11/27/2006 Extra Guests For Thanksgiving

"Zach was at the Pine Valley Inn when a worker approached him. The worker said he did not realize the Kane family was involved with the reservation Zach made. And, therefore, he did not want Zach's reservation anymore. Zach eased his mind with a lot of money. Meanwhile, Bianca was setting up for the dinner in the dining room. Erica walked in and saw a place card for Jack. Erica stated she would not be at dinner if Jack was coming. Bianca was annoyed and believed this feud was Erica's fault. Erica explained that Jack sent her clothes to the hotel, but Bianca still believed Erica was to blame. So, Erica admitted that Jack found Jeff in her hotel room, but maintained nothing was going on. Bianca compared Erica to Maggie. Erica was confused, so Bianca revealed Maggie's infidelity. Bianca then pleaded with her mother to stop fighting with Jack so her daughters could have a happy holiday. Then, just as Erica agreed to have dinner with Jack, Jack walked in with Brooke. Erica looked appalled. Still, Erica told Bianca she would be at dinner, but had to run an errand first. Meanwhile, Jack and Brooke went to the bar for a drink. Jack asked Brooke to stay. Brooke said she would stay because this would probably be the most interesting Thanksgiving she has ever been to.

Kendall did not believe David's allegation that Ryan was Emma's father. David then swore on his daughter's life that Ryan really was Emma's biological father. David explained that he initially thought Emma was Kate, so he ran a DNA test on her. He also ran her DNA through the entire hospital system to see if anyone was a match. And, because Ryan was in the system, due to his DNA test for Spike, he turned out to be a match. Kendall was horrified that David even knew about Ryan and Spike's DNA test. David said he knew a lot, including that Annie would want Ryan to make up for lost time with Emma. David asked how Kendall would handle sharing Ryan with Annie and Emma. Kendall yelled at David to leave just as Zach came home. Zach told David to leave also. Once David was gone, Zach asked Kendall about their conversation. Kendall simply said David was pissed at everyone and it did not matter what he said. Then, Kendall and Zach happily got ready for dinner together.

Jeff brought Annie and Ryan more test results, but none were a match. So, Jeff went to the lab to get the remaining results. Annie was very worried, so Ryan tried to distract her. Ryan taught Annie a card trick to show Emma. Annie eventually laughed and Ryan said her smile was magic. Then, Jeff came back. Annie began opening the results, but the first three showed no match. Annie finally opened the last results and they showed a match! Soon after, Emma ran in and Annie hugged her. The social worker apologized and left. Then, Ryan and Annie thanked Jeff as they continued to embrace Emma.

JR told Josh to come closer to his bed. Josh walked closer and asked what JR was going to do. JR wished he could put Josh's head through the wall. So, Josh thanked JR for proving his point to Babe that JR was still violent. JR encouraged Josh to take Babe, but warned him to stay away from Little Adam. Josh asserted that when Babe ended up with him, she would have her son. Then, Tad came in and made Josh leave. Meanwhile, Dixie saw Babe crying outside of JR's hospital room. Dixie was worried something happened to JR, but Babe confessed she was crying over her mistakes. Babe stated she wanted to make things right again. Dixie asked if Babe wanted to do this for JR or Little Adam. Babe said she loved JR and still wanted to remain married. Dixie reminded Babe that JR forgave her. Then, Dixie went into JR's room. Dixie announced she saw Babe crying. Dixie believed JR might forgive her in the future. JR said he never would. Dixie urged Tad to tell JR that forgiveness was always possible. At first, Tad was hesitant, but eventually said forgiveness was an option. Then, Tad and Dixie discussed the forgiveness they gave each other. Neither of them thought it was possible, but they forgave one another for their terrible acts. Dixie also reminded JR that he forgave her. Still, JR thought Dixie made mistakes out of love, but not Babe. Meanwhile, Josh saw Babe outside. He approached her, but Babe asked him to leave. Then, Adam entered and saw them together. He accused Babe of meeting with her lover and then went into JR's room with Little Adam. However, Adam was annoyed to see Tad and demanded he leave. JR asked Adam to call a truce with Tad, since it was Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Babe was upset that Adam saw her with Josh. Josh stated he was trying to love Babe. Babe told Josh to stop because his love was killing her. So, Josh left, but Erica had been listening. Erica approached Babe and expressed her happiness that Babe sent Josh away. Erica stated Josh was too good for Babe. Then, Erica found Jeff and Josh. She asked them to accompany her to Thanksgiving dinner.

David was making a video. In it, David told Tad not to waste his time searching for him. David explained that he would be long gone and urged Tad to spend his time and money on finding Kate instead. The rest of the video was not revealed. Then, David put the video in front of the Chandler Mansion. And, just as he went to leave, he ran into Babe coming home.

Guests started to arrive at the Pine Valley Inn for dinner. Ryan came with Annie and Emma. Then, Kendall entered and saw Ryan holding Emma in his arms. Kendall looked concerned. Then, Erica came in on the arms of both Jeff and Josh!"

- Soap Central