02/10/2006 Tad Gives Erica The News

"At the ball, everyone seemed to be having a good time, except JR and Adam. JR told his father he had no right to use his mother's memory against him then walked away as Dixie hid in the bushes. JR grabbed Babe outside to give her back his mother's necklace, but Babe thought it was a scheme. Babe decided to wear the necklace but still didn't understand why.

JR told Babe he wanted to marry her without a prenuptial agreement. She gave him a kiss, indicating she would marry him. When Babe asked JR why he had changed his mind about the prenuptial agreement, JR answered that a good talk with his father had done the job. Dixie got tears in her eyes as she listened to Babe and JR proclaim their love for one another.

Babe rushed in to tell Krystal that JR had proposed marriage again. After hugging her mother, Babe went back to JR as Di and Adam overlooked the couple share another kiss. Adam was angry at the reunion, but Di was happy. Babe told JR she had a prenuptial agreement for him to sign before they rushed to the altar. Babe claimed that the agreement stated they would share joint custody if, for some reason, the marriage did not work. Dixie overheard Adam listing Di's schemes, including impersonating Dixie, by the open doors.

Josh was upset at his father for exposing the truth to score points with Erica. Greg claimed he had exposed the truth for his son's own good, but Josh thought his father wanted to blow his career to bits. Greg told Josh that one day, when he had a son, he would understand the desire to correct a child's mistake. Josh thought Greg was more concerned about his ego, but Greg continued to say his betrayal had not been about egos.

Erica was stunned when Tad told her that she was Josh's mother. Tad reminded Erica that it was not the first time he had told her things that seemed surreal, such as Miranda being alive. Erica said she had only given birth to two children -- Kendall and Bianca. Tad explained about the blood test, using Erica's saliva and Josh's blood, which verified she was Josh's mother. Plus, Tad added that he had taken Greg's coffee cup, and Greg was not Josh's father.

When Erica wondered who the real father was, Tad informed her it was his brother, Jeff Martin. Tad thought that Greg had taken Erica's embryo when she had gone in for her abortion. Josh had been born exactly seven months after that appointment, Tad said. He also added that after speaking to Josh, he was pretty sure Josh had no idea about what was going on. Tad was waiting on the DNA results for Jeff, but Erica promised to handle the news herself. When she went downstairs, she overheard Josh telling Greg that Erica was nothing to him.

Jonathan told Ryan that Lily needed him, but Ryan, Erin, and Aidan urged Jonathan to wait until Lily fixed things with her father. Jonathan waited impatiently for Lily to give him a sign so he knew if she should stay or go. Aidan tried to explain to Jonathan why Jackson was so protective of Lily, but Jonathan did not listen.

Lily told Jackson she would run away if he made her leave Pine Valley. She told her father that he only thought she needed to be protected because she was stupid. Jackson said his daughter was not stupid, but she trusted easily and was very kind to everyone. Lily claimed she wanted to make her own choices, including dating Jonathan.

Jackson told Lily that if Jonathan ever went near her, Jackson would get a restraining order against Jonathan. Jackson asked Lily to promise never to see Jonathan again, but she couldn't do that. Jonathan rushed over to try to help Lily, but it only made Jackson more upset. Ryan agreed that Lily and Jonathan should not see each other, which made Jonathan push himself away from his big brother.

Zach told Kendall they were not over, but Kendall thought he had ended their relationship when he had taken the lights out. Zach claimed he would wait for Kendall to get over her anger, but she told him not to hold his breath. She stomped over to Ryan and demanded that he dance with her. Ryan realized Kendall only wanted to dance with him for revenge, but he took the opportunity to stick it to Zach again.

Julia loomed from upstairs, checking out Ryan and Kendall. Ryan tried to convince Kendall of why he had blown her world apart, but she told him he should have pretended to be dead. Ethan went up to Kendall and asked if she had forgiven them because of the dance she had shared with Ryan. Kendall made it clear she thought Ethan had only teamed up with Ryan to stick it to Zach, not to help her.

Simone found Zach outside. She told him that although what Zach had done had been odd, she understood why he had done it. Simone realized Zach had done it out of love. She also hated that Ethan disliked Zach when it was so clear Zach loved his son. Zach walked off as Simone trailed off that it was up to the father and son to fix their problems.

Janet told her evil twin she had a huge surprise for Pine Valley and took swigs of champagne. Jamie frantically searched for Amanda, who had found her mother in the wine cellar. Amanda told her mother that Erica had cleared Amanda's name because Josh was the real druggist. Since everyone knew Amanda had not committed the crime, Amanda suggested getting revenge on Josh, not everyone else in Pine Valley. But first, Amanda wanted to stay low with Janet until they could pin Janet's crimes on Josh.

Janet did not seem convinced that Pine Valley's residents would always be on Janet's side. She used a wrench to begin loosening the pipes so gas would fill the basement and eventually blow up. When Amanda asked her mother about the innocent people at the ball who had done nothing to her, Janet said they would only help Pine Valley learn a lesson. Amanda lashed out and called her mother insane because she had ruined Amanda's life. She said she loved her mother, but Amanda was not the reason Janet should go and hurt people.

Amanda threatened to tell the cops what her mother had done unless Janet went with her to get help. As they walked out, Janet was able to knock out Amanda with one quick movement to her neck. Janet was able to get the gas going then dragged Amanda out of the building in a wheelbarrow. As the two women left, the hiss of gas leaking into the wine cellar continued."

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