11/21/2006 Tad Looks For A Fight

"A knock on the door from Jack interrupted Jeff and Erica's passionate buss. Jack was upset when he discovered that Jeff was in his wife's room, and despite Erica's efforts to get him to converse with her, he turned on his heel to leave. Their bickering escalated, and Jack stormed off. Erica returned to her room and informed Jeff, "I have to go home."

In front of Adam, Dixie concealed her true reason for stopping by the mansion. Krystal got Adam to give her and Dixie some alone time. Dixie then asked Krystal point-blank if the baby she was carrying was Tad's. Krystal strongly denied it and urged Dixie not to listen to David.

Tad went to the Roadside Bar in search of a fight. Jamie and Julia entered and stopped Tad from his chosen method of anger management. Tad reluctantly returned home with Jamie and Julia in tow and told them how good it had felt to have gotten thisclose to killing David. Tad emphasized to Julia that his hands weren't clean, even though he hadn't done in Hayward. Before leaving with Julia, Jamie thanked Tad for helping him get his relationship with her back on track.

Jack found Sean at the Roadside Bar, trying to get alcohol. He read his nephew the riot act.

In JR's hospital room, David set about torturing JR, who chose to insult Babe instead of playing nice with his hostile father-in-law and tried to attack him physically. Colby's arrival thwarted David's revenge; he bolted. JR assured Colby that neither the demise of his marriage nor his accident was her fault. JR told his teary sister that he still loved her.

When Babe spied Josh on the Chandler property, she told him to leave. Instead of going, he pulled her into a hug. Babe stressed to Josh that she had every intention of getting back together with JR, if he would have her. Josh remained determined. Josh hid when Adam went outside. After Adam and Babe's brief chat, Babe rejoined Josh and sent him away, but their continued connection was obvious."

- Soap Central