04/2007 Kendall Refuses To Leave Zach

"Instinctively, Aidan shoves the unknown person into the desk and asks who they are and what they are doing in the Fusion offices. Zoë reels for a moment and when she finally looks Aidan in the eye, he realizes that the person is none other than Zarf's alter ego. Revealed, Zarf resumes using his voice in the lower register and tries to explain that his outfit is all about the crazy life of a rock star, and seeing if he had universal appeal. He tries to leave but Aidan blocks his way, insisting that he admit why he showed up there. Zarf finally admits that he came to retrieve some artwork that Zach obtained illegally, and temporarily satisfied, Aidan dares Zarf to take his female act for a spin and accompany them to the celebration downstairs to have a drink. Zarf tells them that he needs to get home but they insist that he couldn't have gotten all dressed up only to not be seen in the end.

As the patrons of ConFusion ring in the new year, Bianca kisses Leslie and Josh kisses Babe. Bianca and her companion break it off first, and she warns Leslie that she isn't in the best mood to celebrate. Leslie quips that she just might be the best person to help her lighten the mood. Smiling, Bianca admits that she did enjoy the kiss, and Leslie tells her sometimes a kiss is nothing more than that. They proceed to catch up, with Leslie filling Bianca in on all of the details that she missed while living in Paris. Bianca then asks if Leslie had ever known someone who was transgendered. Leslie tells her the story of a friend of a friend who ended her amazing relationship because her partner decided to transition into being a man, and then admits that she completely understands why the woman left. Bianca notes that living in a body that you do not feel is your own for so many years has to be the epitome of living a lie, and must be torturous. She then asks if Leslie had ever heard of a man who believed himself to be a lesbian. Amanda interrupts briefly to deliver two glasses of champagne, giving Leslie a moment of. When she leaves, Leslie asks if the line was delivered by an oversexed jock looking to score. Bianca denies as much, so Leslie tells her that it is possible. She then asks if Bianca knows anyone like that, and the young Kane replies that she isn't sure. She notes that if she hurts the person in question, she will never forgive herself. Leslie notes that Bianca is practically incapable of hurting people and after a trip down memory lane, Bianca has to admit Leslie is right. She then makes noises about leaving, and asks if Leslie would like to join her.

Across the bar, as the guard watches, Josh deepens his lip lock. Babe lets it go for a moment and then pushes him away. He tries to kiss her again but she walks away. He follows her but she tries to blow him off by chalking up their kiss to tradition. Josh isn't buying it and tells her that he takes back his promises to give her space. Instead, his new resolution is to not leave town. Babe replies that he is free to do what he wants, but he should take a good look at her now because it will be the last time he sees her. She turns her back on him and stares out the window. After a few moments, she turns back around and finds that he is still there. She demands that he leave her be, since he had promised that he would. He tells her that their kiss told him that she wants him gone as much as he wants to be gone. He admits that he still wants and loves her, and Babe makes a drastic move. She takes the pocket mirror that he gave her and gives it back. Josh refuses to take it, so to drive the point home, Babe drops the mirror, shattering it, and then grinds her heel into it. Josh is unmoved, saying that he will continue to pursue her despite her actions. Frustrated, she walks away.

Behind the bar, Del tries to make a move on Amanda – again – but she rejects him and tells him to clean up after a patron who got sick in the men's room.

Zach tells Kendall the satin ribbon/gardenia connection between his mother and their fallen friends, and she starts to insist that it was just a coincidence. He then shows her the note that he received which makes it clear that there is a real connection. Kendall realizes now why Zach believes she is in the most danger, and Zach admits that he has to figure out who is behind everything before they come after her. Shortly thereafter, they return to the condo and in the blink of an eye, Zach pulls out a suitcase with the intention of packing for her and sending her away for her own safety. Kendall tells him that she has tried to live apart from him but hated every second, and follows by telling her husband that she refuses to start off their new year together by leaving him. She tells him that it didn't really take her long to know that she had fallen in love with him – when she was unconscious in the hospital, she knew that he read her heart when she opened her eyes and saw her son. She points out that she trusts him to keep her safe, and then, after a brief pause, she admits that she finally understands her husband. Although he tries to reject her fledgling attempts at psychoanalyzing him, Kendall refuses to budge. She tells him that his need to save women is all tied to not being able to save his mother. Zach is done listening to her and simply asks her to either help him pack or move out of the way. Kendall tells him that they are not going to leave, that they will solve the mystery of who the killer is, and that they will save each other. Zach begs her one more time to leave, but Kendall tells him that no matter what comes their way, they will always be together. He finally caves, signaling his defeat with a warm embrace. She then pours them each a glass of wine, promises that all will be well and they will have a wonderful 2007, and then clinks his glass with hers in a toast.

