03/03/2006 Tad Tries To Disarm JR

"Tied to a chair, Krystal tries to reason with JR as he points a gun at her, threatening to shoot her. JR refuses to listen. He is convinced that she knows where Babe is. He demands that Krystal tells him what she knows or else he will shoot her. Outside the cabin, Dixie listens in on the exchange. When she hears someone approaching, she quickly hides. Moments later, Tad rushes into the cabin. He is soon joined by Adam, who is shocked at what his son has done. While Adam releases Krystal, Tad tries to make JR understand that Janet Dillon is behind everything that has recently happened including the explosion and Babe and little Adam's disappearance. JR believes that Tad is lying in order to buy Jamie and Babe some time so that they can run away together. Adam corroborating Tad's claim doesn't have any impact on JR's belief that Babe ran away with little Adam. As everyone tries to reason with JR, Dixie returns to the front door to listen in on the exchanges. Things go from bad to worse, when JR refuses to put the gun away. Fed up with JR's antics, Krystal decides to leave so that she can search for Babe herself. Determined to stop Krystal, JR threatens to shoot her. A struggle ensues between Tad and JR and the gun goes off. A quick check confirms that no one inside the cabin is shot. Outside, Dixie pulls her hand away from her arm. She is shot.

Babe tries to convince Janet that she will run away with Janet so that they can start a new life as mother and daughter but first she wants to return little Adam to JR so that he will release Krystal. Janet doesn't believe Babe at first but Babe sticks to her story until Janet no longer doubts her sincerity. Janet insists on one change in plans. She tells Babe that she has grown attached to little Adam and wants him to go on the run with them. Babe is able to convince Janet that a life on the run would not be in little Adam's best interest. Resolved to return him to JR as quickly as possible, Janet goes into the bedroom to fetch little Adam. Babe takes the opportunity to grab an iron skillet in the hopes of hitting Janet from behind and rendering her unconscious. When Janet returns to the room holding little Adam, Babe hesitates. Needing to explain why she's holding a skillet, Babe tells Janet that she wanted to surprise her with grilled cheese sandwiches. Janet is touched by the gesture. As Babe prepares a meal she asks about Trevor and specifically how he will react when Janet disappears. Janet shrugs off Babe's concerns, telling her that Trevor has given her the cold shoulder for quite some time now and will not come looking for her. When Babe goes to the freezer to fetch something, she screams after opening it. Buried amongst the food items is a dead body. The face is covered but a loud tie, heavy gold watch, and wedding band can be clearly seen.

Lily tells Livia that she wants to divorce Jack. Livia is surprised and tries to talk Lily out of it. When Lily brings up Livia's adopted son, Jamal, and how he divorced his father, Livia explains that the circumstances were different. Jamal's biological father had no business being a parent. Jack, on the other hand, is a wonderful and loving father. As they continue to talk, Livia expresses her concerns about Lily pursuing a relationship with Jonathan, explaining that her primary objection is that Lily is only 17. At one point the topic of marriage is raised. Livia explains that a parental consent to get married if someone is under the age of 18.

Jonathan goes to see Jack in the hospital to talk about Lily. Jack refuses to listen to anything that Jonathan has to say. When Jack has difficulty speaking, Jonathan starts talking about how he suffered before being diagnosed with the tumor and after when he was recovering. Jack appears slightly panicked at the things Jonathan is saying and manages to reach his call button. Julia soon comes into the room and seeing Jack's distress, ushers Jonathan out. She tells him that Jack is not in any condition to deal with Jonathan at the moment. Seeing Julia's uniform, Jonathan realizes that she's now working at the hospital. As they talk about work, Jonathan decides that a job would be the solution to many of his problems. He wouldn't have to depend on Ryan and he would be able to support Lily. Julia is a bit alarmed and tries to make Jonathan understand that Lily is only 17. She also points out that, given Jonathan's bad history with his daughters, Jack is understandably concerned about Jonathan's involvement with Lily. Jonathan listens but his priority is getting a job. He asks Julia to help him and insists on waiting while she gets him an application.

Livia arrives at the hospital to talk to Jack but Julia refuses to let her into his room. She explains that Jack is not in any condition to see visitors at the moment. Shortly afterwards, Lily walks into the hospital intending to talk to Julia. When she sees Jonathan, she tells him that she has decided to marry him.

Kendall goes to see Zach and confront him about not attending Ethan's funeral. Zach informs her that he intends to leave town in order to spare her any further pain. Angry, Kendall storms out and goes to find Ryan. When she tells Ryan about Zach's plans to leave town, he sees how upset she is. He tries to comfort her and they end up kissing."

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