03/22/2006 Dixie Is Caught On Video

"Di goes to Dixie's room to warn her about David. Di is surprised to find Zach there but Dixie gone. She warns Zach that David is asking questions and suspects that Dixie may be alive. She asks him to warn Dixie when he sees her. When Zach mentions JR and Babe's wedding, Di worries that Dixie might be intent on showing up. She warns Zach that David is determined to discover the truth about Dixie and then leaves.

Babe is pleasantly surprised with JR's wedding arrangements. They join Adam and Krystal who have decided to renew their vows when JR and Babe get married if their children approve. Babe is reluctant and takes Krystal away to talk privately to her. While Krystal convinces Babe that she truly does love Adam, Adam is busily convincing JR that renewing his vows to Krystal is the right thing to do. When Krystal and Babe rejoin the men they decide to go ahead with the double wedding. As they are celebrating, Tad arrives and is promptly shocked at the joy and family unity he is witnessing. Soon Di arrives and Tad gives her the update. While they are kissing, JR walks up and sees them. Tad is deeply touched at JR's acceptance of their relationship. He hugs JR and tells him how proud he is of him.

Derek tells Amanda and Brooke about the plea agreement that they tried to make with Janet but that Janet refused, opting to go on trial. Amanda tries to talk to Janet, specifically about Trevor, but Janet rambles on about not killing Trevor. In her mind he was cryogenically frozen according to specifications and that he can be revived. She insists that if Trevor is dead it's because the police didn't follow proper procedures to thawing. Amanda becomes quite upset and if further distressed when Janet starts accusing Amanda of turning against her and consorting with the enemy. Brooke finally calls a halt to Janet's cruel accusations and asks to speak privately to Janet. When they are alone, Brooke tries to reason with Janet, warning her how traumatic it would be for Amanda to be forced to testify against her own mother. She tries to make Janet understand that the best thing she can do is to take the plea agreement which would require Janet to be committed to a sanitarium. Initially Janet refuses but later, as Brooke and a tearful Amanda walk away, Janet decides to take the plea agreement.

Lily promises Jonathan that she won't discuss wedding plans until she turns 18. Later Jonathan talks to Julia about helping Lily in her life skills' classes. He wants Lily to learn to be independent so that she doesn't feel as if she needs to marry him. He wants Lily to be with him because she wants to not because she is trading one form of security, her father, for another, him.

Livia talks to Jack about her recent visit with Lily when she asked Livia how she could divorce her father. Jack is upset that Lily is willing to go to such great lengths to be with Jonathan. Livia cautions Jack about his stubbornness in regards to Lily, warning him that he's just driving Lily further away. Later, when Lily stops by for a visit, Jack talks to her about their strained relationship. They have a heart to heart talk after which Jack asks Lily to help him be the father that she needs.

David pays a visit to the hospital's security. He asks to see a tape of little Adam's room taken the previous day between 2:30 and 3:00pm. The security guard is reluctant until David mentions knowing that the guard had stolen some pain medication. He quickly hands the tape over to David who takes it somewhere to privately view it. As he watches the tape, he sees a woman leaving little Adam's room but her face is partially obscured by a surgical mask. David is uncertain if it's Dixie so he decides to take the tape to show others. Before David can follow through with the plan, Zach approaches him from behind and renders him unconscious."

- Soap Central