Ryan and Annie plant a brief kiss on each other to celebrate the beginning of the new year before Emma enters the room, banging on a pot. They break it up and give Jonathan a hug of comfort, as he doesn't seem to be in the mood to celebrate. Annie then remembers something and goes to the kitchen to retrieve her mother's specialty – New Year's fritters. They supposedly bring good luck for the coming year, and Ryan agrees that they certainly are in need of that. Annie reveals that there is a game element to the treats – there are symbols inside each that hints at what's to come in 2007. She, Ryan and their daughter all find something and briefly discuss each but Jonathan breaks his apart and finds nothing. Annie apologizes but Jonathan tells her there is no need, and notes that he needs to leave. As Annie spirits her little girl upstairs to get ready for bed, Ryan apologizes for gathering at the condo, and asks his little brother if he wants to spend some one on one time over a beer. Jonathan thanks him, saying that he has other things to do. They hug briefly before Jonathan heads out the door. After Emma is tucked in, Annie returns to the living room and tells Ryan that she realizes how hard celebrating the new year must be with all that has happened. She then points out that she can see something more written on his face, but notes that he shouldn't feel like he has to divulge his thoughts. Ryan is more than willing to share, explaining that he ran into Tad, who told him that he had been hired to investigate Zach's background by the man himself because he believes there is a connection between Zach and the murders. Annie, still not trusting Tad after what he and Dixie put her through over Emma, thinks that perhaps Tad doesn't have all of the facts of the case. Ryan tells her that Tad was worried enough about the facts that he does know and mystified, Annie asked what the next step should be. Ryan tells her that with the amount of enemies that Zach has, he can't be sure that Kendall and Spike are safe. Annie offers to keep Spike with her at the condo while they try to find the person responsible, and Ryan is pleased that Annie knew what he wanted without him having to say a word. Ryan says that although it will kill Kendall, he needs to make sure that his son is safe, and Annie agrees that they need to do whatever is called for to protect their kids. With her support, he takes off to claim his son.

Colby stresses over the fact that her credit card was declined, thus denying them access to a limo for the evening. Sean takes the blame because she paid for all of Erica's presents on credit. She wonders how they are going to have a good evening celebrating when Sean spots a limo. She tries to deter him, saying that the vehicle is for someone inside, but Sean wants to make good on his promise. Sean steals a look at the order ticket and then tells the driver that he is the intended passenger. He and Colby delight in their upcoming adventure for a moment before the divider comes down. Sean somberly asks the driver to take them "home" the long way – through Manhattan. As they make their way along the highway, Colby notes that this New Year's Eve will be better than the last – where her mom was always paranoid about staying in once place too long, had gone to bed at 10 and left Colby to be alone at the stroke of midnight. She admits that she holds more promise for the new year. Sean asks if she is upset that they missed the countdown but Colby tells him that it wasn't necessary. He tells her that they also missed their New Year's kiss and she tries to blow it off because they are just friends. He insists that friends can kiss, so they do just that. The bliss is short-lived, however, as they hear sirens approaching and hope it's not for them. He urges her to sit up in her seat so that the cops won't think them suspicious. The door opens and an officer appears, requesting ID's. The driver claims innocence because of his broken radio. The officer informs him that the real passenger called in when he saw two people getting into the limo meant for him. The cop looks at the IDs and sees Colby's name. He reminds her that he was the one that booked her on her carjacking charge. He orders them to hand over the open bottle of alcohol and tells them that their new year is not going to start off so well. The duo is handcuffed, and as they regard each other miserably, the officer reads them their list of offenses as well as their rights.

Jonathan arrives at ConFusion, which baffles Amanda, as she thought he was hanging out with Ryan all night. He tells her that he is only there to work and help out but she says that no one expects him to return so soon. A little too harshly, he tells her that he needs to be there, and then immediately apologizes when he sees the crushed look on her face. He tells her that the holiday and missing his sister is almost too much to bear and understanding, Amanda forgives him.

Zarf arrives at ConFusion with Aidan and Di in tow, and first locks gazes with Babe and Josh, and then with Bianca. Despite Aidan's urging, he doesn't tear himself away from looking at Bianca, who now has tears streaming down her cheeks. Suddenly, he throws his purse on a nearby table and grabs a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. He downs the bubbly in one fell swoop, and then notes that regardless of the way he is dressed, people will notice him. He stalks off, and Di and Aidan try to make sense of what is going on. Aidan tells his lady love that if Zarf's intent was to commit murder, he shouldn't have a problem being seen in a crowd. He then says that if he isn't the murderer, he isn't sure why the rock star is hating every minute he spends in the club. Just then, the music stops, and Zarf picks up a microphone. He sings a number about falling in love, and when he is done, Bianca angrily confronts him as Aidan and Leslie look on. Zarf tells her that he is simply a woman selling Fusion products, and Bianca, wiping away her tears, caustically announces that all Zarf said was an act and that he makes her sick. Josh moves in and asks if there is anything he can do to help. He realizes belatedly that it's Zarf and announces that fact louder than intended. His cover blown, Zarf steps away to attend to his fans. Josh pulls his sister aside and demands to know what happened. When he finds out that Bianca believes it was Zarf's way of trying to get her into bed, Josh tries to spring into action. Bianca stops him and says that while it's all fun and games to Zarf, it wouldn't last, and that they should just let the fire burn out on its own. Back at the bar, Di and Aidan watch Zarf and note that when they caught him in the offices, there was fear and panic in his eyes. They decide that if he really is the killer, they should soon know. Across the room, Zarf puts an end to the autograph session and approaches Babe. They hug and Zarf starts to tear up, and asks for help. Cryptically, he tells Babe that things didn't go as planned and that "Zoë" is dying. Confused but wanting to help, Babe grabs his hand and they start to go. Josh runs over to prevent them from leaving but Babe demands that Josh keep his hands to himself. Before they could resume their flight out of the club, Derek approaches them, although Zarf has no idea who he is or what he could want. Once the light dawns, he tries to dismiss him by offering a donation for the policeman's ball. Derek replies that he wants Zarf to accompany him to the police station to answer some questions about the murders of Erin and Simone. Everyone paying attention is stunned, including Zarf, but Babe quickly recovers and assures Zarf that she will be with him every step of the way. Josh tries to demand that she stay put but Babe tells him to go to hell and walks out of the club holding hands with the musician. Jonathan reels from the accusation he just heard, barely able to process it all."

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