11/14/2005 Adam Gets Advice From Krystal

"Derek becomes suspicious of JR when he is reluctant to have Babe to down to the police station for questioning. Derek feels that JR's behavior is almost an admission of guilt. He's certain, JR is afraid that Babe will tell Derek that JR was driving drunk when Amanda was run down. JR denies the accusation and reminds Derek that he has no legal right to compel Babe to go to the station with Derek or to discuss the accident. Derek makes another attempt to convince Babe to cooperate with him but Babe refuses to change her story. After Derek leaves, Babe asks the parents to leave the room so that she may speak privately with JR. When they are alone, JR offers Babe a drink. She slaps it out of JR's hand and tells him in no uncertain terms that she expects to him to stop drinking himself into an early liver transplant. JR thinks Babe's concern is an act and that what she really is after is a big pay off. He asks Babe how much money it will take to make her happy. Babe refuses the offer. She explains that she has no interest in his money. What she wants is for JR to stop threatening to leave the country with little Adam, to stop drinking and to promise that he will stay in Pine Valley. JR is curious as to why Babe would make such demands of him. Babe admits that she cares about him.

Upstairs, Krystal does her best to get through to Adam that JR is in a crisis. Realizing that Krystal has a valid point, Adam asks her how he can help. He is truly at a loss on where to begin helping his son. Krystal puts her arms around Adam and speaks from the heart as she feels Adam should. Adam is moved by Krystal's advice and holds her for a moment longer than necessary.

Kendall is worried about Greenlee uncovering the truth about what really happened the night her baby was created. Dr. Madden assures Kendall that Greenlee will not learn the truth.

On the pretense of bringing the ladies a bouquet of flowers, Josh enters Greenlee's hospital room. He doesn't waste time steering the conversation to Kendall's pregnancy and the surrogacy. Innocently, Josh suggests that Greenlee's story is just the kind of story that would fit into the whole spirit of what New Beginnings is all about. Unfortunately, claims Josh, Erica would not readily entertain the idea of doing a story on Greenlee and more importantly Kendall. In the course of discussing the fascinating details surrounding the surrogacy, Josh lets it slip that all of the samples at the clinic the night of the power outage were destroyed. Greenlee is surprised by the news. Josh seems about to say more when suddenly Kendall is wheeled back into the room by Josh's father. After Josh leaves, Greenlee asks Dr. Madden if the fact that she and Ryan are RH positive would pose a problem to the baby. Dr. Madden assures her that it doesn't and then follows Josh out of the room. Greg reminds him of the difficulty's Josh's mother faced when trying to conceive a baby including a bout of depression that led to a failed attempt at suicide. It was a miracle baby that ultimately saved her life. Greg begs Josh to give Greenlee same kind of miracle by keeping what he found in Kendall's file a secret. Josh assures his father that he cares about Kendall and Greenlee both and wouldn't want to see them hurt.

Kendall hands Greenlee a copy of the ultrasound and gives Greenlee the news that she is pregnant with only one baby. Greenlee's joy is overshadowed by the realization that Kendall kept a secret. Greenlee confronts Kendall with the news that she knows that Ryan's donations had been destroyed that night of the power outage. She is hurt that Kendall didn't tell her. Greenlee feels that she had a right to know that there was only one chance to conceive Ryan's baby since there wouldn't be any more opportunities to inseminate Kendall with fertilized eggs. Kendall admits that she kept it a secret but insists that she had the best of intentions. Greenlee had been going through too much at that time that Kendall was concerned that the additional worry of wondering if Kendall was pregnant had been too much for Greenlee to handle. Greenlee concedes that Kendall was right in what she did but asks her to promise her to always be honest and up front about things even if Greenlee might be hurt by the truth. Kendall avoids answering her directly.

Jack doesn't buy Jonathan's innocence. He refuses to believe that Jonathan won't remain a danger to the general public. Ryan tries to impress upon Jack that Jonathan's actions were a result of a tumor not some defect in his personality but his words fall on deaf ears. Erica walks in just in time to hear Jack warn Ryan that he will never be allowed near the baby once it's born. Erica is outraged. She tells Jack that he has no right to make such a claim to Ryan and that like it or not, Ryan is the baby's father and therefore has certain rights. Erica then surprises Jack with the news that Ryan also saved Greenlee and Kendall's lives earlier that evening. Jack is relieved to learn that everyone is doing well but then becomes outraged after he talks to a fire investigator and learns that the fire was a result of an electric heater being tipped over. Jack confronts Ryan. He tells him that the fire at the bar started the same exact way the fire that killed Edmund did. The fire that Jonathan started. Ryan realizes immediately what Jack is implying and starts defending Jonathan.

Erin tries to explain things to a confused Jonathan who is behind bars. Livia soon joins them and is accompanied by the DA. Livia quickly outlines Jonathan's illness and offers him full access to all the documentation that verifies that he had a brain tumor and it affected his personality. After Livia presents her side, she turns the attention to Jonathan and asks him to tell the DA his side of things. Jonathan tells the DA about his relationship with Braden and then later about how he began hearing Braden talking to him in his head when Jonathan started college. The DA listens as Jonathan tells him about going to visit a doctor and being given medication that he was told would help him and then how things became worse and worse for him. Jonathan admits that he did terrible things but knows that it wasn't Braden who was in his head, but a tumor. Later, Livia and DA Summerhill join Jack, Erica and Ryan where he announces that he's made a decision regarding Jonathan."

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